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Original title: ” sweep black storm ” day more 5 collect, 6 big real situations are overall face-off, engage in a battle of face of two old man? ? ” sweep black storm ” the play staff appears very the sound that cares about an audience. It is insufficient that the audience spits groove one day to be updated, chasing after pull pull farce, forgot the script in front. Accordingly, ” sweep black storm ” 14-18 part was replaced inside a day. Everyday the rhythm of 5 collect, ask everybody to look enough. Of course, must go in Qian Fang.

20220313070247 622d9717ab737

Some audiences like to watch the show of Lin Hao and Huang Xi not quite, say to leave masterstroke a bit far, gather together a bit, what this 14-18 collect makes a person amazed is their play of two has hardly, it is with Li Chengyang, He Yong, brillant far these masterstroke characters think for masterstroke this 5 collect have much satisfy a craving. As the rapid development of gut, ” sweep black storm ” the truth of each incident also begins face-off gradually, basically the audience can leave guess control a network. Let us arrange 6 truths of comprehensive face-off.

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One. Incident of equestrian handsome death – medical jurisprudence is crucial Ma Shuai die suddenly in detention house investigation. Time is proper, abstemious with duration special rigor, it is a big question originally, the police undertook to Ma Shuai’s body all sorts of examinations also did not discover what problem. This coincidence is more difficult than head award. When the fact that accepts Ma Shuai to die normally gradually when He Yong and Li Chengyang, lin Han cadaver check reports at that time sign the interest that aroused He Yong, the cadaver check report of Ma Shuai and Lin Han is same Song Tao finishs a legal medical expert, whether is this put in the problem among them?

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He Yong undertook astonishing Song Tao’s visit. Common says ” the jujube also has a jujube to also want to try come down with the big stick ” . The expression that did not think of Song Tao is very factitious, this lets a person suspect He Yong, private group person goes checking Ma Shuai body. With the horse the cadaver check report of a Shuai Xin gives heat, problem be readily solved, toxic, homicide, because Song Tao exchanged under the counter,the cadaver check report before is sure detect example brings about, although Song Tao is bitten dead,be working error but essential nobody believes, breaking through him is time problem only.

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Can say, the truth that Ma Shuai dies gave us a new hint, want to let a person so ” normal death ” still have in the method hold accuse legal medical expert and detect example this road. Of course, who is dead behind the curtain of Ma Shuai holds the person that accuse, he Yong had had distrustful boy or girl friend, be Song Tao then alarm He Yun of school fellow student, her a series of seeing be like normal expression to make He Yong vigilant rise.

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2, wheat is missing independently case, plum into Yang Yishi 3 bird plum become the dally on the 2nd conference of project of new residential quarter of Yang Zaiyi river brillant far wait for a person, grow stone door trifling collude the plot that share of Li Lijuan of diddle of intent of fine of article of small shareholder of new handsome group knocks thick line of brillant Yuan Zhu next is disclosed come out. On one hand, li Chengyang learns to sell now now, the elder brother that use the of great capacity forces he signs the fine of methodological gally article that sells share, punished not only the credit that the traitor still obtained sea elder brother, he is OK group of regain new Shuai Ji masters real power. On the other hand, brillant far to Dong Yao ” betray ” special anger, the means gally that uses bury alive he, this thing caused superintend and director to guide the attention of the group, brillant far begin to guide surface is risen to gradually over there the group in superintend and director. More crucial is, dong Yao by the intent passes Chen Jianbo after brillant far gally the share of redemptive Li Lijuan, but Chen Jianbo plays covered a road to kidnap Li Lijuan, ministry of Li Chengyang rate kills rescue sister-in-law, also regained Li Lijuan’s trust.

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Li Lijuan revealed the secret of Dong Yao and Ma Shuai to Li Chengyang, they are killed before 14 years outstanding, and bury that individual in a village. So far, wheat is free-standing of the case direct really fierce rise to surface, not only Xue Mei lifts the Ma Shuai of the newspaper, in those days build appoint section chief Dong Yao also is participated in among them.

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Everything what Li Chengyang will not know directly tells He Yong, what he chooses is press Dong Yao, meanwhile brillant far also decide to abandon Dong Yao, dong Yao injustice exposes preparation to run road, come so, wheat is free-standing of the case detect finally begin to enter timing phase.

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3, Lin Han ” black alarm ” case, pull out the law case that turnip belt gives slimy Li Chengyang to care most has two, one is Ma Shuai is dead, another is master Linhan is dead. As a result of Song Tao of legal medical expert expose, dead truth of Ma Shuai has been opened, although Lin Han does not have a law check of new like Ma Shuai dead body, but the problem that the doubtful point that connects this case exists with Song Tao heavily, lin Han ” black alarm ” the truth of the case also begins to be shown slowly eventually, and group be guidinged by central superintend and director takes seriously rise. Li Chengyang wait eventually came ” unrighted wrong exonerates ” a day.

