Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: The root is spent greatly up, ” outfit stage ” suffer reputably

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Straight (Zhang Jia beneficial is acted the role of) the brother that heading the group that hold a stage leave since sowing, ” outfit stage ” harvest to applaud sound, broadcast only 4 days, the cruel cloud of this drama closes in real time inspect jump on 2% , keep exalted all the time. Fabaceous valve grading makes 8.3 minutes the city affection drama of this focusing nobody is become this year of year end explode paragraph. Besides the actor’s vivid and meticulous performance, does reason of deep reputable reputable return this civilian theatrical work what is there? The job that hold a stage is sufferred from already tired Diao Dashun of 47 years old (Zhang Jia beneficial is acted the role of) be ” the person that hold a stage ” , before official show, lamplight of equipment arena, installation, set the work such as scenic prop, be finished by the person that hold a stage. Straight and his group, think to be being done oneself ” the job with artistic relevant ” . Xiaojin expresses, the job that holds a stage not only painstaking, still have a risk: “To prevent collapse, scenic and general very cumbersome, the lamp is very heavy also. According to the diverse demand of each show, the worker should climb feel low-lying increase and decrease a few lamps, get hurt possibly not carefully to fall even, do not get cursorily. ” kind-hearted impression moves audience tunnel gust shows characteristic civilian to be a day in order to feed, metropolis amid shows work of many movie and TV food of a few characteristic, in order to attract an audience. ” hold a stage ” in, local food is used to gut be embeddinged by clever ground, the worker is for busily ” one impediment is fed ” , the setting that has a meal every time can show character nature adequately not only, still rise to urge action on gut. If antrum teacher is right of boiler armet stand fast, straight daughter sly chrysanthemum is right the rampant show that the director of yearning, iron of cate of ground of substandard of dish of another name for Guangdong Province attends in wine desk, without be absent depict is worn disposition feature of the character.

20220313070423 622d977741168

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