Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Singer Cai certain herbaceous plants with big flowers gives transition into the actor act ” wine shop ” acting wins support Say other do not be afraid of, be afraid that more outstanding than you person is returned hard than you. The recreational group of true cruelty constructs collect field, always have a few star, very let a person look at with new eyes. And among them, with respect to the form of certain herbaceous plants with big flowers of Cai of actor thering is no lack of.

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Review the way that belongs to Cai Kui’s music only, discover not hard, the atmosphere of musical tide, times is being changed all the time. But he is not eager to chasing what tide however, also do not undertake industrialized style is packed painstakingly, taking pair of ego music form from beginning to end hold to, hold to the original intention that makes music, finishing the purest to music guardianship. Suffer from equipment fix eyes upon ” Shenzhen 10 bright red stars ” , to full reputable reputable professional music producer; From have deep the LIVE that sings work force is sung will, send an actor to the actual strength that walks into a screen to challenge multiple role. Exploration and effort, applause and cheer, the shop is worn Cai Kui Yan art the extraordinary flower road of career. Now nowadays, increasing person, what solution is locking up him is brand-new the identity: Actor.

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Many people are opposite most propbably ” wine shop ” in, mix eat mix drink the Liu Fengchun that still mixes impressive. By the actual strength such as Chen Baoguo, Qin Hailu, Liu Hua the actor presents as leading role this to act the leading role, can see life already 100 condition, also can taste year of time brings a great change to the worlds to explode a big play is medium, the ideal explanation of Cai certain herbaceous plants with big flowers to Liu Fengchun part, let special period setting fall ” legend all corners of the country ” have depth, also have temperature.

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(” wine shop ” stage photo)

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(” return go coming ” stage photo)

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(” return go coming ” stage photo)

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