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Original title: ” sweep black storm ” guess the hardest inside ghost, assistant old a surname of He Yong, does he have 3 big doubtful point? ? ” sweep black storm ” it is Esau not only black defeat the teleplay that is subject matter with anti-corruption, the color of suspense is very deep also. As a result of incident numerous, mutual across, together with time is ages ago, although the audience knows who a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes of behind the curtain is, the particular procedure of crack a criminal case still is full of doubtful point, cannot figure. ” sweep black storm ” it is the teleplay that facing one of a phase is fond of, among them, most who are one of topics that get audience reception be inside ghost. Brillant far, Dong Yao, Ma Shuai, Chen Jianbo it is apparent Lilliputian almost, the attribute of these people need not guess.

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Public security bureau of green cane city is standing the identity of He Yi of deputy director general also is not very difficult actually guess. Because she is in reality,have prototype. On the other hand, she appears in crucial scene for many times in drama, especially when Ma Shuai dies, besides the relation with Song Tao of legal medical expert, do not arouse the suspicion of the audience very hard.

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Even Wang Zheng discovers He Yi’s tiring-room very easily, on the issue that handles the Li Chengyang 14 years ago, he Yi and Wang Zheng are having unusual collaboration to concern.

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Actually, ” sweep black storm ” in guess the hardest inside ghost is Pei Wei, namely the assistant old a surname beside He Yong. Because he is the capable cadre of drill team not only, and come from nonlocal clique on a special trip, did not concern with green cane city, permeate very hard, face of brillant even distance also admits drill team is a monolithic bloc. A lot of audiences won’t agree. The expression in the process that old Pei Zaifa shows snow plum body is first-rate, then he took a team to discover bloodstain, tank car, minibus, xue Mei’s body was found in suitable taro ceremonially finally. How can this kind of person be inside ghost? Actually, this also is old Pei Zuirang person deceptive place, so he guesses the hardest. Now, return to the subject, basis ” sweep black storm ” offerred play clue, we will talk why Laopei is inside ghost. He basically has 3 doubtful point.

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One. Time of dragon end hill is wrong > He Yong decorates hand to go dragon end hill has a look, laopei suggests He Yong looks for the land of country of a white horse with a black mane to be reported first, he Yong makes set out together again after waiting for him to prepare hand next.

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When be being reported to the land of country of a white horse with a black mane in He Yong, chen Jianbo received a mysterious telephone call, next he takes a team to go dragon end hill blows up excavation, the Laoning of body of plum of covering move Xue, of course, because he drinks,take the account of chaffy dish, this action became late two hours.

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Visible, to He Yong after He Yong assigns the task rate team arrives at Long Wei there is a time to differ between mountain site, in this time difference, chen Jianbo received covering job, laoning received move body to command, numerous car and personnel assemble in dragon end hill. Apparent, affirmative existence superintend and director guides among this the problem of group divulge a secret, otherwise won’t so coincidence, in He Yong they arrive Xue Mei body is being caught when the spot by gouge. So, who is the person of divulge a secret? Apparent, reminding He Yong to look for the Laopei that the land of country of a white horse with a black mane reports first is one of suspects.

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Laopei still has 3 doubtful places in site of dragon end mountain, one is ability just begins to seek the job, laopei offers the hill after He Yong arrives goes looking, if He Yong listened really his proposal, be met probably and pass.

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Another is, spit groove to seek meeting delay when Chen Jianbo when delay one’s work is made, the footing that old Pei Juran stands in Chen Jianbo ” be afraid of the project that delays them ” .

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Be brought back when Chen Jianbo after city bureau enquires, he Yong asks Laopei feels Chen Jianbo has a problem, laopei’s answer is to be no problem, the feeling is quite natural. This does not accord with him a bit the identity of seasoned policemen.

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The result of the travel of hill of end of integrated and whole dragon, he Yong generated suspicion to Laopei, but he did not break out instantly.

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2, the rack one’s brains in scheming of back He Yong of trial room looks for reason to detain Chen Jianbo, explain his cognizance Chen Jianbo has very important secret on the body, especially that grab of Xue plum body drives person information, this more before the specification Laopei is suspicion of existence of Chen Jianbo absolve twice. But, when forcing Chen Jianbo the corner is about to break through his psychological line of defence in He Yong, he Yun again ” by chance ” occupied interrupted a trial, it is to interrogate Ma Shuai last time, next Ma Shuai is dead, it is this to interrogate Chen Jianbo, after waiting for He Yong to come back next, chen Jianbo turns hob into suddenly the flesh.

