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Original title: Novel and teleplay ” between the world ” why to want Zhou Nan to die? Living and bad? Spit for fast Preface sees of a friend leave a message, touched what I get offline to Nan Nan to experience, also be not delighted in the heart, block up unbearably, want to be spat for fast. 58 collect teleplay ” between the world ” be put, big ending also had, all character destinies in drama imprint deeply in be being engraved in brain, from beginning to end hover is in in brain is grasping elder brother and Zheng Juan story, what still have Zhou Nan is dead.

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The person absolutelies refuse to can resurgent, living person continues to live. Novel and teleplay ” between the world ” why to want Zhou Nan to die? Living and bad? The friend that has seen novel or teleplay knows how Zhou Nan comes to the world, zhou Nan’s mother is carrying how old lay pressure on the head, life pressure is born him. After be born, be how feed him, raise big adult.

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The Zheng Juan of affliction, it is an abandon a baby, one’s life experience becomes a puzzle, still be raped by Luo Shibin. Zheng beautifuls one’s life experience becomes a puzzle, it is an abandon a baby, do not know one’s own father and mother, the husband’s mother that is sold Popsicle by is foster, granny still adopted a dummy that won’t talk, became Zheng Juan’s little brother. Family only recumbent granny sells Popsicle, paper the income of carton, can be imagined the life has much hardship. Harder than the life is, the timber mill worker that Zheng Juan’s sweetheart calls Tu Zhijiang is a comrade unexpectedly, do not have interest to the woman, friend water do as one pleases of Tu Zhijiang, luo Shibin, among them it is difficult that that Luo Shibin brought disaster to Zheng Juan. He gives Zheng Juan raped. Return strand rib of Zheng Juan, luo Shibin is a rascal actually, a criminal.

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Zhou Nan is born Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan marriage still conceived the child unexpectedly, zheng Juan wants to destroy originally, below the mom advise that believes Buddha, was delivered of this child. This child is Zhou Nan. Why Where is surname week?

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Because of week of Zhou Bingkun surname, zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan marriage, say this child is Zhou Bingkun external, maiden first pregnant. Before Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun marry, 35 yuan of money of every months of give financial help to maintain recumbent water do as one pleases and Luo Shibin. Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan’s love story are very beautiful, very touching, yue of two affection photograph, zheng Juan is very beautiful, grasping elder brother very be apt to, very true, it is an old good person. He sees Zheng Juan’s affliction, heard of the antecedents of her miserable one’s life experience and child, do not cold-shoulder not only, active still Xiang Zhengjuan proposes, will rear this child jointly

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Regard this child as the child of own one’s own, the fact is really such, grasping elder brother regards Zhou Nan as namely of own one’s own, the child that compares him one’s own even is even good, zheng beautifuls He Bingkun gave birth to a son again, call Zhou Cong. Zhou Nan is inherent and clever, study result is good, clever sensible, this also is parents is taught well, teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution, the influence of domestic atmosphere. The child is parental hope, husband and wife of grasping elder brother is taking a hope, hope child is grown grow up, grown grow into useful timber.

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Luo Shibin searchs come, want to contend for Zhou Nan, died not to think the job that produce still happened accidentally, luo Shibin gives birth to father to search come to come, because Luo Shibin cannot be borne again, he is a kick in one’s gallop want Hui Zhounan, around move contend for Zhou Nan, produced a lot of stories. In novel and teleplay, luo Shibin is to be in conflict with Zhou Bingkun, the Luo Shibin in scuffle is not careful head touchdown or bump to a block of stone used as a seat, cerebral ministry gets hurt, became plant person, before long hind dead

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The Luo Shibin in the novel dies before Zhou Nan studies abroad, the Luo Shibin in teleplay studies abroad in Zhou Nan to death after the United States. Disaster of Luo Shibin that brought bagnio to grasping elder brother to death. We are with teleplay edition allow. Grasping elder brother was sentenced in 9 years of novels, be ready to help others for a just cause and Zhou Nan dies. Luo Shibin is to die in front of Zhou Nan’s. Also be Luo Shibin contends for a son with grasping elder brother in the novel, have conflict, grasping elder brother and Luo Shibin decline from 2 buildings, luo Shibin is falling, grasping elder brother is in on, grasping elder brother does not have a thing, luo Shibin is weighed, into plant person, also be to did not live how long, died. Why grasping elder brother wants and to why grasping elder brother wants and conflict since Luo Shibin? Because, zhou Nan is in the United States by gangster shoot dead. Luo Shibin looks for theory of grasping elder brother, if ought not to saying, said a word that is not a person: You eat me to take the course that remain namely, stimulated the dignity of grasping elder brother badly, hit!

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Zhou Bingkun is funeral first child painful, the calamity of bagnio is after, do this let grasping elder brother how subsist? Grasping elder brother was lost so an outstanding son. Zhou Nan is taken an examination of attended Tsinghua college, study abroad to the United States again after, have a boundless future. Do this make Zheng Juan how vivid? So hard raise the child big adult, be about to learn to go back to the motherland soon, render service to repay kindness country, repay parents to give birth to raised favour. Abrupt, be without omen, zhou Nan was beaten dead. Dying really is injustice, dying really is to not worth. Young Cai Jun, the ability of pillar, say to do not have be done not have.

