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Original title: Capital bold nots, white treasure mountain of homicide mad demon, do evil countless, final and miserable wind up, be over lifetime! Speak of Bai Baoshan these 3 words, believe getting on in years old Peking Man is not unfamiliar, about his story fokelore, compare old artillery piece even much, once many Beijing flavour the villain in drama in punishment detect drama, the case that takes Bai Baoshan regards a character as prototype, the most typical is ” serious case 6 groups ” the first in, one is called ‘ Liu Dingshan ‘ villain in drama

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Average viewer thinks this is a character that director fiction comes out, but Peking Man can see, the law case that this commits in those days according to Bai Baoshan namely writes the story clue that come out, and of Li Chengru personate big ever, the actor’s lines that follows him the dialog still made a window among complete theatrical work later

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Breathe out continuously ‘ do you think homicide is courage and uprightness? Generous, but not talk nonsense, do not do you before your mother, was to be afraid of your Mom, do not think we are afraid of you really ‘ someone still speaks, want the word that rises than delimiting really, big Ceng Wei is adversary surely, it is nevertheless among this part the plot of a play, direct and not was in ‘ Liu Dingshan ‘ the words with the many flower on the body, it is the simple guilty procedure that introduced him only

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In realizing real life now a little today so, once was weighed for ‘ capital bold nots ‘ ‘ homicide mad demon ‘ Bai Baoshan, bai Baoshan has its person truly, 1958, be born in Beijing stone scene a mountainous area, 1983 when, be in from height door mouth because of pilfer blame, was sentenced 4 years, between the process of prison serve a sentence, friend following case has spare time white, the thing that did not tell before height oneself, all trembled to come out

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The result did not think of jail friendly in no time give his thing appeared in the newspaper, because stole the family’s corn,be in those days, be reachcaptured by the family wearing, after be being chased after, bai Baoshan does it too firm, play the other side into skull bone to crack directly, be in Beijing in those days city, be to rob a blame to had been been surely light

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Besides, did the thing with many smooth not to be exposed to really in Beijing, either play the market is lock of smooth door prize, in every case your thinkable is converse operation, bai Baoshan worked, connect car tire to be not let off, you consider this individual must have many bad, allegedly light is the thing that comes secretly, add in amount shares many 5000 fund entirely

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80 time can have 5000 money, be in Beijing in those days, peking Man from the start thinks of not to have the courage to think, pilfer of a huge sum plus intended injury person, originally 4 years of term of imprisonment, became 14 years finally, face this trial, in heart of white treasure mountain very refuse to obey, in his eye, pilfer is common occurrence simply, cong Mou is planted for the level, bai Baoshan should live one day more only, the capital does not think disappear stops

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Be in in those days capital serve a sentence of the first prison 8 years, till 1991, was gone to by repatriate again jail of Xinjiang stone river, want to know, in those days Beijing jail in every case should arrange convict to Xinjiang this kind of remote region, backside of this side person has big case almost, in those days stone river jail, old Peking Man should know, spoken parts in an opera is ‘ farm of reform of criminals through labour ‘

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Let them arrive here, it is to let them one day cannot at a loose end, day polish rise work, but even if is such, also fail to make Bai Baoshan dependable come down, in jail friendly help falls later, to the letter was written in the home, spend money in a work song sung to synchronize movements squared many things, but in the jail in good and evil people mixed up, always have a few people that are willing to do a thing

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Bai Baoshan’s doing, let a lot of people sense in a bad mood, do not see him ferial li of word is not much, but often be firm of person of this kind of fade rise, sequential who expect is less than, just began Bai Baoshan to be able to be borne bear, but be insatiable of the other side, dialogue treasure mountain is hit again scold again, also belong the person that holds soft persimmon of be used to, what they bully little imagine is role of a firm

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Word of firm of person of it may be said is not much, bully his 2 people, a when die finally more miserable than, but of two people be missing, be masked to get flawless by Bai Baoshan, 1996, was released March, after returning Beijing, after the change that sees Beijing wall, also had thought sureness gets along, he is in of the jail these year, as it happens is reforming and opening during

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After just walking out of a jail, was out of line completely with the society, the first thing is to run registered permanent residence, the person hinders to spend criminal record at having from height, registered permanent residence did not do all the time, listen to an old person to say, bai Baoshan still is in Xidan before that practice spreads out too, the small commodities that buy a place maintains bread, but do not grow for ages, be in charge of to bully by the city almost everyday, the negative sentiment of the keep long in stock in letting heart of white treasure mountain this erupted thoroughly

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Abandoned thinking the think of a way of dependable life so, think dry bill is big, in March 1996 of the portion one of these day in the evening, turned over a wall to rush into the courtyard of heat and power plant of tall well of Shi Jingshan region, after Koing piquet, grabbed ” 56 ” type is semi-automatic musket, back-to-back with respect to open all sorts of insanity commit the crime, assault piquet for many times

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Hear, live in the Peking Man with stone a mountainous area scene in those days, every do not go out in night, we all knows Bai Baoshan is the devil of a kill without batting an eyelid, the smelly name that sees Bai Baoshan be in Beijing in those days has much clear, besides ” serious case 6 groups ” outside, still have a teleplay, namely 2022 ” Chinese punishment detect a case ” the law case that those who tell about is Bai Baoshan, of personate of another name for Taishan Mountain of fourth brave of old show bone is him Bai Baoshan

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At all times and in all over the world, in every case is extremely vicious person, they the act from height is logistic, but the logic in their eye, the viewpoint of value that agrees with with normal person does not match completely

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If Bai Baoshan can understand rule the word of 2 words, also won’t turn so called homicide into mad demon, final and miserable wind up, be over lifetime, to paid due price from the crime of height!

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