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Original title: ” settle down ” : Torment of former unripe family falls like bloodsucker, of the female live tenaciously to rise abruptly with ego

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” settle down ” two big leading role – Fang Shijin, Xu Wenchang – stage photo introduction says, 1000 readers have 1000 Hamlet. Yes, everybody is endless to the viewpoint of work identical. But, good work can abstract connotation at any time however, touch soul, can cause a reader or the audience is general, intense resonance, this is the glamour of good work. Artistic itself results from the life prep above lives, the epitome that is archetypal to real world report and objective society is reflected, explode like what Sun Lihe Luo Jin acts the leading role igneous theatrical work ” settle down ” . ” settle down ” gut is simple: The house of help client business such as room intermediary Fang Shijin, Xu Wenchang or rent a house, be forced to wrap nip to wear constantly the diversiform life of client of be involved in, testimony or rub one’s palm along smooth out with the fingers arrange the put on a false show of peace and prosperity in their life and one ground chicken feather, good and evil of penetrating view human nature and it is difficult to live easy, very work with one’s mind or brains happy amid. After passing years knock against, xu room 2 people love each other gradually, the male feminine lead that help others settles down is found eventually attributive, brought oneself home, point out this drama gist. Must say, ” settle down ” explode symbol of name of igneous it may be said actually, solid return to the name. What the press close to in drama lives is masterly deduce, analyse to the profundity of real human nature etc, touch continuously popular feeling, thought-provoking, acclaim as the peak of perfection letting a person. Be opposite especially female advocate what Fang Shijin gives birth to a family formerly is accuse and announce, your person comprehends extremely deep, lament to sigh unceasingly, easily be touched former unripe family this sensitive and flimsy nerve. Let a person be like ever was acquainted, as if see trifling oneself shadow.

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Fang Shijin – stage photo one, from psychological angle, analytic former unripe family and the style of flourish of defense mechanism psychologist that its affect next individual generation had said, a person finishs its try hard unripely, be in hard the character that he forms conformity since childhood oneself; Psychoanalysis theory also emphasizes Fuluoyide the childhood influence to person lifetime. Hard gold a general term for young women is late think like that. Turn this and the other party, former unripe family often is returned to be the original sin on people growing road, fare badly in reality namely or misfortune is OK the shadow of date from or ascribe childhood or the torment that give birth to a family formerly. Be like ” settle down ” in Fang Shijin’s experience. Well-known, every family has give birth to the cent with the new student formerly, be born formerly and the new student is a group of opposite concepts. Former unripe family is parental family, it is the environment that oneself are born and grows, oneself and brotherly sister did not constitute new family; And the family that ” of family of ” new student is him, it is the family that both sides of husband and wife passes marital relation hold together and establishs jointly, do not include bilateral father and mother. Accordingly, be born to be distinguished with newborn formerly is to belong to advocate different. We also should prevent excessive unscramble or attribute a fault to gives birth to the domestic influence to life formerly. What lay domestic concept formerly nowadays is ecbolic with acknowledge already generalization, once extreme or turn the land absolutely adherence former unripe family is deterministic, the success or failure of the conflict of so human relation or successful aspiration, will be gifted the individual brand that cannot be gone against or cannot change, and frustrated does not know how to reconcile with repair, that becomes the victim below original sin of former unripe family really.

