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Original title: Germinant: He Ying fine horse comes on the stage 3 times, share of wife child play is cut completely! Take a piece of picture only too acid! ! Bai Jingting, zhao Jin wheat, the teleplay that waits for a main actor ” germinant ” . Received big final result eventually, a lot of netizens commend to big ending differ. A lot of netizens express to like this end-all final result, of course also little part netizen spits groove this ending has bit of unfinished!

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In big ending, each passengers on the car returned to normal life. Li Shi affection and Xiao Heyun were together eventually. Because Wang Xingde and Tao Yinggong harm a blame intentionally put in prison, hellion got his penalty.

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Among them, most insufferable is He Ying fine horse the ending to a habitual offender, this ending is too cheap really to him!

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Acid is, of this tragedy only then the person that make tomb figure, it is the good father good man that the daughter loves very much in real life actually.

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In this play, he Ying fine horse appears in 3 places. Appear on the bus for the first time, appear the 2nd times in him home. A few detail disclose, he Ying fine horse not only married, and have a particularly lovely daughter!

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Nevertheless, the likelihood is the cause because of adjudgement, so the camera lens of wife of He Ying fine horse and daughter was cut off. Among them the Yan Chenxi of daughter of fine horse of personate He Ying, on gregarious platform, the camera lens that tells groovy young actor is cut off entirely! Attentive netizen returns discovery, in the actor list of movie ending, still take the name that has wife of He Ying fine horse and daughter.

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Although all setting were cut off, but the picture that left a piece of daughter only, very acid really! Obviously in actual life, I have my daughter, feeling the daughter of others however. This is this drama the deepest the actualest share.

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The most terrible is, the accident of king bud bud happens before 5 years, and the daughter of He Ying fine horse looks fast 5 years old! Accordingly, king bud bud once was a victim. It is just about between pregnancy of bosom of wife of He Ying fine horse, she is staring at pure king bud on the bus, because of her nowhere abreacts!

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Want carefully to come, playwrite is met this part models a He Ying fine horse so plumply, it is to want to tell everybody actually: Convict can be a normal person at ordinary times, he has regular job, life and family, he can go to work normally everyday, he can cook to oneself, he also loves his daughter, he can resemble a dog clearing away his neatly euqally! But the place that knows oneself without the person in when him, he commits a crime with respect to meeting do evil. Human nature is original complex, so both do not conflict!

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Still have a detail more apparent. He Ying fine horse outside when always wearing glasses, but he by glasses is not worn after captivity, this explains his eyesight should be normal. I often wear glasses, it is to make me easier maleficent, hide deformed soul at the back of glasses! On the other hand, the director is actually He Ying fine horse resembles in the warning such convict, in maleficent before the family that is them thinks, because actuation and those who destroyed their lifetime is happy,do not want! I can say the destiny is inequitable really only, learn even me elder sister to suffer network force, and He Ying fine horse is so old the family that harvested a happiness however, inequitable really! On the other hand, the daughter is her weakness, so best to He Ying fine horse penalty lets him lose dignity before the daughter namely, this wants anguish than any penalty!

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