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Original title: Fabaceous valve of 8.3 ” youth is out of shape write down ” , the maternal choice in ending, actually more let a person use a facial expression Pi Kesi manufactures ” youth is out of shape write down ” going up after the line, public praise can say is to explode. Nowadays fabaceous valve the grading of 8.3, let countless filmgoer mix it showed 2021 ” interior strange brigade ” place on a par. And will look according to current grading, this film ascends a top ” fabaceous valve film of 2022 optimal foreign languages ” had been final issue.

20220313070927 622d98a710316

Although ” youth is out of shape write down ” those who tell about still is ” platitude ” story, those who tell about is small beauty is in the process that grow, with the contradiction between parents, friend. But the detail set of reality of press close to, and have ” Chinese characteristic ” parentage kernel, still let this film can from one numerous close child piece in show itself, make another god-given an excellent work.

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And be in in everybody when be film fine, when the choice of small beauty uses a facial expression, use a facial expression at be the choice of small beauty relatively actually, the individual wants to be more piece in maternal choice uses a facial expression, weep.

01 daughters stand fast this heart, choice not ” seal ” panda serves as this piece leading role, daughter small beauty chooses finally in trailer, should let a lot of people use a facial expression for it. In trailer, want to ask to grow according to parents originally, grow to be ” accord with parents to ask ” small beauty, still choose finally to abide by this oneself heart, not ” seal ” oneself panda, chose to grow unrestrainedly however.

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Although such small beauty choice has a place ” convention ” , but undertaking a series of matting, and after the heart that buckles an audience closely chooses, small beauty make such choice, still let a lot of audiences use a facial expression for it. The choice of small after all beauty, be an audience ” the place of the heart thinks ” , can let an audience reach the other from this, era enters him body to go up.

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02 mothers for the family, choice ” seal ” panda is in ” youth is out of shape write down ” in, make a choice besides small beauty besides, actually the mother of small beauty also is in likewise piece in made a choice. Be in piece in, the mother of small beauty serves as ” panda ” a of hematic arteries and veins, once also faced the choice like Guo Xiaomei actually, it is final only, she the requirement according to him mother, “Seal ” panda, grow became ” accord with a mother to ask ” person.

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And in trailer, the mother of the small beauty that can choose afresh, him cry bitterly lives for his mother, depression this oneself heart, grow to be oneself ” the person that does not want to become ” later, did not resemble little beautiful same choice putting flying ego finally, chose seal to live as before however oneself ” panda ” , continue oneself ” virtuous wife fine mother ” road.

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The choice of 03 mothers, the choice that makes a person change the option that holds a small beauty and mother more actually is taken undertake contrast, the choice that must comment on them actually to who who is wrong. In light of the footing that stands in two people after all, the choice of two people is right. Small beauty is young still, the growing ability with this follow one’s inclinations, carefree moment is correct path; And mother, for the family, for the daughter, willing abandon ego, him sacrifice, also be understandable.

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It is relative to character only, I want to praise maternal action more. Because of her of this moment, the choice like still can making He Xiaomei originally actually, work goes ego. But because ” family ” , because ” mother ” a few words, she made He Xiaomei’s disparate choice, feeling letting a person got ” mother ” the force of two words.

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As a whole, ” youth is out of shape write down ” it is a motion picture that can have appreciation from each angle, for instance young when, like hoping to be able to resemble small beauty, can follow one’s inclinations, carefree grow; And after be brought up, it is to hope to be able to resemble what maternal place does in that way, can be the oneself family, children that is oneself, maintain a blue sky. And see in work of movie and TV much of small beauty ” growing choice ” later, opposite at her, maternal choice, can let me use a facial expression for it more. (picture material comes from a network, if have tort, ask connection to delete)

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