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Original title: Han drama confuses 5 play that see surely, each very wonderful, save drama uncultivated land you Han drama confuses 5 play that see surely, each very wonderful, all the time the audience likes the your Han theatrical work that saves drama uncultivated land, leisure time is chased after seek theatrical work, it is the job with very cozy opinion really. Small today write the Han play that shares a few to not allow to miss to everybody, each are classical, be worth to stay up late chase after, save drama uncultivated land you, the friend that likes Han theatrical work looks together. 1, ” juvenile court “

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This drama is setting with juvenile court, the acerbity judge that told about evil teenager of be disgusted with to make closes to criminal of local court teenager discuss a ministry new the old practice that after assuming office, develops. The subject matter of this drama still can cause an audience very much think, and the acting of each actors in drama is very masterly. 2, ” corpse campus “

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This drama adapts the caricature from Zhu Donggen ” exceeding panic ” , tell about the high school of filial piety hill in corpse virus indulge in wilful persecution in, without the people that the road can escape and the people that want to rescue them, experienced to live a chain of the story that cannot forecast. This drama can say is drama of an a dark horse, the actor person energy of life in original theatrical work is average, but after this drama broadcasts, take internal heat many new personality actors, can see the actor’s acting is very pretty good still. 3, ” the crash of love “

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This drama told about Korea plutocrat female heir Yin Shili encounters hurricane accident crash arrives in road of flight glide umbrella Korea churchyard, li Zhenghe discovers and be hidden by fancy officer guard, the person of two different worlds unfolded a paragraph of particularly romantic love story from this.

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Still Han drama is confused had not seen this play, small making up can cry really, this drama is Sun Yi continent and black Bin main actor, gao Yan is worth two people, acting is masterly, exceedingly suit also in drama, and two people return government-owned announce amour in reality, be too sweet really. 4, ” date inside the company “

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This drama is adapted enrage caricature from the person ” I and president are deeply attached to each other ” , as a result of,tell about very lack cash, replace the Shen Xiali that the good friend goes to dating then, the target is to reject to date object, plan to borrow this to leave bad impression with oppose of the other side directly, little imagine discovers however date the president Jiang Taiwu that the object is him company unexpectedly and be scared, the romantic love that develops a paragraph of insecurity, stimulation then is comedic.

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This drama is to give a person a kind of general like spring warmth really easy and enchanted romantic love is comedic, after broadcasting, close inspect and public praise double win, men and women advocate too suit also, have atmosphere feeling very much, handsome can the combination of male belle let a person defy how? 5, ” that year we “

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The energy of life of person of newsreel retrograde motion that because film when the high school 10 years ago,this drama told about the lover that part company erupts, be gone to by compulsive call again between two men and womens before cinematograph complex and delicate meet again after a long separation love comedy story.

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This drama is to let a person cry and laugh at the same time really, men and women advocate it is tall Yan Zhi, exceedingly suit, give a person a kind of very enchanted sense. Small today make up share these a few to be worth to stay up late to everybody the Han theatrical work that seek, each are classical, the friend that likes to seek theatrical work can be not missed, a few has everybody seen? Welcome the comment casing below and everybody to be shared together. [avoid duty statement] if involve work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this station inside 30 days please, we will be in delete content for a short while!

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