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Original title: Li Gu of one ” daughter ” exposure, it is our familiar singer unexpectedly so, ascend 20 years continuously spring late Respecting plum Gu Yi, believe everybody won’t unfamiliar. Regard our country’s famous female singer, country as one stage actor, li Gu is the old artist that the De Yishuang that a lot of people like very much strongs and pervasive fragrance. A her ” unforgettable today night ” already passed sang a few years, be this song lets her become widely known, every time one new year in the begining, it is this song accompanying us, its position is solid it is thus clear that. Zhang Ye emersion Mr. Li is classical ” unforgettable today night ” Jing colourful full-court! Your night is accompanied to listen before your night is being accompanied to listen to @ to sleep before @ sleeps

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Actually a lot of people do not know Li Gu one teacher besides daughter Xiao Yizhi, still have a daughter, and a lot of people of this daughter are exceedingly familiar also, she is Zhang Ye. Zhang Ye is not Li Gu actually the one’s own daughter of one teacher, however a when she admits dry daughter. She and although Mr. Li does not have consanguineous relation, but because she makes Mr. Li exceeding in the endowment of musically,admire her, still should kiss her finally the daughter is treated. Zhang Ye is in our country also is a very famous female singer, she is graduated from vocal music of Chinese music institute to fasten, she just graduated to attend CCTV contest of the 3rd green song, achieve the 3rd good result. Zhang Ye ascended CCTV spring evening first 1987, sang song ” clear Yang He ” .

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After this, almost annual spring the figure that can see her late, but most those who make audience memory deep still is 1998 CCTV spring in the evening, first-class person sings Zhang Ye and Li Guangxi, Li Gu jointly ” walk into new era ” , this song just makes her bright red truly big violet. In level of a lot of states in large activity, can see her figure, the song that for instance she sang on Olympic Games closure 2008 ” tonight month bright ” really air is boundless. After have one’s moment he returned altogether to enter the arena of CCTV spring evening 23 times, the singer that became develop a school of one’s own of contemporary China musical circle, country one stage actor, also what enough reflects her is outstanding. Her fame no less than Song Zuying, no matter be the folk song of gentle and lovely canzonet, still be the ethical song with broad range, she can ground of do a job with skill and ease controls, give an audience people the impression that left profundity.

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Can see, mr. Li is an artist that De Caishuang repairs really, she herself achieved perfection not just, still ceaselessly posterity of guide and support, outputted a lot of outstanding singers for our country, made very large contribution for the vocal career of our country. And after friend of a lot of audiences knows the impact of two people, can’t help think all the better of and admiring such old artists.

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