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Original title: “Holand younger brother ” new piece ” mysterious maritime space ” public praise explodes canopy exceeds anticipate, behavioral setting sends Jing Chenglong By Suo Ni movie industry makes, adapt from PlayStation whole world classical movement takes a risk the true person film of game IP ” mysterious maritime space ” formal open is opened to booking, film was released recently ” breakthrough limit ” behavioral a special collection of short films, holand younger brother uncovers the fact of behind the curtain of old scene of the movement in secret film to take a course personally, say frankly ” this is special hardship film process, camera lens broke through very much tall difficulty the limit ” ! Holand younger brother introduces in video, he wants to present to the audience in the film violent intense fight hand-to-hand is right battle, a lot of draw lessons from the element of game, “Let it look very cruel while make a person again be convinced, the balance feeling among this holds very hard. The balance feeling among this holds very hard..

20220313040009 622d6c49beb87

” mysterious maritime space ” it is to leave year since the central issue that the whole world fixes eyes upon is huge make, one assembled the seeing and hearing that legend seizes show of marvellous spectacle of spectacle of treasure story, hot action, huge screen and glamour galaxy is big. ” mysterious maritime space ” placard is similar to ” biochemical crisis ” ” demon animal ” ” big detective Pikaqiu ” etc piece, ” mysterious maritime space ” also come from IP of homonymic and popular game to adapt. Ancient boat of the maniple that seize treasure finds treasure, the game experience feeling that exceeds big picture makes spot audience straight breathe out ” satisfy a craving ” , plaint the sense of extraordinary acme bright that big screen place brings, respecting this ” mysterious maritime space ” , that impetus is bold and powerful really, saying is year a dark horse not exaggerative really.

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End at present, ” mysterious maritime space ” the box-office result that had achieved 275 million dollar in the whole world, folding synthetic RMB is the booking office of 1.7 billion, this achievement lets the personage inside foreign course of study speak highly of Holand younger brother is ” the Hollywood IP new lucky star of one hundred percent ” , after all of Holand younger brother before make ” spider a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” let him earn sufficient limelight. Can see from inside prevue, ancient boat treasure hides unexpectedly in the depth of bay, hero Nathan takes a risk hand in hand the partner enters difficulty in all, open block up seizes the brigade of treasure heavily. Each force spreads out seize treasure big fight, ace is enrolled too, give tit for tat, alarmingly dangerous is exciting.

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Greeting of Holand younger brother becomes dragon classical movement name occasion, old scene exceeds the imagination breaks through the limit. Alarmingly dangerous ” airship ” big fight, close-fitting on the ancient boat that headroom moves quickly fight hand-to-hand, fall likely not carefully from the day. Show of such adventruous start has Long Feng model greatly, can say the height that is spectacle of classical to becoming dragon action greets. The audience gives out after watching a movie such evaluation ” desperately 3 Lang Helan younger brother, close-fitting fight hand-to-hand gives power really ” , ” the Hollywood recreation that the near future sees inaccessibly is big, be worth to look ” , ” God enters the sea all sorts of unusual plan operations shake indeed ” ! ” mysterious maritime space ” line of Chinese inland courtyard will be landed on March 14, piece mid component is main setting with IMAX exclusive picture appears, offer than common cinema amount to the rich picture of 26% , can bring more content information and different view shadow experience for the audience.

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