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Room mother looks for Fang Shijin to want money to door inn – stage photo psychology thinks, the person is below the angst influence of former unripe family, the meeting is unripe give out a series of psychology strategy and corresponding means to protect oneself, this is defense mechanism. Negative to defense mechanism can make a person screwy, and to defense mechanism can yield person raising of things to a higher level. Sublimate is will individual the action with the favorable society of actuation translate into that is not accepted by social place, ” settle down ” heroine Fang Shijin is undoubted and such. Fang Shijin does not have abandonment because of the torment of bad former unripe family, depressive twist or projectile other, chose healthy psychological defense mechanism however, the choice breaks through sublimate of cage, ego and ego to rise abruptly, this is the female comes out the strongest weapon and glamour, let a person praise greatly. Accordingly, the influence of former unripe family has already to also have negative to, look individual how to go distinguish and accused. 2, the ” of ” character mask that doughty appearance issues Fang Shijin, solid to conceal a heart self-abased and flimsy with elite of soft and kind-hearted intermediary Fang Shijin comes on the stage special Jing is colourful, seize person eyeball: A spell able bingle, a pair of chill expression, wear dress of profession of a dark black department, the shoulder carries on the arm enough the professional bag that holds guest goods, the bag hangs one handle black to grow an umbrella. The professional attire of this kind of constant or ” of ” actor’s costumes formed her external the ” mask ” of duty field, swift and fierce of cold high of generation letting a person and doughty the feeling of bully gas.

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Store of shop of door of airborne Shanghai static appropriate grows Fang Shijin – ” of mask of stage photo ” is individual originally by the society consuetudinary ask with the profession, a kind of when come open character is shown in social circumstances, this is ” of ” character mask. Normally we can press different social situation, match or adorn different mask, this is social circumstances decision, and mask backside just is our real character. Fang Shijin knows well greatly this, she should be concealed true oneself. This lets me recall short story of husband of scold of agree of writer of the Russia in Chinese textbook ” hold the person in cotton padding ” the hero ” in fastens li of division husband ” : Be opposite to remove actual panic, avoid suffer the outside to affect and include a case to oneself, make the ” of ” conventional remark of an alleged safety, wearing galosh, carrying umbrella, wearing sunglasses, the cotton on auditive a place of strategic importance, face and all thing are installed entirely in cotton padding. What the ” mask ” of ” of his ” conventional remark and room has different in approach but equally satisfactory in result is clever. This drama exert oneself washs with watercolors those who catch Fang Shijin is doughty and explicit, include her to ask door shop employee also is worn at first professional clothing, it is to be the heart that she gnaws the soft goodness below bite in former unripe family later to make intense bedding actually, the fact of ” mask ” of the bully gas that she carries is those who cover a heart is extremely self-abased, flimsy with softness, include the feeling to Xu Wenchang, she is self-abased not dare exceed and extravagant hopes. Say, what does a person care about more, what to conceal more, what be short of more, fang Shijin is undoubted hereat.

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Sophisticate of inn of door of Fang Shijin v/arc an admonitory talk to subordinates – stage photo of abundant thanking booth 3, unscramble bloodsucker of Fang Shijin ” the family is born formerly like ” , “The child of the ” that do not have an umbrella must learn hard to run ” settle down ” the former unripe family of the gimmick depict Fang Shijin that uses flashback, from her bright duty field begins, again reel off raw silk from cocoons pares chrysalis arrives of her mask backside miserable with rise abruptly, she looks in light of us this is not easy. Street do hold ” 10 kilometers health runs ” , she one effeminate woman can gain the championship easily, the numerous man such as the Wen Chang that swing Xu a few streets, but those who who knows this champion backside is distressed. What the someone runs is ” feelings ” , what she runs is ” lives ” . Be apt to as a child by maternal going-over, differ later the mother copies fellow to run, can run at a heat a few lis, the family is not chased after. This 10 kilometers are ” paediatrics ” to her. Such practice long-distance running skill touchs everybody’s tear is nodded, make what we saw she is tenacious stubborn. She is not to be partitioned by others at will, the person of resign oneself to adversity. Say: Do not have the child of the umbrella, be destined to want to learn hard to run. Fang Shijin does not have domestic umbrella, only the society lets him tried hard to run on life journey. She is house home 4 girl, the mother sees is a daughter, serious male light female thought lets a mother be about to lose her drown in the well, room of ” of name of do sth for the occasion 4 wells ” , enlightened still grandfather saved her. Be drowned by the mother as a child like cold-shoulder, 3 elder sisters had not read a book to also see her not pleasing to the eye, father is type of ” of ” Su Dajiang be protected oneself and useless, the little brother is a beloved daughter in the home, the mother takes a little brother to coerce her to ask for money easily

