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Original title: Let Chinese story be seen by abroad audience Should say the near future most the teleplay that gets attention, it is certainly ” between the world ” . Many netizens sigh with emotion, oneself weep as Zhou Bingkun’s rough life, “See one collect cry one collect ” . Li Lu of this play director, total producer discloses, ” between the world ” the televise authority that is not Chinese area has been bought by Dishini, cannot pass how long, this paragraph of story of China also is about to see by abroad audience place. Instantly discussion spends highest teleplay to rely on flat life and detail accumulation to rise ” between the world ” story around move Zhou Jiasan sibling spreads out, although do not have strong plot, but by right of realistically, the life that warm impression and tentacle can reach feels character, became instantly discussion to spend highest teleplay. Li Lu says, of whole department theatrical work advocate fundamental key is warmth, tirelessly path comes, rely on flat life and detail accumulation to rise. “Because creation does not come by individual mood occasionally completely, final receiver is an audience, need to direct correctly with viewpoint of value. I had stayed in south and north, know everybody so what is the thing of applicable to both or all, what is what everybody needs, what is what the society calls. The thing that alleged drive deep administrative levels outputs, not be homiletic, want expression of feeling of fact of the real situation, flow drip. ” Li Lu is good at realistic theme, its hold guide ” the happiness of the old ” ” people’s name ” ever was to explode paragraph. All the time since, he wants to pat similar ” between the world ” in Zhou Bingkun is so common the worker’s work. “A director, the work before always thinking present work is compared is broken through somewhat surmount somewhat. Be in with Tecent movie industry before me collaboration, they ask me at that time, want what to kind of work take? I say for fun: Great! ” Liang Xiaosheng novel is read before after-thought is old ” between the world ” when experience, li Ludu decides the ground to think, this is the great work that this is seeking all the time. “” between the world ” these 3 words are very valuable, massiness, dare make this name, the kernel bears the weight of case! This novel is great, win award of cogongrass aegis literature later, obtained the self-identity of literary bound, the view that confirmed us is right. ” Li Lu and first time of bridge dawn sound met to talk one afternoon, “Mr. Liang Xiaosheng is very straight-out, it is a writer inside rare hot-blooded youth, a national condition is conceived, have take on, have the temperament of bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of humankind. What what he thinks is to hope the country is good, hope common people is good. ” two people chime in easily, spot of bridge dawn sound wrote accredit with pencil. Altogether of origianl work novel 1.15 million word, come on the stage the character is numerous, how to adapt teleplay? “The play just is finished till a month, revise repeatedly, film by day, surround even in the evening read a script. ” Li Lu says, origianl work is written to 2008, but the ending of teleplay was written 2016, the gut from the back, story and character are agree to fall in Liang Xiaosheng’s accredit, Zuo of playwrite king sea is created slowly come out, “Be in all the time adjust, accept or reject, weigh in the hand, deliberate… it is easy to say, everybody looked a few seconds to go. But how to go, go toward wh which direction, with how many writing? Keep, accept or reject, should discuss repeatedly. ” Li Lu still remembers, oneself return Beijing from south two years ago, spent an all night to read the script of before more than 10 collect, be touched so that weep for many times, have a show even, ground of cannot help doing sth cries. Li Lu wrote a long article to Wang Hai Zuo at that time, admire substantially to the play, “Mr. Wang creation is allegedly tired, perhaps follow me the opinion is abhorrent, take read, as encourage continue to be written down. ” do content solid, do good-looking Dishini to already bought authority of televise of blame China area to choose an actor to also expend setbacks quite. “Main staff gauge is appropriate, because we also are not play of a discharge, do not need to consider from discharge. It is the most important that I feel appropriate, do not need to be being maintained go acting. ” Li Lu is recollected, the actor is to be knocked one by one decide, perform Zhou Rong to invite beautiful agreement the Song Dynasty to go out, he is knocked one year to Shanghai and Song Jia ahead of schedule decided this part. Perform Zhou Bingkun to invite thunder favorable reply to go out, just through Shanghai Thespian institute his classmaster contacts Li Lu and production. Switch on the mobile phone however filmed a month, beautiful and laborious cypress blueness return the Song Dynasty to was not entered group, “I say everything has been destined, not anxious, without the problem. Came finally. ” ” between the world ” patted 176 days, built the 40 thousand scene of smooth rice not only, return and other places of flounder Changchun, Harbin, Liaoning, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guiyang to film. Whole play staff is very slashing on pursuit detail, in drama a lot of the detail that provides time sense quite, if old of great capacity is newspaper, old calendar, old clothes, also as far as possible true and reductive. “Resemble the calendar behind the actor, those are to go up century the child of 889 time, a bit cannot wrong, the design of the price that includes furniture, electric fan, radio… our prop library has more than 10000 square, change back and forth. ” Li Lu says, whole group follows the art of realistic theme strictly, abide by in those days take change path and environmental design, “Wall skin was done fall off feeling of feeling hardships of a journey or of one’s life, newspaper also should cross sootiness of its make it, it is the impress of the times. ” ” feeling there is a net? ” ” can the youth like to look? ” ” between the world ” in project approving when accompanying such doubt. Really, ” between the world ” the story appears the life with the youth and interest are a bit far, more with what heat topic not relevant. Its story is told from 1969 case, have ” go and work in the countryside and mountain areas ” ” restore the university entrance exam ” ” reforming and opening ” ” the state-owend enterprise is reformed ” ” tide going abroad ” wait for the history, have more the youth is completely new now ” cloth coupon food coupon ” ” newspaper papers a wall ” etc once story. In fact, since ” between the world ” after broadcasting, many youths are being chased after look, still urge on the net more, formed the conduct propaganda of tap water. “I am very glad 90 hind, 00 hind like, how does the father people of a certain kind that sees them, grandfather generation live, I am quite glad. ” Li Lu says, these year come, many people ever asked him, how to attract young audience? “Do teleplay like us, seem to do not have specially to had done what work to who attract, it is good quality, outstanding content, can attract each ages paragraph audience. Did not underestimate a youth, our task is do content solid, do good-looking, the audience is clever, aesthetical. Want to be patted quite cordially only, quite good-looking, they can like. ” those who be worth to be carried is, ” between the world ” leave after taking a month, dishini counterpoises with respect to the televise that bought blame China area, “I was told with everybody, each camera lens, picture should have each actor’s lines international eye shot. Dishini is bought have very far-reaching sense certainly, most at least should state angle to hold from international eye shot, international film this closes. ” look in Li Lu, if the character that eye shot of so called international is drama is top-ranking, the story that relate is smooth solid and true, “Your story is told racily, popular feeling of press close to, brushy life feels character, the enemy of affection love hate of the whole world is same, this is us those who want pursuit is true and authentic. ” Chengdu business signs up for – Qiu Junfeng of red star journalist

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