Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Forest update one person to deduce multiple identity to bring ” original encountering, eventual departure “ Should say today this ” original encountering, eventual departure ” , one is sowed let many people shine at the moment.

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For instance rigorous the setting that encounters with Ji Xiaoou, two people appear in evening show at the same time below this one spatio-temporal setting, it is in light of rigorous perspective, of Ji Xiaoou appear to taking a lot of not pure aims probably, it is correct group will monitor likely even oneself enemy.

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Still have even if, ji Xiaoou and rigorous look upon are whole perspective of crucial figure Zhan Yu in gut differs completely also. In Ji Xiaoou’s eye, a suit white garment, artistic unripe Zhan Yu that playing a violin is the child of a bitter life, to make money the mother sees a doctor, this sensible big boy took a lot of pain. Also accordingly, xiao Ou regards the Zhan Yu of meet by chance as take care of like close little brother.

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Below the circumstance with collateral multi-line, considering the men and women advocate the point of view of look upon thing is different, assured narrative continuity already so, also can let an audience look at very comfortable. Zhan Yu this crucial figure, what kind of unforeseen event can you produce? Men and women advocate warm up like the rocket feeling, be can further progress still is greeted after all bigger invert? Want to defeat solution next gut develops, did not forget to go one dug of TV of cloud of the Yangtse River unexpectedly! Home page- – you miss the theater those who look is wonderful, here has

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