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Original title: ” go up newly wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” the road is appeared, red makeup modelling is too vulgar, by ridicule ” shadow building wind “ Ancient costume teleplay ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” a lot of audiences had seen most propbably. These two go up wrong the woman of the sedan married man gentleman, and play is taken she must be fallen in love with after marriage. Gut free and easy rises and fall, content is dapper, the actor is spotless. Sha Yi, nie Yuan, huang Yi and other actress are the leading role of this play, this play is more welcome now.

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Lie between when old, ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” be broken up to pat, allegedly classical escape hard also to be broken up to pat, not only such, the final result that translates the to turn over after patting also is such. ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” new edition road appears a map to come out, two female advocate red makeup modelling by exposure the dress of building of shadow be been inferior to by ridicule.

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See a picture. Of two heroine red makeup the style is red yellow intertexture red skirt, tire is pearl gold is acted the role of, but the dress is very ugly really. If do not open big picture, the maize design that goes up personally resembles ghost accord with same, did not show the traditional dress that gives the Chinese nation, the festival, pattern that has good implied meaning also was not represented on the dress.

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The simple sense of the dress is very poor really at the same time, the embroidery that goes up personally is very soft, not hale. Pulling a tail to be able to see on the ground the clothing is very light, without simple sense. See this can know those who borrow to the dress is informal, did not observe and study. Like be being illuminated with respect to the ancient costume that when travelling like you, pats in the tourist attraction, what you do not know is the ancient costume that the tourist pats in the tourist attraction is illuminated.

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Calculate not exquisite dress, head dummy is extremely cheap also, all sorts of element load one’s writing with fancy phrases, the hair curls casually. A bit aesthetic feeling does not have integral appearance of the actor, modelling very picture. Plus two female advocate features is similar, make a person foolish foolish cent is not clear this is individual or one twin.

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Want to know, the old drama ten years ago ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” in, the dress of 2 heroine is extremely exquisite, this play of espouse is Chongzhongzhi is weighed more, though be to wear red clothes, but also have each on dress different. Above all, element of two kinds of female outfit differs completely, design and color are different. In addition, their hairstyle differs completely also. One kind is tire is hanged on forehead, another kind is on hairstyle intention reads aloud, auditive, bang and two broken hair are idea. The model of two women can say is beautiful Huan of United States annulus.

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Must say the intention with the true group of produce a film at that time. The dress of two leading roles in drama is arranged according to disposition. Li Yuhu is lively and lovely, color is bright-coloured color mostly, be like pink with yellow. Tenderness of Du Bing wild goose is easy, major dress is plain coloured quietly elegant, style is decorous. Although be in present teleplay, the dress of two ladies is very conspicuous also.

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Notable is, old edition ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” dress director is poplar cloud, he also is 86 edition ” red Lou Meng ” director. Two outstanding work circulate so old, become classical a list of plays, besides gut, the detail such as dress, prop, makeup look, setting is to add cent. Although be in in those days natural resources is scarce below the circumstance that be short of, the quality of teleplay also can accomplish this, can explain these worker were paid hard only.

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Now nowadays, resource is convenience, all sorts of prop have everything that one expects to find, but teleplay however mostly manufacture in a rough way, begin even basic dress, hairstyle to simplify, was to appear more in ancient costume drama machine-made, be without the similar model of aesthetic feeling, pardonable audience can look not to go in new theatrical work, can say quality is too poor really only. Canzonet is checked, you how look upon is new ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” dress, can be you accepted? Welcome everybody to leave a message discussion ~ ?

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