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Original title: Mencius justice is serious, ask about Wang Houjie under the counter, do not believe negative news to make mom very anxious? ? Recently, sleeve by the actor couplet such as Zhang Reyun, Hu Jun, Zhang Tianai, Mencius justice theatrical work of Xuan Huanli sign ” travel of knife of the bold in snow ” heat is sowed, present hotter and hotter trend, sow only 6 days are broken through 800 million. Broadcasted quantity and network heat to obtain 6 good result of Lian Guan as expected. The netizen expresses, that is ” see better more ” . Visible, ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” it is a heat that surpasses year sows drama undoubtedly! This teleplay has so high temperature, because,be not only original work ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” itself element vast of grandiose, all corners of the country, part models rich, setting very classical wait for a reason to make a network popular novel, this teleplay changes content of very reductive also original work, “The content cast of the book is very powerful, plus light it is female costar people the face lets a person see no less than going to, complete member having online show!

20220313071132 622d9924ee173

Especially the hero of Mencius justice personate ” Xu Feng year ” all round strong servant girl, the mystery that still has unidentified capacity is dead person those who wait for actual strength and appearance to have both ” yam ” part. Because part set is magical secret is complex, setting is not little also, of Mencius justice personate ” yam ” heat ever exceeded Li Geng to hope for a time the heroine of personate ” Jiang Ni ” . So, as ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” heat is sowed, the person energy of life of Mencius justice, heat had very big rise.

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This year of Mencius justice active also suffer fully fix eyes upon, piece act ” sea cleans out sand ” , ” the country of decisive battle daughter of lens beautiful predestined relationship ” those who wait for work is to broadcast the film writing with quantity and not low heat. With red of red of the Song Dynasty, Shu Qi, Su Mang, Wang Su chute, Zhou Jie, Guo Qilin, Zhou Ye, Li Xueqin put together of transcribe art program ” 50 kilometers peach blossom as fortified building ” , almost metropolis heat sows terminally.

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Mention now the name of Mencius justice, almost everybody can remember her very quickly. Of course, since going out, go out not only had acted ” military spirit Zhao Zilong ” , ” people inquisitor ” , ” hero ejaculation vulture is passed ” , ” night ” , ” Chen Qing makes ” , 0103010, 0103010 wait for work of many popular teleplay, also harvested the tall Yanzhi of Mencius justice and true disposition

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About the face, I feel already be clear at a glance. After all when Mencius justice enters Beijing film institute to perform a department, choose on the net ” who is flower of boreal report school ” in voting activity, pure and fresh and melting appearance and conspicuous temperament show itself in boreal report new student, with extremely high bank note number is judged to be ” boreal report school is beautiful ” . And, in these two years, in the work of numerous movie and TV of vogue and ancient costume, the result that yields an audience to shine at the moment every time enough shows everything.

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– 90- ->And to the Mencius justice true disposition, that is many temperature that in these two years she attends are extremely high show in program of put together art without involuntary discharge of urine. If be in this year from sow because have star sweethearts again and again ” to turn over ” , be like Zhang Yuqi and ” young male friend ” Li Bingxi looks announce to quit a program when transcribe half in the section not only, be in before long hind Zhang Mo conceives as little as additionally one fresh pork to be patted by the reporter sweet and interactive, cause netizens for a time heat is discussed.

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And do not be in love to proclaim to a month only the person such as the week raise blueness that amour ends and Luo Hao, your netizens speak in succession for ” the diary of amative to turn over of daughters ” ” the love of daughters the four seasons ” in, mencius justice is opposite unexpectedly Wang Houjie of male honored guest is serious, the feeling that asks about Wang Houjie under the counter not only history, do not believe negative news more. And the reason that does not believe makes mom feel anxious, also invite an audience people had more intuitionistic knowledge to her true disposition!

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As with the male honored guest that Mencius justice contacts the first times, study abroad from abroad return ” rich 2 generation ” the audience was won by right of complaisant expression when Wang Houjie just came on the stage people good impression. And from the Mencius justice in light of expression, also be willing to continue to contact with him it seems that. Nevertheless, after should asking to had had a few paragraphs of affection history to Wang Houjie, mencius justice is done not have with the youth’s thinking very care about, the mom that is her only is not very satisfactory the Wang Houjie that affection history appears a little much. The word that hears Mencius justice especially becomes aware the feeling of he is right other in part just is the most important, how is others evaluated and do not have very big concern.

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Regrettablly all along the Mencius that comply with feels justice after getting along with Wang Houjie, still feel he too earnest does not suit himself. Male to the 2nd instead honored guest, namely appearance is handsome and the Liu Te with optimistic disposition is admired more. Though final Liu Te does not have a choice to continue with Mencius justice interacts, but everybody is right also the choose of Mencius justice occasionally the standard had intuitionistic knowledge, that does not care about the extraction of the other side and emotional experience namely, pay attention to oneself more the feeling to the other side, and the Yan Zhi that pays attention to the other side very!

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