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Original title: ” one hundred and ninety-five thousand one hundred and ninety-one ” she beautiful and lovely, bai Yichen is spent with Luo Xi not belong to The CP of Han drama opposite sex that person energy of life has most on instantly home Internet, blame ” one hundred and ninety-five thousand one hundred and ninety-one ” medium Bai Yichen and Luo Xi are spent not belong to, countless audiences are right ” Bai Tao’s couple ” crack with teeth in mouth of green acerbity love gets respect. Actual age Jin Taili of 31 years old acts female high school to be born in drama be without violate and feel, take with acting numerous, afterwards ” young lady ” , ” sunshine gentleman ” after waiting for master, dedicated again a wonderful part that gets attention fully.

20220313071114 622d991282ddf

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The drama of times youth Han that by Jin Taili, Na Zhu hertz acts the leading role this ” one hundred and ninety-five thousand one hundred and ninety-one ” . Subject matter of at first view thinks is set set, did not think of ability two collect admire with respect to Jing letting a person. ” phantom ” ” the descendant of the sun ” playwrite Jin Enshu loves apprentice right to spend favour write to write a story, with extremely use up palpitant atmosphere and story of Gao Ran warm blood, appear to was spent with Luo Xi 1998, Bai Yichen, Gao Youlin heads the youth of 5 youths and grow. Short lunar time, grading from head sow the first collect 8.4 minutes to go up, viewing rate also is to rise successively violent wind comes 10.9% , develop TvN past dynasties on the weekend TOP10 of drama viewing rate.

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Share Han edition is before a group of Jin Taili are early ” Ba Sha ” print filmed in Feburary spring day theme the title page of a thread-bound book is big. The girl and flower, faint blossom:

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