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Original title: Does Yao Chen’s acting have much ox? Her meal buried a lot of idea… After 15 years are being lain between when, tong Xiangyu (Yan Ni) with Guo Furong (Yao Chen) in ” hill sea affection ” in be the same as casing again, this ” century ” meet to be served hot search quickly, many netizens breathe out greatly ” father blueness is answered ” , as if returned chase after look ” pass outside Wu Lin ” when.

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Invite Yan Ni, Yao Chen successfully this ” hill sea affection ” , it is drama of an assault fortified positions that take off deficient, sow before long with fabaceous valve the tall grading of 9.3 gives a group successfully, defending in Zhejiang at present inspect, Beijing is defended inspect, east is defended inspect wait for 5 broadcast over a radio network, love actor is vacated also sow in synchronous network.

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What this drama tells about is 20 centuries since 90 time, xi Haigu’s people is helped up in the side of speak or sing alternately of Fujian below, take sand blown by wind rock ” dry beach ” construction becomes inch of ground of very little gold ” golden beach ” story.

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Yao Chen and Yan Ni are the same as this welfare seeking theatrical work of casing, happen in Ning Cun of two factitious Min to resolve worry in the gut of airborne problem. Very few a few camera lens, do director Wu Yuejuan and Yan Ni personate rather with respect to the Fujian Fujian Yao morning personate poplar the with one one’s heart that the head of a county works to help deficient up is shown in tandem without involuntary discharge of urine.

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Common saying says, one ministry movie and TV does not have small part in drama, give the actor of colour not quite only. Be in ” hill sea affection ” in, the Fujian Fujian of Yao morning personate does director Wu Yuejuan rather show share is not much, but she behaves a success to suck eyeball with many a detail however, let a person see the actual strength of good actor.

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Yao Chen’s first time comes on the stage, it is the inaugural ceremonially that sends the cadre Chen Jinshan that come in Fujian; It is the 2nd to be in what with expert of bacterium stay of proceedings Ling Yinong reachs Chen Jinshan to dine together in; It is the 3rd to follow go to Min to work return to one’s native place of workingwoman white wheat seeding explains to public; It is with Yan Ni solves dawdle to carry a problem with casing the 4th.

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Allow negligence least of all among them should be belonged to and Ling Yinong (Huang Jiao is acted the role of) , Chen Jinshan (Guo Jingfei is acted the role of) in dining together, in this weak point in play of several minutes, have at least everywhere clue setting implied meaning is far-reaching, aftertaste making a person is boundless.

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Make fun of from the adversary of Wu Yuejuan of the cadre that help deficient up and Ling Yinong of expert of bacterium stay of proceedings first speak of. Ling Yinong comes as the famous expert of Fujian Xi Haigu is assisted, when aing string of 1 the experiment of double Bao stay of proceedings of the village gained revolutionary headway, wu Yuejuan will express sympathy and solicitude for with encourage. Those who be worth ponder is Wu Yuejuan ” politic ” , she is the bohea that uses home town and acknowledgment of expression of sanded tea sauce first, again timely cast piece ” interest-free loan ” interest good news, let Ling Yinong more be most willing to stays.

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Assure in what hear Ling Yinong hind, wu Yuejuan grows Shu Yi tone: “Have you this word, I was installed with respect to the heart ” . Detail of this one place is really clever, wu Yuejuan ” guilty ” show undoubted, OK also the wisdom that flank sees the difficulty of the job that help deficient up and Wu Yuejuan help deficient cadre up this.

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See Wu Yuejuan and subordinate again between Chen Jinshan ” argue ” . Pull Chen Jinshan one case ” propose a toast ” strict requirement ” it is good that you should give me to do this job this job, losing face to me is true ” , arrive again encourage him ” the job that take off deficient is finished satisfactorily, your wish came true at an early date ” . Although have a few words and a few scene only, but a strict to subordinate requirement but can discover in time again and solve a problem ” leader ” figure came out. Clever is Yao morning amid added a woman ” soft ” at the same time, took care of Chen Jinshan’s face well again, kill two birds with one stone.

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Besides, assure in what get Ling Yinong is taught with promise hind, wu Yuejuan just comes for the first time with oneself real feeling of Xi Haigu in all affection also is worth ponder at this o’clock very much, can says ” card is nodded ” ace. If stir apparent meeting to fall into convention at the beginning, moving force tarry with sincerity and travel after Ling Yinong again in all affection is to perfect undoubtedly, more see wisdom.

