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Original title: TVB and inferior look the time that contend for hegemony in, the drama of Hong Kong knight-errant of those an unexpected winner Urge into years of all corners of the country, knight-errant, our country’s particular culture indicates, experience is long cover is new, last long. 2020 Zhang Yishan edition ” Lu Ding is written down ” took a show by a performing monkey, new knight-errant drama ” have Fei ” the be over in also criticizing sound, this makes we more cherish classical, those once left the theatrical work of Hong Kong knight-errant of memory. Mix with TVB inferior regard a delegate as, some knight-errants work still is person commend up to now, share the knight-errant theatrical work of a few opposite an unexpected winner today. ” one branch spends bonze ” (1997)

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The swordsman film 1993 ” the hero that Shui Hu sends is ecru ” it may be said is classical, what the Lu Zhi of Liang Jiahui’s Lin Chong, Xu Jinjiang still has Wang Zuxian greatly is the most beautiful forest a form of address for one’s wife, left deep impression to a lot of people. 1997, director Chen Huiyi again hold guide, filmed with Lu Zhi deeply of leading role ” one branch spends bonze ” , as before personate of You Xujin river rash carry administer.

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Story be born out of at ” Shui Hu is passed ” , give priority to horn with Lu Da, with its experience gives priority to a line, tell about Lu Da from small carry administer to arrive to be troubled by greatly close press down on the west, beat dead the town closes on the west, set foot on exiled road. In drama, personate forest develops Liu Song Ren, personate history enters Zhen Zhijiang, wang Lun of bandit chief of hill of Kaohsiung personate former bridge, personate king enters Zhou Bili.

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Be worth what carry is ” 9 father’s younger brother ” Lin Zhengying is in drama personate Bai Yuanshuai, die very solemn and stirringly, and last work that this also is Lin Zhengying. ” one branch spends bonze ” as ” Shui Hu is passed ” derive an excellent work of work it may be said, but regrettablly this drama viewing rate is not good, although big shop sign gathers, but very an unexpected winner, rare person knows. ” legend of dragon a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” (1988)

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Will mix because of contract issue in TVB5 tiger the phase of total stage refuse to budge, the 2nd acting actor shows itself, among them, guo Jin An is the among them person that above average. 1988, guo Jin An, Ceng Huaqian, Zhou Haimei acted the leading role this ” Long Xia legend ” , renown ” win Chan Chuanji ” , just as its name implies, relate the story that beats sheet. Win sheet, descendants of offspring of the Qin Dynasty, aptitude flatly, because destroy the country lives in seclusion, abandon answer state, live insular life. Because of dispute of all corners of the country of accident be involved in, the sword of thill of a small room in a fokelore, book of secret of an unique gest, still have many treasures, complete convention knight-errant set.

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Then, a big play about kind and enmity of hate of domestic enemy country, all corners of the country comes on stage gradually, each forces of have evil intentions begins to chase after a name to pursue interest.

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In this drama, besides Guo Jin An, emperor of Zhang Weijian personate, yan Zhi is not defeated by flesh of present discharge small delicacy; If Zhou Haimei of 22 years old gives Shui Furong; The sweet rouge of Luo Huijuan personate goddess model is dye-in-the-wood, still having Ceng Huaqian, Gong Cien also is goddess level. Gut is put at the same time, see this play really big feast one’s eyes on. ” female You Long of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” (1994) the playwrite of TVB people omnipotent, almost all and OK changed with the knight-errant work that will film; However they are not contented hereat, classical folklore, opera also is moved again and again etc screen. ” female You Long of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” it is to adapt from civilian classical opera ” swim Long Hufeng ” , heart emperor and the story of Li Feng elder sister.

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Story from unique strange book is told case, close pull book of secret of the world gest to compile outstanding fierce learns ancient codes and records, jiashangyi hides at deep palace to dragon phoenix sword, let cannot recover after a setback of all corners of the country, firm big bright country. Later heart emperor succession, this history on most the emperor of extraordinary works very exceed what is proper, he is small take amuse oneself, inn of staying Long Feng, encounter Li Feng elder sister, began a paragraph of strange predestined relationship.

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Of course, as swordsman film so cannot simple, necessary all corners of the country contends for a name to chase benefit, each trying to cheat the other to still want some, and last paragraphs story is to be in palace, the greatest villain in drama is become just about day queen mother…

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Is loving country still beauty? Coda is a choice title, story with tragic wind up. Li Lizhen is really beautiful the woman to in one’s heart, and this also is the hotspot with this the biggest play; But this drama closes it is not good to inspect achievement, li Lizhen career encounters bottleneck, casual later face about, take off become famous, greeted the fastigium of the career. ” Gu city guest ” (1982) 1980, zhou Runfa of 25 years old or little fresh pork, because ” Shanghai beach ” Xu Wenjiang one character reputation is outer, become TVB to be born when wife and children one of. 1982, shan of in relief admire of Europe of partner of week embellish hair, village is static and, Xue Li goes out performed knight-errant theatrical work ” Gu city guest ” .

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The leading role of the story is the world the misbegotten willow of Ou Yangqian of castellan of the first city is late, because demon star falls the hearsay of the world, be sent toward outside Shanghaiguan.

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The Liu Chi after be brought up returns inside Shanghaiguan, and if face archenemy,nursling Ouyang Mengfei of Ou Yangqian comes to his, result of god of an iron sleeve and 7 those who kill a sword is right spread out definitely… this ” Gu city guest ” it is the experimental work after the knight-errant that began 1979 is hot, public praise and close to inspect and do not succeed, although TVB was chosen be born when wife and children at that time and female role, also fail to save this theatrical work, in burying the work in magnanimity finally, become victim. But later 83 edition ” hero ejaculation vulture is passed ” resounding temporarily, 84 edition ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” Ling Huchong of Zhou Runfa personate, make a great coup. ” Hua Xijian registers any of the three ten day divisions of a month ” (1979)

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Good year of 1979 knight-errants drama, besides what still for person up to now ” giant silkworm changes ” and ” Chu Liuxiang ” , inferior inspect still a classical Gu Long adapts play ” Hua Xijian registers any of the three ten day divisions of a month ” .

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Zhang Guorong went out with respect to static brilliant of partner old man 1983 later act ” Yang Guo and small Long Nv ” , ” Hua Xijian registers any of the three ten day divisions of a month ” it is the knight-errant drama that its act the leading role the first times however. ” inn of new dragon a hanger-on of an aristocrat ” director Li Huimin hold guide, desolate sheng supervise the manufacture of, zhang Guorong, Wen Xue, the main actor such as Chen Huimin. Although adapt Gu Long’s work, tell about Fang Baoyu to go to an appointment 7 years decisive battle, beat the story of the person of Dong Ying white garment, chaos that appeases Wu Lin.

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Origianl work of story press close to, but the temperament of this drama is not ancient dragon, zhang Guorong’s treasure a few minutes of blueness are acerbity, however ” Shuang Huagong rod ” Chen Huimin’s Dong Ying is anonymous valiant of heroic bearing of swordsman Bai Yi’s person. Drama of inchoate Hong Kong knight-errant emerges in endlessly, a lot of classical but also there is no lack of sodden drama, although inferior inspect integral market to had not compared TVB from beginning to end, but go up in knight-errant work however can to it stand up to sb as an equal, what double male contend for hegemony just had attempt of a ministry and those to condense mental efforts is classical.

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