Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: ” the king of vast sky ” be alluded by CCTV again, vermicelli made from bean starch: Whats did not do Guan Bo, but have a plenty of person side! Who sees excuse me ” the king of vast sky ” Guan Xuan everything? Without!

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Although had left,take near two months, but this film just crosses actor, director, production without Guan Xuan… entire network knows Wang Yibo has been entered group ” the king of vast sky ” , the message that front transmits also is, wang Yibo undertook air man foundation trains first, just began to film, and the director is more satisfactory still to Wang Yibo, and Wang Yibo since enter group later, that is also did not come out to undertake again any the activity passed!

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But, ” the king of vast sky ” it is to sink so that live to enrage really, saying is confidential film, then entire network is to do not have any roads to appear really! This also says palpability wants a play staff to want only, be appeared without the road or can accomplish! (pull here walk saying to prohibit on the mouth the road is appeared, nevering mention it on result net is burnt graph, the actor’s pore the play staff that can high-definition ground views so that see) appear without the road, vermicelli made from bean starch people very glad still, when Wang Yibo takes sport, won’t be patted by era after all, ox is disturbed, but this official gain is late,did not give Wang Yibo a v/arc a person’s status behindhand!

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On gregarious platform, vermicelli made from bean starch people eventually when ” the king of vast sky ” opened Guan Bo, but Guan Bo did not pay close attention to anybody however, it is main actor or director no matter! Say Wang Yibo went ” the king of vast sky ” , without formal Guan Xuan, say he did not go, the fact is such, cannot bullshit!

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Still must be CCTV! CCTV needs the market that sow drama 6 sets in what introduce Wang Yibo when, will ” the king of vast sky ” also listed go in! Then, although this official rich does not have Guan Xuan, vermicelli made from bean starch people also can tell netizens conscientiously: One rich goes to our home ” the king of vast sky ” fly a plane! What? Do not believe? Did not see CCTV reported 6 sets?

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If say CCTV is 6 to replace announce of play staff official if Wang Yibo acts the leading role this, so CCTV 13 give vermicelli made from bean starch namely people gave off a few clues of the film! CCTV 13 in sow announce the correct time the motion picture that mentioned subject matter of an air force gave off prevue, piece rise high into the air of medium a plane and case, fly suddenly, formed the air current like the umbrella, so why be parade and so on when had not seen?

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Actually, this premonitory be ” the king of vast sky ” stick piece, a when can give off when other movie is broadcasted namely little short film, actually, a so short small part can’t cause so much person to pay close attention to, but unluckily, CCTV is opposite 13 sets namely so the air stream that a plane generates became detailed explanation to netizens!

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Went up CCTV, ” the king of vast sky ” propagandist work is to need to do no longer then, where, the conduct propaganda of what form can equal CCTV? Nevertheless, this besides recall with deep emotion at this film be first literary creation project, get originally the favour above, because there is the presence of the actor that Wang Yibo gets a person to pay close attention to so in drama,still be, make this drama still lies film level, draw the attention that gets countless people!

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Such looking, ” the king of vast sky ” the business that Guan Bo should do, was over by others doing! Actor strong happen by chance is neat, gansu Province, fine valley closes to replaced Wang Yibo of announce of government-owned rich official to come; In the process that take sport, CCTV replaces Guan Bo general 6 sets ” the king of vast sky ” those who be put in Wang Yibo wait for in sowing movie and TV; Stick piece just gave off, how had been not publicized, this CCTV has begun 13 sets to have air stream of the plane in explanation drama, propagandist task of Guan Bo is then by ” grab ” !

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This still is really, whats did not do Guan Bo, but have a plenty of a person to help him work however!

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