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Original title: Li Retong responds to a netizen to urge marriage: This is my life, everything is best arrangement

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Actually, li Retong such King Kong Bobby — my individual thinks, she is too painstaking also. Nevertheless, some people like such self-discipline namely. But figure again how, “Frame ” inherent and such. Must fitness arrives that degree, exceeded human limit? , . Anyhow I hope Li Retong is happy and happy, this can be the small Long Nv that I like very much in those days. Later, still be in ” Chen Qing makes ” in Guo Jinghong shows. She is the female suzerain with aunt Su La unique, and still was achieved oneself ” bowstring kills art ” . That hare, wearing blue family name to wipe the brow.

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New book of Li Retong ” pass well ” , I was bought, still go up in the road when coming. A few part also had seen before, I believe to while Li Retong is being paid, also be happy. Can you go final as to two people? This, it is the result that the individual tries hard not merely, even of the other side hold to. And, of the favourable geographical position when adding God cooperate. After all is not the thing with easy what, so ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” in just can as if talk about again and again wears: Come out, affection why content? Teach photograph of person life and death to make continuously. Father’s sister knows, because she has Yang Guo. But Where is Li Retong? Does fine person where today?

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The care of people, that is be in overtones minute minutes. Then, is in interview Li Retong asked about ” is the netizen urged marriage can you feel disgusted ” ? She laughs say: Understanding plum is like red affection experience, knowing her also is the woman that the tired, place that it is affection injures the place that it is affection. But, li Retong still chose to feel relieved. The netizen cares her, this also is well-meaning: “I say those ‘ you are in charge of me ah ‘ also be to joking, I know they had been held out to me for the most part. ” just, the care of some people appears overmuch. Also do not think, such meetings bring how old pressure to others. Not only cannot solve a problem, and still let this problem become more serious. Fortunately this is Li Retong, she wants so that connect to appear. Nevertheless how, she wants good for oneself have an easy time.

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This also is my life, everything is best arrangement. So, good have an easy time is. . . . . .

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