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Original title: ” hill sea affection ” in who acts well? Huang Xuan is discharged the 6th, before yellow Yao Wei is entered 10, the first fact returns to the name Dragon of You Kongsheng, Sun Mo hold guide, huang Xuan presents as leading role to act the leading role, zhang Jia beneficial, Yan Ni, Huang Jiao, Yao Chen, Wang Kai special piece those who act is thematic big play ” hill sea affection ” , already neared end at present. But still numerous audience does not think satisfy a craving, the feeling that still did not use up of purpose greatly. This explained everybody is right adequately of this drama love and pay close attention to. End so far, ” hill sea affection ” fabaceous valve grading, still maintain in 9.4 minutes of height.

20220313020803 622d520338818

And this drama suffers fully reputably, I feel with one numerous good actor wonderful deducing is not divided. This drama gathered together really too much good actor, and the person has every special the performance that gives prize. No matter be the Zhang Jia that regards old show as bone,the stability of the person such as beneficial, You Yongzhi is behaved, the surprise of the person such as the Bai Yufan that still serves as new personality appears, make a person be sincerely convinced, from the bottom of one’s heart gasps in admiration.

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So, today, let us discuss together, be in ” hill sea affection ” in the actor that acts best, who be after all? Join the opinion of broad netizen, we in ” hill sea affection ” in 10 actors that act best did a seniority. Very regretful is, because good actor is honest too much, act Bai Maimiao’s Huang Yao in drama so, before failing to enter 10. The 10th: Yan Ni is acted poplar head of a county

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Yan Ni is in ” hill sea affection ” in, appear with costar identity actually. Her show share adds up in all, also 10 come minute appearance. But a few short play, left very deep impression to us however. Be in among them the first concentration ” example Director Zhang ” that play, with that paragraph of impromptu speech when holding the spot to meet, make us clap applauds. Yan Ni’s performance, distinct, be full of tension, can be inside the shortest time, give the character’s disposition, status reflect incisively and vividly.

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The advantage that I feel Yan Ni is the biggest, the affinity that gets on her body namely undertakes after all. Everybody has discovery, no matter Yan Ni acts what kind of part, it may not be a bad idea of female strong person, housewife, we won’t go up from her body, see the edges and corners of very acerb stay at a respectful distance from sb letting a person. for instance she is in ” hill sea affection ” in what act poplar head of a county, also be style of a work actually very strong female cadre, the performance of Dan Yan Ni, not only do not let person allergy, still go out a few minutes fully instead lovely come. This, go out at the outset in her act ” pass outside Wu Lin ” when, had shown undoubted. The 9th: Jiang Guanna acts Li Shuiwang

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Jiang Guanna is a new actor, but a kind of very god-given quality is had however on his body, that is guileless. This makes no matter he acts what part, can be accepted by audience place immediately, like in spite of oneself to go up he. Be in ” hill sea affection ” in, he acts son Li Shuiwang of Li Dayou, ma Debao’s hair is small, show share is not much also, it is to serve as setting character to appear below a lot of circumstances even. But the sort of condition when he is performed, very accurate however. I remember having a show, it is the circumstance that he runs so that treasure is in to hit explore to raise double Bao stay of proceedings, two people stay in crack with teeth in mouth of the Lao below the foot of a wall, jiang Guanna passes small expression, think of that bit of caution of water flourishing, show so that appear fully.

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Jiang Guanna now ability is 24 years old, but his starting point is very high, have Zhang Jia profit hand of such handgrip of old show bone is teaching, nature can be very fast the hang that masters a performance. His future, it is to follow Zhang Jia apparently increase is same, it is face wear what orientation of actual strength school develops, and such actor, artistic vitality just is met longer. The 8th: Guo Jingfei acts Chen Jinshan

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Guo Jingfei is talent actor, perform what to resemble what, and still can go up in different part body, gift a few things that do not have distinguishing feature, let an audience remember well thereby. Be in for instance ” Dou Ting is good ” in, the Suming that he acts is become, only by dance of a paragraph of square, can let groups big laugh now. And in ” I am in Yu Huan water ” in, he passes change the appearance again like acting, more than joyous water the immanent psychology of this complex character, depict gets written in a forceful hand.

