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Original title: After elder brother’s wife divorces, the family puts in farming door ‘s charge again, do not sleep advocate lie the mother that the waist is fond of, can driftage street Song Hui and girlfriend Zhang Ziqi the time that two people had been together 3 years. Since two people after be together, no matter where Song Hui walks along to be able to hear the comment of others. The everybody in the school feels Song Hui does not deserve to go up at all Zhang Ziqi. Because the difference between two people is fundamental,make up for without method namely. Song Hui is born in an impoverished rural family, his father has died 5 years, of father die to also let them become with respect to impoverished family originally then more poverty can’ted bear. Song Hui’s mother should work a lot of to let a son go to school one day, and Song Hui still has a little sister, the charge that two people go to school also let this extremely dilapidated family bear hard. Zhang Ziqi and Song Hui are different, she is born between a wealthy urban family, her parents is running store of a meal, be in a few this years of Zhang Ziqi’s parents expand ceaselessly under, the dimensions of meal inn also becomes bigger and bigger, so the economic condition of Home Zhang Ziqi also is very pretty good. After two people are together, song Hui often also is met feel because of oneself domestic condition self-abased.

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But it is much better that Zhang Ziqi feels his family circumstances also is done not have actually however, so she did not look down on Song Hui because of this. After two individual graduation, zhang Ziqi is taking Song Hui to saw his parents directly. Of Zhang Ziqi after seeing Song Hui, also find intense satisfaction to him. Be in so after asking for those who get father and mother to agree, two people also carried marriage program. So very fast Song Hui receives his mother and little sister come over, met with Zhang Ziqi’s parents, placed two the individual’s wedding day. After wedding day comes down surely, two people began in full blast to make preparation for his wedding. Very fast, the wedding day of two people arrived. It is under the testimony of bilateral parents, song Hui and Zhang Ziqi also entered marital hall. Before two individual marriage, zhang Ziqi’s parents had bought a house for the daughter. It is so after two individual marriage, will cover a house then directly, regarded as the marriage room of two people. After the wedding of Song Hui and Zhang Ziqi is held, song Hui’s mother, do not have the meaning that come home tardy however. After son and she speaks of this thing, she ability respecting because the rural condition of own home is too poor really.

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So she also wants to be temporarily here live a few days. Zhang Ziqi listened word nature of the mother-in-law did not object, so Song Hui’s mother is mixed little sister, also lived to come down in the marriage room of two people. Original Zhang Ziqi still worries to there can be sisters-in-law to contradict between oneself and small sister-in-law, but the feeling that did not think of two people gave birth to a few feel like old friends at the first meeting actually after getting along for some time, so the relationship of two people also becomes exceedingly good, honey of just like boudoir is same. However, although although Zhang Ziqi avoided the happening with contradictory sisters-in-law, but contradiction of wife and mother still can not avoid however. Live in mother-in-law and small sister-in-law after coming over, the allocation of the room also became a big question. Although the house shares 3 bedrooms, stay in rising is as it happens actually. But after thinking of to allocating a bedroom, the mother-in-law had different opinion however. Lie because of giving priority to bigger, so Song Hui is mixed Zhang Ziqi two people with respect to occupy advocate lie inside, mother-in-law and small sister-in-law were to stay in two second lie in. But the mother-in-law sees the son did not let him live advocate lie, sent fire very quickly. Song Hui’s mother feels he is elder, when choosing a bedroom so, she should live in best room, but she lives in a cubby now.

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So she and son and daughter-in-law produced conflict, she also says she does not sleep in directly advocate bedroom lumbago, but this allocates without what change a room. Oneself rejected to live in in son and daughter-in-law advocate after lying requirement, song Hui’s mother special also ground is furious. Because this is in the life, she this height daughter-in-law to oneself also is ground of all the more cannot bear the sight of. In the life so she also begins to be aimed at everywhere removed Zhang Ziqi. To the mother-in-law be aimed at intentionally, zhang Ziqi nature also is to be aware of. She is in as a child of parents dote on by every means under grown, so to the mother-in-law such way nature cannot be borne. Song Hui’s mother since in contention advocate lie above after eating to have a deficit, with respect to the requirement Zhang Ziqi rises for oneself every morning cook breakfast, and washing machine cannot be used when asking she washs the dress. To maternal practice, song Hui and little sister also persuaded her a lot of times, hope she is OK and a few more convergent, but Song Hui’s mother does not have a change at all however.

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And the mother-in-law’s intended create difficulties for sb also lets Zhang Ziqi be overcome, so she still chose to divorce. After the divorce, song Hui also was hit original shape, put in farming door ‘s charge again. After two individual divorces, song Hui moved Zhang Ziqi’s house, and this thing also let Song Hui have very big opinion to the mother, so he goes out to work with respect to the clique outside choosing directly, song Hui’s little sister also chose to go the other place works. And Song Hui’s mother leaves in the son later, also did not have place to go, can be driftage street only.

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