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Original title: Containing golden spoon one’s previous experience ” have Fei ” , be still ancient after all changed occasionally?

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Go up line 4 days, teleplay ” have Fei ” the public praise a group of people of same interest that formed polarization: One part is adapted to the IP of this drama, the sincerity that make, with Zhao Liying feeling of Wang Yibo’s acting, age and CP feel, raise doubt; Of the Yan Hejiang clue of flourishing age beauty that is enmeshed at Wang Yibo partly, fast rhythm ” bright drama ” in set, cannot extricate oneself… if say ” discharge drama is oppugned more ” it is the extend in the market ancient unchangeable law, so the boundless heat that accompanying dispute and comes, it is however piece square people the core element that values this kind of work:

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Zhao Liying + Wang Yibo, “Double top flows ” place of two actors oneself runs caused public praise seesaw battle some special constitutions, it is the chief reason that creates seesaw battle of this drama occurrence public praise. Above all, look from Zhao Liying, this is the first work that reappears after its marriage, not quite the part of present age chooses joint horn and stop for a long time the development of domain of drama of Yu Gu idol, let suffer partly numerous resent for it.

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To origianl work some make the friend of understanding should know, ” have bandit ” it is to take from ” wind of country of ยท of The Book of Songs ” word of medium a poem, namely ” gentleman having Fei, if cut,be like rub, if grind,be like carve ” , the beauty of implied meaning gentleman is learning morality of accomplishment, go through the mill at be being accumulated acquiredly. Origianl work ” have bandit ” actually is having ” punny ” intention, on one hand, it is representing Zhou Fei a body resides 48 stockaded village, name to be ” bandit ” an identity; On the other hand, also allude the public figure of all corners of the country that gave this group of retire from public life, after experience builds be used to, put oneself through the mill, what appear the goodness like a man of noble character that give.

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And go up besides gut outside contending hard, play is hit to also suffer a netizen in drama group ridicule, “The dancing education that is princely different ” . Exterior empty turns the making issue with apparent trace of plan of serious, cut, unavoidable also sigh making a person: 500 million make use on actor remuneration body?

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China plan overcomes the pausing methodology that make theatrical work: Is there flow, without public praise?

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Although opposite at before two years, china plan overcomes what make suddenly to explode money measure decreases somewhat, but maintain quantitative dominant position from beginning to end, it is China plan gram reachs a parent company suddenly all the time since changeless good convention. At present China plan gram pauses besides already sowing several work this year, return store up to have include ” the city barracks and the enclosing walls that you are me ” , ” dear, of true love ” , ” warm, give advice or comments more please ” IP of ministry waiting for number heats up drama. ” have Fei ” it is China plan overcomes a subsidiary the ancient costume that industry of good story movie makes is gigantic make, its subsidiary ” predecessor ” it is China plan fitly the gram pauses ” play center ” , the number department that before this also means China plan gram to pause, makes explodes industry of movie of good story of work of paragraph movie and TV all has participate in. However, guide from the result all along looks, no matter be industry of good story movie, China plan,the gram pauses, and even group of Yu Hua plan, the market force that forms finally, it is have temperature, without public praise.

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“The topic is more than character ” , ” content is more than a form ” , it is China plan gram pauses from beginning to end, and even at whole the be used to that production of teleplay of interior of China plan group creates has a problem. Nevertheless, also need not too distressed, at least is in the industry with measuring score a success, china plan movie and TV tens of year the rich and generous turnover that consistent sky falls, proving this is a company of movie and TV that has abundant sth used to one’s own advantage.

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