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Be in this ” hill sea affection ” in act Chen Jinshan, with the part that has acted before him, have very big different. But the Su Mingcheng that before he has skill to let everybody forget him however, just has modelled before long and Yu Huan water, and a when believe he acts brand-new character. He is Peking Man, but speak of Fujian mandarin to come however lifelike, be without violate and feel. This explained he is studying language aspect on one hand gifted really, what also let us understand him on the other hand is assiduous with effort. Because calculate gifted, if do not learn seriously, it is very difficult also inside short time, grasp the habit of some place character and pattern. Guo Jingfei is in again ” hill sea affection ” in the actual strength that showed oneself, let us respect gasp in admiration of industry drive from the bottom of one’s heart to his. The 7th: Huang Jiao acts Ling Yinong

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Tell the truth, huang Jiao is in ” hill sea affection ” medium expression, still hold out shock letting a person. Because be before this, his person in more popular feeling is set, be ” the baby in love ” medium Liu Zhi, be ” of bend city love ” medium Fan Liu former, be ” Xiao Gong ” medium Xiao Jun. Anyhow is some of tasteful Ti Tang, be full of again literary model character. And this, he is in ” hill sea affection ” in, acted successfully however to help deficient cause, and the figure of the old professor of blood of bend with one one’s heart, your person uses a facial expression extremely.

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The Ling Yinong that Huang Jiao acts, disposition forthright and sincere, raunchy, the immigrant that considers run of spring letting jade only intently people breakfast becomes rich through raising get rich of stay of proceedings, change the face that lags behind miserably. For this he nots hesitate oneself pay out of own pocket, fight with local local ruffian even. From his body, we saw the sort of flashy idealism drive, also saw Ling Jiao gives the pure and lovely one side on the body at the same time. I feel he is ” hill sea affection ” in one of the most unforgettable parts. And perform like Huang Jiao thoroughly remould oneself, grace for this horn apparently many. His platoon is in the 7th, also be people’s expectations place returns. The 6th: Huang Xuan acts Ma Defu

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The resource that Huang Xuan gets a few this years, very good really. But the sureness that I feel this must be attributed to him above all and effort. He allows the potential that numerous and outstanding director saw the place on his body exists. Include this to be in ” hill sea affection ” medium expression, also did not make everybody disappointed. He carries true, guileless, exquisite, accurate show, ma Defu this part, model so that make a person feel true and authentic.

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A lot of netizens are analysing Huang Xuan why to can be in young actor the reason that show itself, a bit what I feel the most important, it is him what show the sort of sincerity that come out. Include him to see the person’s eyes, include the smile like his sunshine, it is so pure, make a person enchanted. Nowadays this times, I feel to jump over true thing, jump over the resonance that can cause everybody. Go up in the performance of course, the place that he needs to learn to old show bone still has a lot of, so his platoon is in the 6th, the platoon is at the back of the person such as Zhang Jia beneficial, also be drama confusing people common knowledge. The 5th: You Yongzhi acts Li Dayou

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You Yongzhi has a place really recently ” fire ” , in be like the teleplay that sows in heat, where where has him. But he also has true ability really, in different drama, the feeling with different show comes.

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Before this, when You Yongzhi still calls You Yong, I feel he is all the time ” outfit cruel ” hotshot, always act a few ” Gao Fushuai ” the part of and so on. Did not think of to be in however ” hill sea affection ” in, he however can old man of country of a northwest, also deduce so lifelikely. He loves Li Dayou this to make fun of petty trick, love has an insatiable desire for petty gain, had not seen what world, like very much again however self-righteous, every time perfect miss become rich the Li Dayou of optimal opportunity, model lifelike. Revealed him adequately to regard an old show as the real actual strength of bone. Picture such already can ” cruel must go up to the sky ” , can ” earth must drop broken bits ” good actor, we hope to had been jumped over more more. The 4th: Zhang Jia beneficial acts a horse to call water

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Zhang Jia beneficial present acting, had reached the degree of high degree of professional proficiency. His movement, an eyes, a small expression, can accurate the characteristic that reveals a character without by accident body. ” hill sea affection ” medium horse calls water, namely such. In the first collect, his conveniently picks a leaf to put the masticatory action in the mouth, can weighs the pen that the god comes to, can not be every actor can conceivable, do those who get.

