Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Arrive from clad freedom countrywoman spray, have the Reyiza that gets dispute wins this again? New Year beginning, ” hill sea affection ” enter masses line of vision stealthily, lift a wave. This drama manufactures by noonday sunshine, huang Xuan presents as leading role to act the leading role, zhang Jia beneficial, Yan Ni, Wang Kai special piece act, basically told about on the immigrant of Xi Haigu of 90 time Ningxia is in the century the side of speak or sing alternately of Fujian is helped up below, innovation goes golden beach to take off the story that deficient becomes rich gradually.

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Well-known, thematic drama is patted hard, especially special subject matter is more extremely difficult, a lot of go ahead of the rest of such drama work theme, big sky of reason leave of absence, audience cannot in all affection, final echo flatly. Go in to let an audience look and in all affection, kong Sheng looks very importantly to the smoke internal heat of minor details, fact of infinite on gut press close to, pure dialect, difficult environment, the villager with backward thought, sufficient focusing ” person ” story. As expected, the wonderful gut after drama is sowed and actor display equipment suffer reputably, the tall fraction of 9.2 was taken in fabaceous valve, cannot call not outstanding, the evaluation with the largest to this drama audience that has seen this play is ” true ” . And be in ” hill sea affection ” in what make everybody surprizing most is Reyiza. In masses impression, eye of this kind of eyebrow is abstruse, discrepant the appearance of region characteristic suits fashionable drama only probably, play road suffers be restricted, after all the figure that Xie Lan depends on is already confirmed.

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But this a variety of controversy cease after drama broadcasts. She revises the figure of fine former days style, act a countrywoman, no matter be,be being returned from the movement is bearing, suddenly is like genuine rural woman, with the picture of whole drama wind is blended in completely. Reyiza is explaining the professional accomplishment of an outstanding actor to behavioral all without exception from bearing, the stage photo that expression of a piece of frown subdues is transmitted by insanity, her acting also is approbated by more person. Can say, she uses her show, gifted the courage that this bleak part stands up when facing a destiny. She says in interviewing: “I am to use those who laugh to explain this part all the time, because I feel, when she encounters some of thing, she won’t be collapsed, it is acedia completely when, the light that she gives you to ignite one column to hope immediately again ” . The place with Reyiza’s the most praiseworthy performance depends on, she is known how laughing at show affliction, more know how to be used laugh at a show how to face hardship, in the eye of spray glazed from beginning to end, give person hope, laughing from beginning to end, send out flourishingly vitality.

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Reyiza created spray, spray also helped sb to fulfill his wishes Reyiza. With Yang Mi from 15 years old the corresponding period goes out as model, arrive from the back after taking an examination of Beijing film institute to graduate, feel all the way climb boil dozen, ” discriminate is passed ” wet behind the ears hind did not have sign very quickly again, in the walk-on in all sorts of little known drama until ” Chang’an 12 time ” in just carrying all sorts of public opinion on the head to appear in masses line of sight again, eventually by ” ascend apprentice child ” , let an audience remember her the 2nd part. Last year, reyizayin is worn for the airport build too cool and refreshing expose by netizen bespatter, she candid and netizen are ripped force, go up again and again hot search, attend even ” the congress that spit groove ” when also evade none, speak bluntly ” clad freedom ” , the netizen does not want Guan Taikuan.

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Make public is like her, rancor with black pink each other on the net, pull black one ticket netizen, attracted more vermicelli made from bean starch however instead. Last year on December 4, reyiza updates him to make mom’s news in his social trends, for a short while ” scamper opened boiler ” . Maiden first pregnant, opinions vary about her domestic situation, but child father is who still becomes a puzzle now. The area that often sees her on her gregarious platform child is daily, the airport is sucking, piece field zone child. Reyiza ever said he is ” pass a lot of times to death, the meaning that just knows to be born ” . This also is the reason that she can explain spray. Why heavy life must act with the method of deep feeling of grief?

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She uses another smile performs explanation spray, if herself also is for years so,use candid, magnanimous one side position, fight back those bespatter her person. This play is like the life that is spray, be like be Reyiza again, had crossed a deep trench, cross a big hill, arrive to be overwhelmed by sanded dust storm flimsily in dust, adamancy arrives to open a flower to come from dust. Civil / bateau

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