Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Original title: Tianjin person art two achieve modern drama next month to appear formerly Report from our correspondent (reporter Gao Shuang) the reporter learns from theater of Tianjin people skill yesterday, achieve a modern drama formerly ” Jiang Xiaodong and Liu Xiaowen ” ” two ant are on the road ” will come to will meet in experimental theater and audience in May in April. Current, the show is official already make out an invoice, “Early bird indulgence ” buy send one, support Wen Huika to buy. 2022 Tianjin person art edition ” Jiang Xiaodong and Liu Xiaowen ” will come 10 days on April 8, will be in Tianjin people artistic theater to 17 days on April 15 experimental theater is performed. This drama is the modern drama of love of instantly of life of a press close to, report and marriage. Every part in drama is acted by two actors, one acts grown part, one acts young part. Among them an actor is in before the stage when the performance, another is in act as aside character background, two actors alternate back and forth the identity, the collective diagonal that finish is unscrambled lubriciously. ” two ant are on the road ” will on April 30, will come 3 days on May 1, will be in to 15 days on May 13 experimental theater show, liu Jiming assumes this theatrical work answer platoon director, the main actor is Liu Jiming, Cui Wenjing, 10 thousand firm husbands, Ma Zhuang . This drama told about taxi driver Martha one day of the sea and Liu Susu, encounter the 2 people of middleaged crisis, because a series of bagatelle divorce after misunderstanding. After the divorce, the life of two people and working contrail coincide arrives one case, of close affection and love bump, ideal and actual conflict are performed ceaselessly… this drama appears with humorous and humorous means give true and exquisite, look be like insipid the affection world of be deeply moved.

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