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Original title: Lei of joyous luck ginger is heavy male light female, do one’s best of propagandist male actor and picture wind is strange, avoiding doing anything that may arouse suspicion still is rich eyeball

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Old beautiful woman? Good, although be the set in origianl work. But right female advocate it is common introduction:

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Someone says Jiang Lei is in promote the actor below the banner this respect, than be being returned hard at Mom! But the way that thinks does not have the life at Mom. Those who look to be held in both hands at Mom is male advocate, without giving thought to acting how, growing is really good-looking, look at find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, this had Chen Xiao, Xu Kai classical character! And can not divide a men and women at holding a person in both hands, it is him those who want to hold in both hands do one’s best.

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In joyous luck in numerous actor, most getting attention male actor is Cheng Yi. The company gives great expectations to Cheng Yi, will best resource gave Cheng Yi. Chengyi colour value and acting are pretty good still, do not lose company great expectations, eventually fire rose. The high level of joyous luck leads dispute to often value Cheng Yi, cheng Yi should have an activity only, high-level leader is publicized personally.

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Do not know joyous luck why thrust Cheng Yi, liu Xueyi grows well acting is good do not push, Qin Junjie agreement arrived to go, mao Zijun agreement arrived to also go, remain Ren Jialun, and perhaps agreement went to Ren Jialun to also go, with respect to the coquettish operation of dog luck, want to be illogical why to choose to grow the person with get good-looking acting nice to hold in both hands, did not give Liu Xueyi now one male advocate drama.

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In teleplay ” coloured glaze ” before, liu Xueyi goes out is costar completely however for years, other do not say, male the pity with such 2 little roles, in the teleplay that has broadcasted now, liu Xueyi is in only ” coloured glaze ” in personate male Di Jun of He Bailin of senior fellow apprentice of 2 Hao Chen. Common supporting rule male 3456 with male N, also be called by play accordingly ” joyous luck for use of an emperor male match ” !

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Mere ” coloured glaze ” , a person sets action hate, be being cried to want to be afraid of Tian Zhushan every day by the audience, what should be put to death by the day is male 2 parts, liu Xueyi acts in a play attentively, successful group pink two, walked into audience eye shot, won an audience to approbate!

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