Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” Vs Tan Jian second, Jin Shijia, this drama, can be in! Spring day comes, breeze is warm, enter explore case world and Tan Jian together second, crack a criminal case of melon of an actuate cerebella chases after Jin Shijia suspense of fierce, checkmate. The creation type of suspense drama is in reasoning of 01 case group to let a hundred flowers blossom in last few years ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” it is to use this case to send inferential gimmick to be given priority to with riddle namely, do not pay attention to develop a plot through logistic inference with the crafty plot of the plot with bizarre alarmingly dangerous and afford for thought realistically

20220313020218 622d50aa5cacf

” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” begin to create from 2018 besides the case complex with suspense degree subject matter novel with social resonance value is advocate achieve a group to take seriously most

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” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” with ” picture division ” this one new perspective develops old practice of fierce proposal of 10 unit stories and picture photograph tie with ” liveried Picasso ” give priority to horn by guilty picture Shi Shenyi (Tan Jian

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02 reputably much, rhythm fast, topic is sufficient after broadcasting open fabaceous valve 5 days, be occupied reputably almost full the suspense surprise big play 2022 is a few earlier than coming before

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The rhythm in drama is lively a bit not careful can fall the mark that this also is suspense drama distributes next crucial information ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” go up in this foundation sublimate standard films, camera lens, attemper, tonal very exquisite each frame has aesthetic feeling extremely

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Discrimination of sex of field of angst of appearance of recursive story itself, duty, female helps each other… every story can project there is extremely strong society topic to spend in social topic also offerred to discuss think newly and value

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03 this drama, can be in! Double male advocate set arrives from alone pursuit justice become ” immortal partner ” Tan Jian can encircle pair of play that can select match each other in strength with Jin Shijia’s collaboration, not the Yan Zhi that the individual of delicate in health models them, acting and tacit understanding are spent

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After satisfying the audience requirement to the actor advocate achieve a group to be mixed to story itself present the effect to be in charge of issueing them to strive for good public praise for oneself in the circumstance of 0 conduct propaganda extremely!

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Had basic character safeguard to believe to be in next in gut ” hunter illustrated handbook ” can give everybody more surprise thousands of words collect a word this drama, can be in!

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