Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Cancer of the stomach of young dancer Su Riman dies year only 28 years old of experience change cure 8 times to fail conquer serious illness

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(origin: Baotou evening paper) March 12, with make a stand against of cancer of the stomach the Su Riman of dancer of Inner Mongolia youth of 8 months dies, all the year round is 28 years old. Obituary notice is released without how long hind, su Riman’s mom still grieves over in video platform dispatch daughter: “My baby, mom knows you did not leave really, go issueing generation to decorate our small home however, baby, mom loves you forever. ” besides, su Riman’s mom still sums up Suriman’s lifetime in obituary notice: “Free, happy, life is brief and wonderful, her lightly and come, quiet goes however. ” Suriman comes from Huhhot, it is one loves to jump the prairie girl of Mongolia dance, ever won Chinese dancing is highest award ” lotus award ” silver-colored award, still be total champion of China of travel young lady. Su Riman is before 8 months fish cancer of the stomach is terminal, experience 8 times later change cure, fail however conquer serious illness. Although suffer disease and the harm of the side-effect that change cure before one’s death, but Suriman always is smiling face welcomes a person, on video platform him record resists cancerous process, return arena afresh for a time. Risible girl, had gone all the way!

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