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Original title: ” meet season ” the diary that seek theatrical work: Ning Shu is quite disagreeable, ning Hui protects young animal quite, mother child quite muddleheaded In the article before, I am talking all the time ” meet season ” what put the issue that be in, for instance, its story is narrative gimmick ah, gut advances rhythm; Again for instance, the acting of certain actor is behaved, wait by no means an isolated case a moment. And wait for a problem about gut itself or content of characters in a play, often make up talk lesser however. And after script of flick away TV adapts exterior chaos to resemble, we also can feel the massiness of origianl work feels character. If further ground casts the author’s perspective not to talk, see story itself only, also be pretty is interesting. Among them, it waits for elemental dig to the copy of culture of times, human nature, family, also be quite deep.

20220313020307 622d50dbace86

This theatrical work is criticized before us, just criticize playwrite and director purely to be in narrative on special grind Ji, resemble the bound feet old lady of lacking in initiative and overcautious. Nevertheless, good now, gut contradiction also entered substantial phase, jian Hongcheng, Tian Jingye also follows Cui Qiming on real have a trial of strength. In this argue, I compare feel puzzled, it is the sister younger brother with one mother strange place likewise 2 people, the manner that hates to the family differs so actually, can saying even is completely contrary. About brief, Cui the animosity between two families, ning You’s manner is normaller, with Everyman the manner to animosity is same.

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And Ning Shu appears particularly persistent, and particularly beyond the mark. Since beginning to contact Zhang Lixin from him, all behavior are to destroy, dry the enterprise of brief home, industry. One plan do not become second birth one plan, the land for building that buys brief home old plant won’ts do, agitate Zhang Lixin is taken establish new large building to deal with guaranty to borrow money, etc, go all the way, that hold read aloud to had made Ning Shu mad arrive to consider a level that disregards buttocks. Original, jian Hongcheng and old Tian Zao had discovered him, just be be based on Ning You’s face and feel embarrassed to find out and strike back just.

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For instance, in the 18th collect when, laotian goes when person and real estate look for Ning Shu, had knocked Shan Zhenhu one time to him, but he still is dissimulate, still pretend whats do not know, and still turn the thing completely land that incites Zhang Lixin guaranty to establish new large building to borrow money child on deputy total body. Since so clever Ning Shu, how to do this kind of stupid thing unexpectedly? He thinks child deputy always be fool, think to want to be pushed toward his body only came to an end. He won’t this be by animosity turn sb’s head? Why to often make up excuse me saying peace to consider a head to disregard buttocks?

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You think, he regards all good friends as the tool that he uses temporarily, the conveniently after giving out is lost without giving thought to, for instance, a ability, child deputy total, Cai Lingxiao is to be coulded there be to excuse me is displeased and be swung. Is excuse me this the thing that should clever person do? Common saying says, the friend is a road, it is the bridge, it is ferry. And the road that Ning Shu connects him actually, bridge and ferry are illuminated destroy not by accident, is excuse me this foolish what be? He thinks only he himself just is the cleverest, someone else is him what can use casually is foolish egg. Cong Mou is planted will look on degree, we also must admit Ning Shu is quite clever still, but animosity, fury makes he becomes insufficient wisdom.

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Still be the act way that he considers a head to disregard buttocks, original old Tian Dou has beaten his bout, say him normally also should disappear stopped a few days, not, the petty trick diddle that he uses himself again then the storehouse address that Jian Hong pursues, next, he pursues in Jian Hong a warehouse was leased again on 9 storehouse, the purpose is installed namely photograph the storehouse tendercy that Jian Hong pursues on monitoring resembling a head. Also do not know him how? He also knows Jian Hongcheng and Laotian are monitoring in the dark obviously he, but against the wind commits the crime below he or the eye leather in adversary.

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Good, we should talk about me to be in now article in the begining feel puzzled, ning Shu to animosity why so mad and persistent? Later, I am playing part premonitory in find the solution. The answer is on body of maternal Ning Hui, obstinate, crabbed, crime of Ning Shu is angry, maternal Ning Hui gives coddle. After Cui Hao is dead, the family leaves a pair of children only, elder sister age is old, can extensive ground is fostered, big after all should marry a person, and son Ning Shu is different, he is Cui Jiadu seedling, exclusive burning incense. Young son is so precious, mother how can not is charming bestowed favor on have add? Contrary, maternal nature is right elder sister Ning You is more slashing.

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Playing part premonitory in, even if peaceful excuse me did so much bad thing, but when the elder sister censures Ning Shu, the mother is even right the elder sister is loud rebuke, scold her arm ancon outside abduct, scolding her is Cui Jia’s traitor. So far, I understood completely, hit small Ning Hui to engraft in great quantities with respect to Xiang Ningshu the seed of familial animosity, this is undoubtedly lead the son toward evil ways. But the old lady had not thought namely, once the son does the business too greatly, excuse rather to the daughter greatly cannot the rate that the palm charges, regard a mother as her will how wind up? So, cannot be the joy that avenges temporarily, and the lifetime of finish son.

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