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Not only couple of grasping elder brother is not accepted, girlfriend Feng of Zhou Nan is not accepted, the audience also does not accept even us a bit. What main character is not complete theatrical work to get offline normally is Zhou Nan, complete unexpected. Why should write Zhou Nan dead? No more than is to want to let grasping elder brother and Zheng beautiful suffering is added on suffering again, extremely difficult, add to the audience. Also make bout write a play, assume Zhou Nan is done not have dead south living hypothesis week, learn homecoming, very big may the will of comply with Luo Shibin makes Zhou Nan successive Luo Shibin’s equity, accede and administer Rockwell group, also may transform Zhou group.

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According to Zhou Nan and the goodness of grasping elder brother, in Zhou group, the opportunity of good friend job of the grasping elder brother that he can live in misery these, let mom and father live weller, such not sweet? Perhaps novel and teleplay want to leave an audience pathos namely, this also is stirred method. Good outcome can let the person is accepted or many audiences like to compare satisfactory final result quite, the ending after resembling adapting is close friends than the novel a few, the audience is accepted. Not grasp justice write into cancer to die, adapt good official Zhou Bingyi survive well, he Dongmei enjoys emeritus life together, enjoy carefree day.

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Such wintry plums also need not marry again, marry with an old man of many years old 70. Adapt poetic Feng Huacheng into it is quite good also to become a monk or nun, outlet estimation of the poet does not have bester than becoming a monk or nun ending, since big ending, character destiny can be adapted, why playwrite cannot Zhou Nan die to mend one’s ways come? I think playwrite also may have wanted to change, had had conception, if change Zhou Nan’s outcome into comedy,meet how? Do not make up Zhou Nan dead, according to the development of story clue, may be like next stories: Zhou Nan falls in the offensive of Luo Shibin giving birth to father, had approved Luo Shibin’s status, also had accepted unripe father from mentally, luo Shibin already became hard fact as unripe father, in the gut that this sends off in the airport in Zhou Nan, zhou Nan cried to Luo Shibin: Pa. This pa cries, luo Shibin is successful capture Zhou Nan’s heart.

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A lot of audiences cannot accept Zhou Nan to call Luo Shibin father, loath let Zhou Nan identify Luo Shibin to be father, do not want to make Zhou Nan and Luo Shibin close, include me. Zhou Nan also had unripe father, foster father, zhou Bingkun became Zhou Nan’s foster father. According to gut, if Zhou Nan is done not have dead, luo Shibin won’t fight with grasping elder brother, luo Shibin won’t die, that is to say, below normal circumstance, luo Shibin still can continue living. Playwrite thinks, if let week of Nan,group of family name of a white horse with a black mane reachs after graduation go to work, swing to unripe father here, harmed grasping elder brother and Zheng Juan, still be inferior to making him a bit earlier get offline. Cannot let evil person Luo Shibin get so outstanding son. Playwrite has made up Luo Shibin into entrepreneur, social status crosses ten million, still prepare to want to appear on the market. The favour cannot let Luo Shibin be occupied, reason lets Zhou Nan get offline very reluctantly, after Zhou Nan gets offline, let Luo Shibin get offline again, grasping elder brother is imprisoned, continue pathos makes fun of.

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Let Zhou Nan get offline harmed Luo Shibin, grasping elder brother of the maternal Zheng Juan that harm is the greatest still is Zhou Nan and foster father. Give birth to raised favour, it is unripe loving-kindness after all big, is the loving-kindness that still raises big? The loving-kindness that I think or raises is big, be born and do not raise, still be inferior to not be born, raise Endaru the sea. For the need of gut, playwrite let Zhou Nan get offline only. Although, major China audience likes the final result of end-all, but the fundamental key of this drama is not festival, however pathos makes fun of, the person experiences affliction to just show human brilliance only. Zheng beautiful Mom also should adopt so painstakingly two abandon a baby, zheng Juan experiences so much affliction to also did not Ko her, still laugh at face to live to affliction. Never lose the hope with vivid opposite. Grasping elder brother also is, he endeavors to help the friend of so much affliction, he himself is difficult also, also did not lower his head to affliction, without depression, did not degenerate.

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Of Zhou Nan although be hit to them,die very big, but accepted reality silently, absolutely refuse to resurgent, living person continues even. Resemble ” living ” , person vivid on earth is about firm ground is living.

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1000 audiences have 1000 Hamlet, it is difficult to cater for all tastes, fair say communal reason, the mother-in-law says the mother-in-law is justifiable, again good-looking teleplay is met somebody makes carding comments, metropolis somebody gush, somebody is eristic, commenting on is meddlesome. Do not have a person to comment on, that ability is evildoing. Of Zhou Nan dead, zheng beautifuls He Bingkun can be at ease, what what cannot put down do we still have? Welcome everybody to comment on, discuss! Give Zhou Nan reborn chance. Dot assist your dot assist, comment on you comment on, dot audience makes us collective progress!

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