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I had said, present Zhang Jia beneficial has been ” horn ” , this is the result that he accumulates for years. From ” humble abode ” medium Song Saiming, arrive ” white Lu Yuan ” medium Bai Jiaxuan, arrive again ” outfit stage ” medium Diao Dashun, arrive again ” hill sea affection ” medium horse calls water, his every time is performed, can bring different feeling to us. Be in China, have truly receiving the actor that inspects appeal force is not very much, and Zhang Jia beneficial is a among them. The 3rd: Zu Feng acts Bai Chongli

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Very popular now say ” treasure ” this word, so I feel Zu Feng is ” treasure actor ” . Because we can be ceaselessly on his body,discover more possibilities. For instance this, he is in ” hill sea affection ” in, brought different sensation for us again. His figure teacher of a countryside, model too racily touching.

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He is the actor that major learns to perform one’s previous experience, so he knows the assurance of rhythm very much, with the control of skill, very where to know this are fast, where this are slow, where should be tightened, where should loosen, but the design of his all these, however all lets an audience look not to come out, this is skill.

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I remember having a show among them, hemp subprefect is determined to want to do the spot to meet in Fujian Ning Cun. And in this false spot is met the spot, the white president that acts by Zu Feng brings his students, formed the team that welcome guest. The leading role of this play is not Zu Feng, his task directs students to cry namely ” greeting welcome, welcome ardently ” catchword, and also brushstroke has taken camera lens. But Zu Feng’s expression, make me clinking use a facial expression however. Include the awakward action when make a fist of his both hands leads a student, include the look of the in fear and trembling on his face, include the eyes that he worries about for Ma Defu, all is in a brief shot, reflect incisively and vividly. Let me remember me for an instant once middle school teacher, tear also at a draught wet double eye.

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I feel he is the sort of can change decayed be magical good actor. Is everybody feels? The 2nd: Bai Yufan acts Ma Debao

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I feel, be in ” hill sea affection ” in the actor, have two big surprises. Among them, it is Bai Yufan. Before this, the great majority person in us, never had heard of this name.

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Be in at first so ” hill sea affection ” be pleasant to the eye he, we are half believing and half doubting, because do not know this to resemble the actor with a little fresh general pork youngly, meet us bring what kind of show. Result, his expression, too let us feel accident. He gets the horse treasure this part, model too successfully, too true also authentic.

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He gets the horse treasure to manage in the different heart of different level, different position, different spiritual outlook, deduce well and truly reach the designated position. So that with Zhang Jia beneficial such old show bone is compared,rise, not inferior also. But the key is him so young still, just have 25 years old only just ah, so I feel, he did not come but period, have vast development space certainly. The first: Reyiza acts Li Shui to spend

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” hill sea affection ” in another surprise, nature is the Li Shui flower that Reyiza acts. Our absolutely cannot think of, good actor Reyiza can an everyday part, deduce so truely, massiness, have weight.

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My act that one intuition gets an actor, divide an administrative levels. An administrative levels is to perform what an appearance, the 2nd administrative levels is to perform what to resemble what, and the 3rd administrative levels is, act so that resemble not only, and the act that can allow oneself becomes a kind of surveyor’s pole, make a summit. The Li Shuangshuang that for instance Zhang Ruifang acts, the Liu Wenting that Pan Hong acts, attribute this kind of situation. And this, the Li Shui that I feel Reyiza acts is beautiful, also belong to the 3rd administrative levels.

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If change,become another actor, also perhaps can perform good spray such parts, but, can she perform heat to depend on tie this rate? I look unlikely. And later, if other actress wants to try Li Shui to spend this part, very difficult also conference has the possibility that surmounts Reyiza. This is Reyiza’s fiercest place, also be the place that everybody praises greatly generally to her acting. So, her platoon is in the first, it is solid completely return with people’s expectations place to the name.

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Dear friends, ” hill sea affection ” should say good-bye with everybody immediately, does everybody have the feeling of a kind of be reluctant to part? So look in everybody, ” hill sea affection ” in so much good actor, who is the where that acts best? Welcome everybody through leaving a message area, undertake interacting with more netizen. I am elegant Qing Dynasty, assist of the attention that appreciates everybody again, dot and share. We are same tomorrow time, adieu. The article is achieved formerly by group of DJ elegant Qing Dynasty, without allowing not to borrowed please! The person that violate needs investigate!

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