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The fine that sets itself besides drama is clever besides, yao Chen deduces a lot of detail in the process to appear to also make a person impressive in the part. Help deficient female cadre up as, there is a lot of on Wu Yuejuan body idiosyncratic by perfect appeared to come out. In He Ling for instance the professor talks about climate, the edge listens by the side of her meeting subliminal place the meat for its, it is the female’s characteristic attentive expression. When having a meal for instance again, keep with ” Hahaha ” perforative, have greeting interest already atmosphere of vent one’s anger of can timely delay, true emersion ” dining table is gregarious ” characteristic. Additional explicit memory comes first when Xi Haigu’s circumstance, she is picked subliminally glasses and blink to also take the place of atmosphere well, invite an audience lighter touch is the same as experience.

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Force is sent in these casual detail place, reflected Wu Yuejuan already what this female helps deficient cadre up is flexible characteristic, also can see Yao morning diagonal control lubriciously ability, detail sees true time.

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Helping deficient up is not pure call catchword, this person’s oldest characteristic is in Wu Yuejuan Yu Zhen fact can feel. Yao Chen’s first time comes on the stage is to be on inaugural meeting of Chen Jinshan, she was carried only at 4 o’clock ” slope changes project of cellar of production of ladder, potato, well, service to output ” , one’s voice in speech is downfallen the person goes out to fulfil obtain employment opportunity.

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In carry out bacterium stay of proceedings to cultivate on, she asks expert, guarantee to bring technician insufficient still, face farmer distrust and the current situation that do not have money, she is coordinated in time again implement interest-free loan. Encounter a problem to solve a problem, such story that help deficient up more be able to bear or endure look, such cadre that help deficient up is more moving also.

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In addition, wu Yuejuan’s in a gentle and mild way and Wen Wanjing are angry, with Yan Ni personate poplar the working style of forthright forceful formed the head of a county bright contrast, flank bring out the theme ” hill sea ” , in let while the person sees difference of north and south, make figure figure truer and apt again. This Fujian that the heart is Xi Haigu helps Wu Yuejuan up the cadre figure that deficient works, so be established with detail of very few few points by Yao Chen.

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” hill sea affection ” in wearing a pair of glasses, combing meticulous bingle, the Wu Yuejuan with sedate act and Yao morning before screen image has very big different. Drama of ancient costume scene ” pass outside Wu Lin ” in classical action type of Guo Furong ” topple the mountains and overturn the seas ” let a lot of people laugh at sound.

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” conceal ” in be clear about what to love and what to hate the Wang Cuiping of short-tempered honest and frank lets a person cannot help be worried for her; ” Dou Ting is good ” in strong let popular feeling ache again ” abandon female ” Su Mingyu, although poisonous tongue also lets a person,cannot bear criticize severely.

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Each when review Yao morning associate with classical part is mixed it seems that Wu Yuejuan difference is very big, but fine tasting is however same wonderful, follow every part to give different wonderful life alive, bottom gas of Yao Chen comes from at solid acting. Besides the part, the advanced sense that the temperament with actor Yao distinctive morning brings also cannot oversight.

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The cover of the first magazine 2021, match with engine fur clothing elegant gauze skirt, the plastic cloth that cheats at will on adscititious face sticks a face to take a way, magnified successfully its facial administrative levels feeling and stereo feeling, those who let Yao Chen is times more temperamental add.

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Even if is contracted wind wear build, also can give prize all the more on her body. White sweater, deserve to go up the jeans and Martin boots are again recreational do not pass wear build, but the coat that because hang down,feels dye-in-the-wood and the purple cap that suck eyeball, this airport won again according to Yao Chen.

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Can rely on temperament to give a group in fashionable circle already, can set in the person of female strong person again in A Sa, in still can breaking general theatrical work of female cadre ” solidify mask ” with few weak, this is Yao Chen’s glamour. The backside of this glamour has acting to prop up, experience is added hold also have temperamental Xiang Zun. Also accordingly, she just can be in this so-called ” the immortal fights ” ” hill sea affection ” in give the minor role that perform to give prize by right of friendship. Good actor is worth to expect, look forward to the work with Yao morning better more to appear. (character of movie and TV edits / jade)

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