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Original title: Just went up the line takes next heat the first! Noonday sunshine moves, be ceiling of homebred suspense drama? ? Noonday sunshine one’s early years because ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” , ” the person that pretend ” wait for work and famed, created again later ” great river great river ” , ” Qing Pingle ” , ” Dou Ting is good ” wait for big hot teleplay.

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Arrived 2021, noonday sunshine old hand one brandish, shake-out ” hill sea affection ” and ” Qiao Jia’s children ” two big play. Former the good result that obtained 9.2 minutes on fabaceous valve, showed the pattern of actual and impoverished area. Although the old drama bone such as Ni of Zhang Jia beneficial, idle is in what authority gets on actual strength to approbate again, but Reyiza misses heroine Bai Yulan is optimal heroine award also becomes many drama to confuse the meaning in the heart to be made the same score hard.

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Latter, because the occasion of various unripe activation suffers fully,fix eyes upon, and in ” the father of person broken bits ” Qiao Zuwang comes on the stage often, the viewing rate in broadcasting is quite high also. Current, another when noonday sunshine makes big play ” germinant ” land goose factory to leave sow, just went up the line wins platform heat the first.

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In addition, fabaceous valve also got 45 bits reputably, brush screen, netizens look Thespian rhythm is good, leading role performs clarity, sunshine moves midday, brought king explode.

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Sort suspense subject matter indefinitely quite novel, deepness uncovers essence of secret human nature ” germinant ” those who tell about is Li Shi affection (Zhao Jin wheat) with Xiao Heyun (Bai Jingting) ) two Everyman that are short of annulus, death was experienced on the bus, begin afresh again, the truth is sought in this process, cast off a loop finally. The place with this the most absorbing teleplay is to sort subject matter indefinitely, such set is in domestic can be counted on one’s fingers, this challenge of noonday sunshine is bold, but look to know, teleplay respect captured marrow really.

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>Opened drama anthology audience to be heard above all ” explosion ” , bus happening grave accident causes much person death, the instant held the line of sight of the audience. And the picture turns female advocate sleep lightly from the bus abruptly, with ” catch Lothario ” mix oneself successfully for excuse male advocate morbid car, after that the bus bursts once more.

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That is to say female advocate be with a kind ” prophetic ” outside hang a success to save laid two people, interesting is on board female advocate emphasize him body having a problem not only, other passenger looks be like enthusiasm to take out medicaments, the inquiry before going up, but respecting gets off help daughter advocate compare an inhospitality with respect to.

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Have finally only male advocate by morbid car, also be actually wear in map the real current situation of a kind of actual society, presented human inhospitality and selfish one side to come out. After nevertheless police platoon is checked, also discovered female advocate incorrect interest, undertake interrogation to its, appeared then ” circularly ” problem of this one center.

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Origianl work is actually medium female advocate still rise without memory after be cross-questioned for many times all these, but its did drama lieutenant general to alter, the purpose is to can make a few pairs of audience train of thought that do not understand very without current limliting more clear, such altering also make follow-up clue fluent many, adapt gimmick can to weigh a special skill.

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In drama advocate hit suspense part, main body produces an accident in bus burst now, but the composition that discharging the discovery in checking to contain dynamite among them, not be accident, drive artificially however. This terrorist on board, OK and affirmatory is to find him and prevent accident happening, ability breaks away from this one loop, but concrete action step is about to see follow-up scenario, authority is OK and great expect.

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Men and women advocate choose horn to stick a face, acting is online ” germinant ” the drama anthology that manufactures as noonday sunshine, in the respect that pick part true can says top-ranking, not be galaxy assemble, big wrist gather, choose horn and character height to agree however, gave an audience to take the place of strongly to feel.

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Say personate male Zhu Xiaohe first the Bai Jingting of the cloud, his appearance is belonged to Confucianism elegant clean, in one numerous small there is distinguishing feature quite in be born, and male advocate set is game engineer, rely on mental get victory ” battle 5 broken bits ” . White Jing Tingguang is to wear glasses, change a single person recreational outfit, resembling simply go from the book, and Bai Jingting’s acting also is to be able to be encircled can nod.

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There is a paragraph of show in drama is Xiao Heyun after sufferring serious injury, enter a loop suddenly, first time feeling is revived, be full of between expression questioningly, all sorts of body cases that examine oneself. Condition is very stunned, it is control does not pant the dwelling place is great more, a kind of rise again rejoice and fab deduced, perform fluent nature, having force of extremely powerful affection apply colours to a drawing.

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And personate daughter advocate the Zhao Jin wheat of Li Shi affection was to give everybody one big surprise really, zhao Jin wheat is an undergraduate originally, mix on the age character very agree, all over the face collagen albumen has girl feeling extremely it seems that.

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Zhao Jin wheat regards Tong Xing as one’s previous experience, acting or relatively give prize, after awaking the 2nd times, li Shi affection is very scared to exploding, beg driver is in jockey on the way. Zhao has had tear revolve in the orbit of wheat today, was to show helpless sense more on the face, deduced the despair that is about to face death again thoroughly, a kind nervous atmosphere brought an audience, expressional strength is superexcellent.

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And Yi Jun of play bone Liu appears with constabulary identity again, also be stable play, establish the character through simple eyes and limbs movement.

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Altogether, ” germinant ” this drama most the place that gives prize depends on, it is focusing of main body sequence of thought in a narrow bus, pass layer upon layer choose and inferential ferret out is final the answer, can reveal human nature more abstruse justice, it is the ceiling of homebred suspense drama of appropriate appropriate really. Actor of two youths in drama is more give looking glass with superexcellent condition, be opposite with old show bone play also is none stage fright, strong wild phase gave sumptuous dinner of a vision to building, can say to want gut to develop steadily only, this drama explodes extremely likely greatly.

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