Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: Naughty film day explodes dispatch of Zhou Xun, Gao Shengyuan ” Zhu An is good ” , announce marriage ends 6 years

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Naughty film day explodes come every week night is newer Saturday! Remember look oh [now film] ” Wen Xiang knows a woman “

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[now prevue] ▼ play staff is accepted surveyor’s pole! ” fine elegant collect ” expose to the sun ” fine bright ” special number of a eriodical ” light, artistic ” the atmosphere that Zhao Youting is a play staff takes on, be spat by director Guo Jingming groove, “The fine in destroying my heart bright. ” but when filming formally, zhao Youting very respect property, the acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance that still can optimize behavioral guidance to design by oneself makes fun of, it is the surveyor’s pole with whole accepted play staff. Did not think of you are such Zhao Youting ▼ ” hold in the arms warmly ” expose to the sun culminating and premonitory, chang Yuan, Li Qin cures this comedic battle array each other, I was at ease [a film message] ▼ Guo Jingming, Deng Lun responds to hot search ” do not like Deng Lun because of me ” say of Deng Lun criterion: “I feel the angle of everybody and view are different, no matter everybody is affected by place of what public opinion, topic, serving as director and actor is to do not have ability to control, what can do exclusively is to appear hard give a good work. ” film of ▼ antrum Jing Tong’s main actor ” just travel accidentally ” be seleted film festival of Lu Tedan international [had cleaned out now piece] ” tear open play an expert 2 ” after first show, director Wang Jing is excited explode wide mouth: “True TM is good-looking! ” film review person ” snow night I go alone Filmer ” express, this are final this year king burst, it is even ” very close to each other ” later the most interesting Hong Kong movie. To this conclusion, either ” snow night I go alone Filmer ” the idea that brain heats up, undertook be evaluatinged integratedly from the respect such as battle array, type, gut, character however and reach. High official position of Liu of ▼ average citizen, acting is not common say with present word, old Faner surpassed Liu Qingyun, two gold are optimal like award male advocate, award of a Jin Ma is optimal male advocate the shadow emperor in the hand is average citizen only… citizen Mr Liu that bearing bag to buy food in market but common not at all oh, arrive from utility man male, all sorts of part all such as police, villain in drama, nobody can control easily. Does today’s naughty film day explode arrive here look again after is ~ old ” is Sichuan hill passed ” how are you to evaluate this film?

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