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Be escaped by room mother going-over when Fang Shijin is little – stage photo she is brought up in atmosphere of such former unripe family, but she did not lower her head to the destiny, she aptitude is bright tries hard aspirant, achievement is outstanding. Parents does not give tuition several times, pullback she reads, let her earn money forcibly raise the home, she is deep dawn knowledge changes a destiny, the grandfather that she relies on to be very fond of her exclusively’s scanty money goes to school and take an examination of attended river sea college. But the mother thinks ” woman need not read so much book then, ripped her admission notice by force, box up her, let her marry a person. When waiting for her to escape to sign up to river sea university, the quota of people of enter a school that is abandoned by maternal avouch already cancelled, she is obliged to work in school hardship audit is over all course, this is the ” ability that Xu Wenchang says more important than record of formal schooling ” , fang Shijin’s study and working ability are be obvious to all. But arrive to be hit socially spell must to want ” of ” record of formal schooling this a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success, she to live, the false record of formal schooling that does act against one’s will becomes the spot of her duty field, be taken by ” of company ” Di Zong handle is minatory, let her become those who cope with Xu Wenchang castle.

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Her desert signs up to river sea university, but quota of people already cancelled later 4, torment of former unripe family falls like ” of ” a bottomless pit, the female breaks through sublimate of cage, ego and ego to rise abruptly duty field only the result that Fang Shijin of 4 years achieved arrogant person: 5 beautiful inn of Beijing are long one of, year sells champion, sale of China north division 10 beautiful, company emphasis fosters talent, MBA to recommend candidate to wait a moment. Her government is strong, with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning, outstanding achievement strikings. With her bully enrage and say: “2 word ” , ” did not abandon following me to lie forever in the dictionary that sells the house “” that does not go out me without me ” is waited a moment, the duty field of appropriate appropriate sells elite, shock popular feeling. The wolf sex feature on her body, let employee with a rustle quiver already heart pleasant is convinced, took ghost of ” of bandit of ” female bold, ” to see the byname such as scampish ” of anxious ” , ” to her; She makes money to do business and prize employee is single, the with ” shameless soul that is chanted is unique ” . But, undeniable, her arrival and effort let door inn grow many outstanding achievement, she is natural also income does not poor. When ” of Fang Shijin outstanding achievement talks photograph of ” of ” and the theory of human nature-a fallacy put forward by the landlord class and the bourgeoisie of ” of inn of door of Xu article prosperous to collide if really only, her superior move is mixed to smash by conquer gradually. She is being surrounded by everybody’s warmth, her soft heart is waked up, the mask that she adorns by lacerate. Who does not want to do to be caressed, does carefree ” Xiaogong lift ” ? But her former unripe family does not allow. Use a word that Zhu Shan describes to shine in drama: Each bright skirt backside, have a hole that is pointed to defeat.