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4, green cane umbrella, big BOSS appears He Yun of standing deputy director general is in public security bureau of green cane city Ma Shuai, Chen Jianbo and Song Tao all are put in the show that has a problem in each cases, this aroused He Yong’s suspicion not only, also be guided by superintend and director the land of country of a white horse with a black mane of group group leader notices. But, the umbrella of black vicious power of green cane city namely the big BOSS of backside still is not He Yun. Examining dismiss in those days when Li Chengyang’s data, the land of country of a white horse with a black mane saw two names in succession.

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The first name is the deal with person of repulsive Li Chengyang, signing is He Yun. Sign the 2nd name is this thing directly person, the Wang Zheng of vice secretary of municipal Party committee holds the post of when, the river in be currently being held the post ofnamely saves the Wang Zheng of standing vice-governor. Then, the relation chain of a relatively complete black vicious power and umbrella shaped: Brillant far, He Yun, Wang Zheng. Perhaps, this is ” sweep black storm ” in that yields a person to talk quality that Zhao Ligen says changes ” tremendous bibcock ” .

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5, Xu Ying child case backside, Hu Xiaowei is exposed in ” sweep black storm ” day more after 5 collect, this drama still updated 4 collect prevue, can see the progress that handles details of a case more from which. Lin Hao’s dead to Xu Ying Zizhi investigation gradually thorough, the harborring of inter of Hu Xiaowei of the police inspector austral hill to black vicious power is indulgent behavior is discovered, the small umbrella of backside of this Sun Xing also will face final showdown, of course, he still has the opportunity of make contributions.

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6, Sun Xing’s identity, son netizens of He Yun are early with respect to the basis ” sweep black storm ” case prototype has figured, one’s own mother of Sun Xing should be He Yun of standing deputy director general. In Lin Hao first time night enters phoenix when the nightclub is caught, the relation that a variety of complex expression of Sunxing and congratulate Yun alluded 2 people is very differ kind, preliminary test and verify of netizens guess. In prevue, get into trouble again when Sun Xing when, he Yun cannot help moving eventually certainly he, and Sun Xing also personally called He Yun: Mom. So far, concealed Tibetan identity of He Yun is exposed thoroughly eventually.

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The face-off of one by one of truth of 6 big cases, the mark is worn ” sweep black storm ” begin to enter phase receiving an official, of course, in this intermediate affirmation returns the gut of death struggle of meeting presence black vicious power, but the audience can leave already basically guess, quiet the uncovers secret and criminal finally be executed that awaits the truth.

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In ” sweep black storm ” explode more this 5 concentration have two paragraphs of show is to must be taken care it is OK even to watch look a few times more. The first paragraph of play is Li Chengyang learns to sell the bridge that forces Wen Liang signs a contract now now paragraph, this paragraph of play is an essay almost, li Chengyang sea elder brother at the outset the play of his autograph contract piles up flicker complete acted, still act so that rip a heart to crack lung, and the brother that costar still grabs artificial limb that last unexpectedly.

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Regrettablly, article fine courage is too small was frightened what did not see Li Chengyang early wonderful performance, only whole journey of sea elder brother witnessed Li Chengyang to oneself ” Cosplay ” , still look with pleasure. Laugh at dead individual.

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The 2nd paragraph of play is Li Chengyang is mixed brillant far the openly engage in a battle of two old man, this paragraph of play is likewise special and wonderful. Li Chengyang just was entered brillant those who give a pair to had not seen world is rectify to mix not stint about when far home, although unapt flicker brillant far, but also did not let apparently brillant far realize how much Li Chengyang knows after all.

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Be in brillant far priggish when talking about the business with Li Chengyang, li Chengyang is abrupt however to brillant far face-off, who killed Ma Shuai? Did not install, be you! Brillant far this ability realizes he is likely carelessness, can’t help blaming Li Chengyang, you wrap up so big ring to work.

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The openly engage in a battle of old man always is so do with sb unconscious, li Chengyang and brillant far when leaving, one extends two finger to express ” 2 ” or V, another extends middle finger, represented language of a C. Right now, get the better of soundlessly phonic, although some do not have li head, it is to have intention quite however.

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Finally, why we are early know ” sweep black storm ” roughly result, be still very happy with it however seek theatrical work? Because, the process with just evil conquer, how to look satisfy a craving.

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