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Most person noticed a detail, that is He Yong after going out, laopei drinks water to Chen Jianbo, water aspersed the dress that wetted Chen Jianbo suddenly however, this is movement of a blazing, and what time of old Pei Diyi pays close attention to is not Chen Jianbo, however the water bottle in the hand.

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More important detail still has two, one is Laopei in why standing suddenly in Chen Jianbo and the Xiaochen that participate in a trial, come so, xiaochen can see Laopei’s back only, cannot see there is what petty action between Laopei and Chen Jianbo. Another is Laopei why to draw out a water bottle to give Chen Jianbo from dress bag, is not to resemble other trial giving a cup of water to him euqally. Accordingly, bold if figuring, laopei left what model of written characters probably on water bottle, after Chen Jianbo sees, he gets water intentionally again asperse, stream arrives erasure of body admiral model of written characters. This all movements are held off by Laopei’s back, only Chen Jianbo can see.

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Still have, it is before this trial, brillant far let at hand go to the pass on a message in public security bureau, let Chen Jianbo had carried 24 hours.

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Show the person that receives a telephone call is He Yun in gut, say more, usually, always carry the person that takes on boss chair to camera lens on the back, the majority is main negative character, this camera lens is in namely almost bright the capacity that shows He Yun. Although He Yun appeared in trial room entrance to interrupt a trial, but apparent she contacts Chen Jianbo directly without the opportunity, even the identity that Chen Jianbo knows not to know He Yun is returned two say, so although He Yun received the job, but the person that passes an information is afraid is not her, she just had an auxiliary effect that takes away He Yong. Who can the person that passes an information to Chen Jianbo then still be!

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3, outside courtyard wall capture the author bold guess, after Chen Jianbo and Song Tao incident, he Yong has suspected went up He Yun, this is apparent. In the meantime, he also has suspected probably went up Laopei. In the chef Zhang Tong that captures a detention house before one’s death, he Yong undertook reflection for long in the office, say to capture the task simply not to make normally go up to expend idea so, because this He Yong is probable,be to devising a careful plan.

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After assigning the task to Laopei, he Yong received his mobile telephone, broke off the likelihood of phone divulge a secret above all. Next, when capturing Zhang Tong to be born, he Yong sends Laopei a little indescribably to taking two people to catch only, more or less do this have some of abnormality, resembling is like creating the opportunity that tip off information to Laopei.

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As expected, when old Pei Zaizhang arranges specific action program at the door tung unripe home, leave oneself in back wall alone. Back-to-back, zhang Tong gives birth to desert, laopei is alone one person captures his, and sufferred a bit flesh wound.

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Be born in Zhang Tong after be arrested, what he and Laopei have a look to go up is right inspect, this is after all capture and be captured between be hostile to, be still the communication between co-worker? The author thinks, from He Yong and old a surname a series of abnormal performance look, capture Zhang Tong to be born probable it is He Yong sets a trap below to Laopei, let the decoy that he exposes thoroughly.

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So, the trial report that He Yong did not hear to be born about Zhang Tong knew to interrogate a result ahead of schedule, because be Ma Shuai or Song Tao and Chen Jianbo no matter, their expression when the trial almost be exactly the same, it is hob flesh, apparent, this is ” master ” teach come out.

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Say more, he Yong once had said, he Yun is the famous prejudication expert inside public security system. And Laopei, also be a seasoned old gumshoe, interrogating a suspect is common occurrence.

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In the meantime, this also can explain Laopei’s another is behaved, why he did not try of the investigation of obstruct He Yong to Song Tao of legal medical expert and handsome to the horse body examine afresh, because calculate Song Tao to expose,that is, he also can be bitten dead is working error, let detect the job to cannot gain materiality headway. Conversely, if Laopei think oneself clever is changed secretly again,detect example, can rescue a Song Tao that exposes partly temporarily only in that way, lose the Laopei of a be modest about one’s skill probably however, what light what is heavy, as inside ghost, natural can balance is clear. Affirmation still can have a few audiences to feel to refuse to obey, the performance before Laopei is much better, how may he be inside ghost. What must say is, from brillant far ” a monolithic bloc ” to ” pass on a message goes in ” , what to although we do not know temporarily,happen after all among this, but have surely among them abstruse.

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Still remember the movie ” sweep black decisive battle ” in that inside ghost Laozheng?

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