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Counterjumper of door of Fang Shijin v/arc an admonitory talk to subordinates is versed in – stage photo and Fang Shijin is bright the ” hole ” below professional clothing more very, her former unripe family is a boundless avarice the ” of ” a bottomless pit that Ju Yongyuan fills dissatisfaction, bite is gnawed like elephantine bloodsucker her pith bone and blood, let a person shudder, gnash, hate again cannot make the same score. At one’s convenience her how able, sufficient capacity makes again much money, she also is only be without emotive ” profitable tool to give birth to a family to be pressed she is suffocatively like a heavy big hill formerly, let her be terrified by the sight of sth or sb like abysmal abyss again. She works hard every time the money of assemble is met be asked for with the reason of all sorts of work outs by the mother and place remnant very few, cannot use more dress up oneself, show even Zhu Shan to say her ” is brummagem ” up and down all over. All things in her home look for her, she is a three heads and six arms-superhuman is all-purpose. All expenditure should look for the family she wants; The little brother has a girlfriend should buy a house, the room is expended 1 million include head pay and the room is borrowed want her to assume, do not agree to come door inn Lai Ren, block a person up, still send video to arrive on the net black she, within an inch of let her lose rice bowl. Disaster of father dispatch a vehicle grinds a person dead, the family suffers the dead to just be reached hire the car just is applied twice press helper foot not to have arrange, still put her grandfather under house arrest rise and life and death is sealed, the mother calls panic-strickenly want her to answer place to go to manage rapidly, even her ” takes all money ” , she uses 80 thousand when borrow then from Xu Wenchang entirely, include to pay the dead the family member’s damage, father hospitalization expenses, but the mother still scolded her privately ” to take 316 yuan of ” this skill, extracts so that she connects a city almost fare was done not have.

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Disaster of father dispatch a vehicle grinds a the dead, room mother lets Fang Shijin go back all Qian Ji – when stage photo is taking care of father be in hospital, little brother anyhow still took bucket bubble side, let her mother feel distressed unceasingly, disregard right-down reach her daughter of ” of this ” hero did not eat a meal two days; She is returned go letting fall ill the money of grandfather outfit air conditioning was given father to install air conditioning by go off with; The grandfather that is fond of her as a child dies finish does not inform her, conceal the person that cheats her ” to not be short of filial piety instead, be short of the person ” that earn money, it is good to let her ” take money to go back ” , the money that bout head makes her decorates a building to the little brother. Bring up as a child she, the grandfather that is fond of her is her bottom of the heart is the softest, also be she is restricted in the bottom of this home. So she returns meeting attend to line of this close affection, blindly self-surrender, but of the grandfather die and did not let her meet on last, make her angry thoroughly, ” of conscienceless of her mother ” , ” identifies clapperclaw only the murderer ” of money, she wants a little brother to resemble a man to struggle euqally, she wants end of as complete as former unripe family break with, make a clear distinction. There is beauty of Su Mingyu, Fan Sheng before, there is Ma Bangni, Fang Shijin after, it is torment of former unripe family the ” below helps ” of elder brother demon up or ” helps ” of younger brother demon up, they are in the former unripe family that does not have new student family, it is ” victim ” of the family, if pressing room mother Pan Guiyu, say ” got married bad to want money, the money that she makes now is the money ” of house home. From this we saw confirmed serious male light female thought, conscience of the apathetic that also cannot wake up even the Gao Guang that female ego rises abruptly former unripe family, psychology and timely arousal.

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Room mother blocks door inn up to want money – stage photo if Su Fan stable 4 people discharge besides be a burden on of former unripe family, how should they have wonderful life? Fang Shijin can breathe air freely, can become business circles elite, be on life summit summit, can mix beloved person freedom love, double Su Shuangfei. But in actual family ” of big ” hole falls, she loses self-confidence apparently, she thinks unmanned can settle on she, feeling is to her but hard the extravagant hopes that look forward to reachs. She dare not accept as a result once well_matched, now the confess that the Xu Wenchang of ” of ” free body loves. The former unripe family of master home Zhang Ailing is very bad. As a child parents leaves other, as abominable as stepmother relation, be put under house arrest by father for a time, the hint given with the eyes that relies on to visit one’s own mother and stretch one’s hand want money, ability reluctance finish school. Her tremendous heart that fills money and love all one’s life appeals to beg. Be short of the warmth that break to make up for former unripe family, in before letting her two paragraphs of feeling, opposite party is greater than her. And she falls in love with introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Lan Cheng later, lowliness arrives in dust, final however by disappoint.

