Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: Who acts Wu Moli Summary: Person of Wu Moli that act is easy melt 1000 royal seal. Wu Moli is a part in long ferry lake, long ferry lake is a war piece, so this to easy melt a kind of challenge is for 1000 royal seal, it is after all before this the film that he had not contacted warlike subject matter.

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One, Wumoli arrives from the teenager decay Wu Moli of the soldier most begin aboard, hit with a thousand li of elder brother five fight noisely be troubled by, giggle about is very babyish, but this is Wumoli the about with this the actualest age. This film is battle of lake of focusing long ferry not only, it is to let everybody see Wumoli arrives from the teenager more the decay process of soldier of people who volunteer to fight in another country.

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2, 1000 royal seal break through easy melt ceaselessly ego film is to let what we saw Wumoli grow not only, more let what the audience saw 1000 royal seal regard easy melt as actor identity grow. Should know most singer identity gives begin him, although before long ferry lake he has,go out perform the film, but subject matter of this kind of war is contact of his first time.

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Epilogue: It is the eyes or movement no matter, easy melt 1000 royal seal Wumoli this part, explanation gets true to life. This film make a great coup, have very big one part reason is the effort because of every actor.

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