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Original title: Ancient occasionally the core of drama talks about love namely “This is not love story, the story that yearns for love however ” the dress that why puts on archaic person when people, deduce the story of that times, meet a batch of people outside allowing screen, be like,look crazy be like drunk, cannot from already? It drew the outline of a kind of dreamland, but unlike is very far from you dreamland. ” return Zhugege ” stage photo

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A when broadcast recently ancient occasionally drama ” wolf highness ” , its ” accident ” arise through a variety of cross. Story above all set two main characters, wolf young and horse pick a bit. Their teenager is acquainted, like each other. The character establishs acquaintance, be in love, this paragraph it is not difficult to tell about, but the story goes downward, the first its ” accident ” how to make? ” wolf highness ” choice emperor trusted follower comes to Ma Fu, by assassinate to death, production conflict. A variety of evidence show the murderer is wolf young. At this moment, female advocate for protection male advocate, said a lot of offensive words force he goes, have more other add an element, bring about male advocate think, female advocate betrayed oneself. ” wolf highness ” stage photo

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Why must install ” be prevented ” ? ” story ” in pointed out again, because people wants to see the test of love, cross and victory,be. “The story that waiting to see these lovers all the time is in the audience how is the hand lieutenant general of the destiny arranged. Through clever ground the lover meet defer arrives climax, the story is evasive the thorny issue of contemporary love, with it is difficult to meet replaced it is difficult to get along. With it is difficult to meet replaced it is difficult to get along..

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For instance ancient occasionally in drama a kind more commonly used spatio-temporal pass through mode, used with respect to the model move affection psychology. Who does not want to pile so handsome A elder brother to love his? Who does not want to be in dummy spatio-temporal in, talk about an earthshaking love? They are born for you, die for you, overturn for you one whole city; For you, can emperor, Rong Hua does not want. A few feel actual to live too too ordinary audience, can plant in this extremely good art is brilliant in find in all affection, be in at least watch opera that momently, produced false sex to enrich psychology.

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” wolf highness ” in the setting of two males part, also agree this without prior consultation to plant ” move affection ” . Whole department theatrical work actually understandable for two males part — a process that wolf young and Li Jichong are heroine ego domestication. What wolf young learned is You Aisheng hate, after knowing the fact, his lifetime became a long condonable process again. Li Jichong is the way of life that makes individual character case and associate with to picked a star to change his. The gigantic about-face that this kind of male produces because of love, in real life search too hard, but be in ancient occasionally in giant period setting and the conflict that always are an of great momentum, it becomes hard medium soft, just is this is nodded ” soft ” , hit the soft costal region of major audience.

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