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Original title: New theatrical work of Ren Jialun, Li Qin ” ask gentleman ” will come, main actor modelling is absolutely beautiful, can calls a vision regale The new theatrical work that Ren Jialun, Li Qin presents as leading role to act the leading role ” ask gentleman ” , believing is one of theatrical work of the Republic of China that a lot of audiences expect most. This drama is adapted from popular IP novel ” ask Jun Ci litter ” , you Aiji art platform broadcasts solely, those who tell about is ” chiliad Ares ” Liu Yan and ” generous female stockaded village advocate ” the love story of the Republic of China that chiliad predestined relationship pesters between Yudengdeng.

20220313070103 622d96af95cc5

Current, this drama has killed blueness, be about to surprise in love art broadcast. Be worth what carry is, the cast of this drama is powerful, modelling is absolutely beautiful, can calls a vision regale. Ren Jialun, Liu Yan

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Very straight business suit, meticulous hairstyle, collocation holds the post of flourishing age appearance of Jia Lun, let a person very hard really do not love! Give prize besides modelling of the Republic of China outside, the Ares modelling of a suit armor, let a person very hard also removed likewise eye. Li Qin, Yudengdeng

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Generous bully gas female stockaded village advocate, modelling of the Republic of China, there is be puzzled of an evil spirit in ruffian gas, the heroic spirit between eyebrow eye is dye-in-the-wood, modelling does not calculate delicate, but so beautiful however that make a person enchanted. Xiaoshen is in relief, Lv Er

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Be industrious and frugal, amount to a life personally, small Shenyang is all the time by the comedian of person oversight acting, hold pouch, hairstyle is spell able plain and neat, can’t help letting a person expect what surprise he will bring? Chen Xijun, Gu Beixi

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Pure kind of a newborn baby, complete sincerity comes quality, wanton hairstyle, the mandible line with trenchant edges and corners, a tough guy is temperamental blow on the face and come, modelling of the Republic of China, did not make everybody disappointed as expected. Wu Mingjing, white seventeen

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Innocent pure childish, charming is crazy cherubic, melting but person, the shell is beautiful, modelling of the Republic of China, same special also Jing is colourful, the daughter of an eminent family is inspected already feeling, bright eye bright ages, your popular feeling is strange fondly. Chang Long, Peng Dahai

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Carry a vessel to unplug hill, bravery of bare of a loyal heart, jun Lang’s teenager, wait for one’s chance and move, ruffian is angry, handsome have both, chang Long’s the Republic of China is dressed up, add cent for him many, expect his wonderful performance. Song Wen is made, A Xin

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Be loyal and faithful, be expert in making money, accompany Ares chiliad, the mission is his belief, he is the most faithful subordinate, it is the bosom friend that accompanies chiliad more. Lai Yi, kill armies

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Evil influence is dye-in-the-wood, fawn on be puzzled all living creatures, cruel and evil, come bloodily extremely, kill of great villain in drama armies, black clothes modelling lets a person shudder. Sunspot, at a person suffering from paralysis

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Outside cold inside female heart of hot, love is cut, it is Yudengdeng most most the old father that adore. Sunspot, it is the famous old show skeleton inside the circle, piece performed work of movie and TV of close the tuber of stemona, each part vivid, make a person unforgettable. This drama holds the position of a director by Zheng Wei article, culture of comrade-in-arms of course of study of straw Xiong Ying, big line of business having a picture, Beijing manufactures jointly, will surprise in love art broadcast solely. Divine travel chiliad comes for love, fall in love at first sight to be defended without regret, it is one can’t avoid one’s enemy, also be fated, static await!

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