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Original title: Bridge pineapple and ” small town year “ ” small town year ” not be a famous motion picture, but it is halcyon. At the back of halcyon, it is the story of lifetime of a lot of people.

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” small town year ” old movie should talk first here ” 51 army service station ” , it films Yu Yao is far 1959. Have a grand opera among them, liang Hong (bridge pineapple is acted the role of) spy of Zhi Douhan evil. The bridge pineapple of a suit long gown is bringing small spy chicly to be circled in hotel inside and outside will be circled, match the rising and falling music that gives with clarinet achieve at the same time, it is find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind really. The bridge pineapple of young times has a piece of thin face. His facial ministry outline is honest too clear. Try high forehead, outstanding eyebrow arris, have magical big eye sunkenly greatly, wide bridge of the nose, the lip with thin and big broadness — the face with peculiar family name of this kind of Hua Na’s person, if be arranged appropriately, when the result that meeting generation makes person Jing is colourful particularly. Stand when distance is looked at on the ship that brave the wind and waves when ground of high-spirited and vigorous of young bridge pineapple, admired the camera lens that take to give him the love of the oldest rate. Before believing to be in more than 60 years, in the cinema, when every come here, regular meeting noise has the exclaim reputation that does not depress below screen. Experienced years of vicissitudes of life, again with ” Wu Jian ” the first film that after this figure appears in Fujian film studio to hold water, films ” small town year ” medium bridge pineapple, of the sort of outstanding scallion pretty be ground to make the same score by the edges and corners of years gradually, the catastrophe that just goes made melancholy is full of in his eye. I am Gao Yun is read to see posthumous work when 14 years old ” small town year ” . Contemporary literature of bought a China is going up from old bookstall before history on, had seen the introduction that writes setting to this book. Gao Yun sees long-term life be in southern Asia. Small town, it is the peaceful Xiamen that shows he spent life most years. Go up century 50 time after he goes back to the motherland, immerse oneself in the goal delivery story that depict produces one paragraph in the 20 many soul-stirring year ago, those who commemorate those are exalted is living the friend that mixes dead. That is a Chinese Communist a paragraph of history of inchoate years. Very apparent, what he wants to behave is historical incident not only, still have his feeling to Xiamen. This kind of feeling is driving him to return not tire of before begin art stage the written language that its are altering those irritatedly to be permeated with tropical semi-tropical smell. And when 80 time end I see Fujian film works on TV at the plant is being built more than 10 years ago at the beginning of when the first feature film that films meticulously, those who experience is ” static ” : Of small town quiet, create the calm of personnel, the calm of performer. Middleaged bridge pineapple by from on picture works temporarily transfer arrives Fujian. He acts a quiet middleaged revolutionary, sacrifice is later in the sea of island bosomy billow. This character acts very well, although green no longer, what the sort of Jing making a person admires is brilliant already also was swept across by years and go, but bridge pineapple found his new fixed position. The actress of mattress of book of bridge pineapple lover is acted in the film, after be being mixed before, had not appeared on screen. Allegedly she the salesman that at that time is Fuzhou, the director that is stepped to defeat iron shoe is found, be on screen, those who be is her that calm temperament. Yu Shuxiang of book mattress one’s previous experience families status. Why a such actors, searching having, is finally to those who find is in in street shop? Perhaps matter with that times that just goes. In the imagination in me perhaps, the act person of book mattress is one’s previous experience at once scholarly family family. Jin Yucheng ever said, “Culture Revolution ” the sense that later period gives a person is not to be troubled by, however brimless is static. “Book mattress ” it is in such hush, at there is a book in postmeridian sunshine, sit after bar to be being read silently, till days is on the move, be on by pitch on screen, with was forced to become old shepherd, must liberate eventually, return Hua Na home town to film the bridge pineapple of the film encounters. ” small town year ” not be a famous motion picture, but it is halcyon. At the back of halcyon, it is the story of lifetime of a lot of people. (Hou Yuyan)

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