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Original title: Two days of heat transcend the line instead on, wu Gang, Zhang Ziyi is not pressed, this light comedic not simple Circle of movie and TV of this paragraph of time is quite lively, the teleplay of all sorts of types emerges in endlessly, the type such as suspense of detect of big play of city affection drama, profession drama, ancient costume, punishment was short of, let a person have the feeling of kind of too many things to see.

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Of course, impossible each theatrical work is very nice, after all bad of drama anthology actor also is held out actually apparent. In the meantime, a drama wants to be seen by more audience, depend on even the temperature that the resonant place that drama anthology itself causes brings, must say, also be teleplay heat replaces the time that records a top these days paragraph. On the sheet of heat a list of names posted up before this, knight-errant drama ” have Fei ” the position that holding head of a list of names posted up all the time, at least has most lunar time, shift of this drama sale is very much, so that one day appears a few hot search are not new, as time passes, also rotted predestined relationship of one part audience, be defeated finally was in on work quality, fabaceous valve gives a mark 5.6 minutes, as to be given a mark by ill will, benevolence person see benevolence.

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Do not have method, the video spitting groove about this drama really very much. The big play of first ancient costume that Zhang Ziyi acts the leading role later ” on Yang Fu ” kill came out, the put together that Zhang Ziyi of as it happens participates in art ” I am an actor 3 ” broadcast, both heat adds up not low. Because Zhang Ziyi also goes out,performed a girl nevertheless, bring about partial audience to be sung directly decline, after all ” girl teachs ” hold out those who make a person helpless really.

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What age deduces what kind of part, this, most propbably is very much the audience also is self-identity, occasionally, acting cannot mask the difference on figure, that can be deadly. These days again a few new theatrical work broadcasted, drama broadcasts ascend a top, become silent next went down, drama sows an echo of it doesn’t matter, chased after silently however.

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With respect to what for instance Wu Gang acts the leading role ” the overseas operation of gumshoe ” , this drama broadcasts two days of heat had been entire network the first, but be in the 3rd day when, dropped eleventh name, some drama, also can go out only temporarily limelight.

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This tells about gumshoe abroad chase after the teleplay that escape, at the beginning rhythm lets a person have some of awkward, it is to receive law case first, the action after jumping directly arrests a person, begin next slow come down to interpret abroad move carefully. Anyway with respect to impressions character, some jump. The affection duty field that still has the person main actor such as Wu Jin character, Yan Tao is big drama ” green ” , this drama at the beginning heat is very low, send force already silently these days, do not pass with respect to public praise word, had been in the brim that break down, do not have method, female advocate acting really can care, that’s all right of the first market, 23 collect when, to her memory love parts company the clue of gut, the affectation that acts then awkward. What like woman theme theatrical work nevertheless is OK chase after, yan Tao’s acting is beyond question.

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Besides above besides these drama, still have the line on a drama two days to also ascend a top directly, this is a light comedy, you Yaochen, Bai Yu acts the leading role, these two actors are worth to the person’s expectation still is pretty is tall.

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In the meantime, the subject matter of this drama is in this phase should be to hold out be very popular, its story happening is in be far from the place with blatant city, it is halcyon here those who loosen go vacationing village, sunshine beach ocean wave makes a person comfortable and cure, here, the story that has quadruplet person undertakes handing in collecting colliding, produced a lot of stories that yield a person to be between tears and smiles.

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Be in contemporary this life rhythm, job of a lot of people and life pressure are too great really, the number that is collapsed everyday is counted deeply, this drama can let a lot of people loosen actually come down, what rinse lives is tired out.

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