Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: Broadcasting station of Qing Yanqing language once yielded the film clue that I touch most ” sadness becomes a river upstream ” very long did not touch because of a film, just meet sometimes by certain through apply colours to a drawing the clue of atmosphere and weep. But, that is not to touch absolutely. And those who make me impressive is complete ground by ” sadness becomes a river upstream ” touch, this is I am touched for film itself for the first time.

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” sadness becomes a river upstream ” it is a film that with campus bully approach gives priority to a line. I saw above 5 times, every look to be able to weep. Feeling is the deepest is the inspiration that film gives a person: Youth is too short, how to waste again also fasten disappoint oneself. This film most the Gu Sen of nothing is more… than that lets me feel warm on the west, he helps Yi Yao look for his, help bully approach of easy Yao antagonism, he pulls Yi Yao dark hell, tell her ” cactus also is can blossom ” ; The sadness with complete the oldest movie, the inhospitality of everybody of nothing is more… than. In the dining room, in house of science and technology, obviously everybody knows the fact is what kind of, the truth is placed in at the moment, but besides Gu Sen on the west, station of neither one person comes out to hold out her, make her clear: Cactus is cactus after all, what although spend,leave is again much again flourish, also not be a flower, cannot let a person hold in both hands in control, caress be very fond of. Actually campus force is not you those who want is so simple, your jumping-off place is very simple perhaps, just feel amused, but also meet ineffable harmed others. It is OK that we do not know a person how flimsy, it is OK to also do not know a person how firm, but the business that we cannot do harm others absolutely, even if be to use the defect of others to joke, perhaps say the word of person of a few injuries. Mr. Ma Dong has had said a word my impression is very deep: “There is the person of a lot of sufferings in the heart, want only sweet OK cram ” . If you want life have a good time, so, yourself needs one lump sugar, ability is OK and warm the candy of others.

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There also are such a lot of cases in reality, become the person that violate when the victim, should see a guest become aid push, be in this one the name is ” fun ” in farce, without spectator, have the person that violate only. Reject campus force, prevent campus ride roughshod over, wish the youth of everybody can be treated by tenderness! Operation: School is round appoint ministry of new media job

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