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Not self-confident to love Fang Shijin – stage photo 5, how to dissolve with former unripe family, reconcile with oneself 1, bounds of make a clear distinction, ego cure heals. The person that has sufferred scar of former unripe family wants to cast off manacle, reconcile with oneself, dissolve with the family. Set ego limit again, dividing line of family of make a clear distinction. However delimit process is not easy, with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning of job of the Fang Shijin in drama, outstanding achievement hand arrives capture come, also be at a loss what to do to this. Bounds of make a clear distinction of similar experience ” – the family objects – expect again – the family strikes back – suffer harm again – escape again – final cure heals of ” repeatedly process, and the process still can last for a long time. 2, establish safe feeling and trustful move. Psychologist Adler thinks, the meeting after the child that gets parental attention rarely is grown is chill and suspicious, establish close feeling and trustful move with other hard. Accordingly, want to overcome this one limitation, establish healthy mentation, establish modest safe move and trustful move with other, and do one’s best goes compose is built live significantly and establish satisfactory and cozy human relationship. Only such, ability lets the feel just like a fish in water in he is working and living, do not come suffer too much scar. 3, establish correct state of mind and acknowledge. Acknowledge is individual mirror to objective and explicit concept, we should know former unripe family correctly. Former unripe family is like a Shuang Renjian, infiltrate the person on one hand abysmal abyss; Inspired the person’s fight reversely again on one hand. However, life as bedspring, can lax without pressure, pressure crosses congress to rebound. Want to insist a target not to abandon only, do not indulge chicly, not abandonment also, hold the degree of tightness of good life bedspring to spend, the metropolis that you want is you.

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Atmosphere of good former unripe family 4, seek the means that reconciles with the family. Seek the way with domestic peaceful coexistence actively, protect oneself to avoid already suffer harm, also avoid the intense conflict with family. Can harm oneself accession in family even, adopt communicate actively, the means of mutual understanding, help its manage mood of affection, dredge, be similar to EAP psychology to coach aid. The feeling that also perhaps can have expressed timelily to family or love, make oneself and the other side can get cure heals. This is two-way win-win mode. 5, seek the means that reconciles with oneself. ” settle down ” Fang Shijin is the optimal case that ego reconciles. She is duty field elite, target strong, outstanding achievement highlights clear, artifice, she has target, capable, have feelings, below maximum pressure of former unripe family and torment, although bore the weight of,the tear of a lot of people is nodded and pain spot, however still 100 fold do not urge, struggle not to cease, it is the pattern that contemporary and numerous female studies. Accordingly, she can have bright and ideal life outcome. ” settle down ” ending also calculates everyone is happy: Room mother Pan Guiyu dies get offline, through the Fang Shijin of long-term war of resistance against aggression, cast off what give birth to a family formerly to manacle, love career double bumper harvest. She was married astute warm male Xu Wenchang, leave settle down the world, start all over again opens new medium, 5 surprise flower and the employee dare to die of devotion follows. Fang Shijin also begins debus to pretend, made the young woman of great man backside, Xiaogong lift.

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Of good work of epilogue of Fang Shijin stage photo explode red be not without foundation concoct or come however occasionally, explode the boundless glamour that attributioning redly should be work itself, this kind of glamour invites the public people scramble for sth, ceaseless brush drama and fondle admiringly. ” settle down ” the meaningfuls besides profundity real significance that brings us, still have the life sense that touchs lachrymal dot reachs the soul, the callosity that has pair of real human nature more announces and lash critically. ” happy eulogy ” Fan Sheng beauty has said a classical actor’s lines: “The family of a person is the fated ” of a person, more or less do this have bit of fatalistic interest. ” settle down ” what issue torment biddy sex to giving birth to a family formerly is tenacious and castiron reach ego to rise abruptly, had high emblazon and celebrate in song, but we more the former unripe family that wishs to appeal creation is good, can prevent the happening of a lot of tragic tales so. Wish to build good former unripe family jointly, the harm that wishs to give birth to a family formerly is far from children. (the picture in article comes from a network, if invade a cutout) (END)

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