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Original title: Small sister-in-law just returns the home 3 years, mother-in-law: Or the daughter is filial, the daughter-in-law broke medical expenses directly After Xiao Dongxue and benefit of marital Tang Hong marry, manage a household in effort all the time. Although they are not a wealthy families, but in Xiao Dongxue the management of virtuous wife falls, the life in the home is better and better. However, xiao Dongxue’s mother-in-law is not well-content to Xiao Dongxue. Because benefit had learned her son Tang Hong a few days, xiao Dongxue does not have any culture. The son that marries her is a very hard work actually. Accordingly, xiao Dongxue is married after this family, the mother-in-law always gives her innocently of purpose picky. No matter what Xiao Dongxue does, the mother-in-law is dissatisfactory, dan Xiaodong snow never crestfallen. She feels to want to take care of good family only, the mother-in-law can change the view to oneself sooner or later, accept her, but appeared the circumstance that expect is less than. Abrupt one day, my mother-in-law encountered a big traffic accident. She should face high operation cost not only, spend below half body on wheelchair even. This is the huge blow of pair of their families undoubtedly, benefit of Dan Xiaodong snow and her marital Tang Hong is very filial person. They broke jar into pieces, sold iron, still compensated the mother-in-law’s medical expenses finally. The mother-in-law leaves hospital in safety later come home, but the daily life that certain somebody takes care of her beside the mother-in-law, tang Hong benefit needs to go out earn money raise the home, the burden that takes care of a mother-in-law so falls in Xiao Dongxue to go up personally.

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To take care of a mother-in-law, xiao Dongxue does fragile demit to drop the job, stay in the home to accompany a mother-in-law whole-heartedly. Although her mother-in-law had left hospital, but she still needs to take medicine all the time. Every moon issues a mother-in-law to buy medicine to want to spend a lot of money, dan Xiaodong snow never has complained. She thinks this is the thing that they should do in one’s childhood, so she never has complained to take care of a mother-in-law. In fact, tang Hong benefit also has a little sister, but he married in abroad early. His mother is ill now, need to take care of. Tang Hong benefit also informed a little sister, but he never has seen the little sister comes back. In fact, xiao Dongxue does not want to let a mother-in-law thank him. She just wants to let a mother-in-law know her good faith, regard her as a true family, do not make her embarrassed from now on. But, although her mother-in-law breaks down to go up in the bed, need those who be like wintry snow to take care of everyday, she still ceaselessly the problem of provocative Xiao Dongxue. Xiao Dongxue has taken care of her mother-in-law 3 years. In these 3 years, xiao Dongxue should pay costly medical expenses for the mother-in-law not only, take care of a mother-in-law 3 years even. She never has complained. Benefit of her marital Tang Hong feels she owes Xiao Dongxue too much. Marrying Xiao Dongxue’s kind-hearted and filial daughter-in-law is his good luck, the mother-in-law of Dan Xiaodong snow never identifies a Xiao Dongxue, although she has been taken care of,be like wintry snow 3 years.

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Xiao Dongxue does not care. Her as usual takes care of a mother-in-law. That day, her small sister-in-law came home suddenly. Her mother-in-law became ill 3 years, her small sister-in-law first time comes home. Xiao Dongxue recieved small sister-in-law enthusiasticly still, see the daughter comes back, the mother-in-law is very glad, also touch very much. She feels the daughter still cares her very much, come back to see him because of the daughter, so the mother-in-law is touched very much, say: “It is a daughter certainly. ” although the daughter comes back hind, the mother-in-law also feels she needs Xiao Dongxue far from. Everything what what Xiao Dongxue does for her, she feels Xiao Dongxue is very redundant, but she emphasizes again and again, that is her daughter certainly. Look these word hereat meaning say to Xiao Dongxue. They talk aloud before Xiao Dongxue every time. This word harmed Xiao Dongxue deeply, feel because of her oneself take care of a mother-in-law 3 years, although do not have credit, she is very painstaking also. Although she is her daughter, cannot take care of the mother-in-law that break down possibly also 3 years, but the mother-in-law’s daughter came back now, did not pay any fee for the mother-in-law, but the affirmation that can get a grandmother, xiao Dongxue feels the mother-in-law is too inequitable. Herself takes care of him. Although she never has expected the affection of her gratitude, but at least the filial piety way that she can understand Xiao Dongxue, but her mother-in-law spoke such word actually now, this lets be like wintry snow be bitterly disappointed indeed.

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Xiao Dongxue considers as moment to let a mother-in-law understand who is true to her filial. Because the mother-in-law thinks the daughter is very filial really, the responsibility that takes care of a mother-in-law is about to give from now on small sister-in-law. Then Xiao Dongxue chops the mother-in-law’s medical expenses entirely, gave small sister-in-law. Cannot think of, see high medical treatment cost and the difficulty that take care of a mother when her when, her small sister-in-law face about went. Xiao Dongxue’s mother-in-law at that time also very regret. She always lives in the illusion, think the daughter just is true filial. She never realises reality. She opens an eye, seeing son’s wife is pair of his best, filialest people, this, she harmed Xiao Dongxue really. Xiao Dongxue is not willing to profession to the mother-in-law again, because she feels the mother-in-law did not experience her sincerity 3 years, be inferior to the greeting of small sister-in-law even. Of herself pay have what sense. At the moment, xiao Dongxue’s mother-in-law special regret. She thinks request daughter-in-law is excused, but the Xiao Dongxue that is harmed by her is not willing to excuse her again. Perhaps one day, xiao Dongxue still is met as usual filial, but the harm that the mother-in-law causes may need time ability to cicatrization.

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