Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: Thank flying supervise the manufacture of ” the mammoth that the unified exam tries is resembled ” first show of film festival of Hainan insularity border

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” temporarily temporarily ” placard.

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” the mammoth that the unified exam tries is resembled ” placard. Another when show a day is production of You Maolin wave, celebrated director thanks flying supervise the manufacture of, wang Nian is made up oneself guide oneself, the film that Deng Enxi, Xu Qijie, Qu Bo acts the leading role ” the mammoth that the unified exam tries is resembled ” . Film is down-lead with the university entrance exam, tell about the foreign pa that enters middleaged crisis to place the hope to son small ocean (Xu Qijie is acted the role of) , expectation he can university of pass an entrance examination. Small ocean is yearning and free, dark love with school woman student small how (Deng Enxi is acted the role of) , learn involuntarily. Young foreign father and mother because son achievement not beautiful, the decision persuades Lei of family education Liu (Qu Bo is acted the role of) in the university entrance exam cogged, brew a beyond recall tragedy.

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” the mammoth that the unified exam tries is resembled ” heroine Deng Enxi and audience are interactive. The spot after mirrorring, xu Qijie of Deng Enxi of producer Mao Linbo, heroine, hero and audience undertook interacting communicating. Because the play staff is arranged, director Wang Nian fails to come to the spot, but still conveyed acknowledgment to present audience through producer. He expresses, this piece used a lot of insignificant image metaphor to grow, he hopes to lend this ministry film ” bring a few warmth to grow ” , although have a lot of difference with the part,Deng Enxi expresses him, but the meeting when era enters a part ” a few experience that live according to oneself will create ” .

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