Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: The Yang Zi that resemble battle cooperates 2 degrees, bully screen mode is formal open! The Xiao Zhan 2021 should say is a star with highest heat, the closest of course Hua Chenyu also is heat very tall, but that is not normal phenomenon after all. Xiao Zhan does business not formally still 2021, have ” ace army ” , ” fight Luo Daliu ” and ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” the teleplay of 3 main actors is in wait for sow condition.

20220313020929 622d5259dcf19

Among them ” ace army ” and ” fight Luo Daliu ” can saying is the stablest, it is target CCTV broadcast, and the question is not big. Inside exclusive sweet bestow favor on drama ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” it is the roughest however. Regard Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi as the cooperative drama of double high flow, kill blueness the earliest. But broadcasting is the most difficult however, newest now message turns by mango stage namely tomato TV station.

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And this teleplay also is by will broadcast in December push broadcasted in January, do not have Guan Xuan all the time! But the collaboration is the same as a stage of Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi is increasing however, explain broadcasted time should be not far. But this has not been over, explode again on the net gave Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi to again new theatrical work cooperates. See a picture first:

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Pretty good it is this before the ministry hearsay, wang Yibo and Zhao Li Ying want those who act to go out ” door poison hind ” , but both sides appears personally later overruled. The small gain King that should know Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi are this year and small gain Queen, appeal strength has many strong. Come out this again he acts two pieces, can say even if already a very good hype window.

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No matter be Yang Zi,still resemble battle actually, the acting of two people is count as one of the best. Adscititious two people’s outstanding Yan Zhi, can saying is to add cent!

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Say so, have collaboration best, good after all theatrical work is not disrelished much, and the Dai Yan that although obtained Meng Niu,resembles battle this year. But the teleplay of true main actor and do not have!

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Do you expect they cooperate twice once more together? Little code word thanks the attention that nod assist not easily to share add recommend!

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