Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Lie between when old, yin Xiaotian acts again male, bridge day makes Ceng Zhiwei match, this is to should turn over red rhythm

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In did not experience ” slotting tool teachs ” before this thing, yin Xiaotian’s resource is very pretty good, what its join the teleplay that act also is the movie with very popular nowadays, and the hero that he is be worthy of all the time, because its audience reason is better, even if is not hero, basic also it is the important role in film. But since ” slotting tool door ” later, yin Xiaotian’s career begins to drop, teleplay of countless acting make peace lost resource. Those who review Yin Xiaotian to become silent these year, actually he is not to be in the condition that rest all the time, ever also joined early or late had performed a lot of teleplay, just be gues-starring part all the time, or a few not important roles, nowadays discharge stars numerous recreation is encircled, he cannot get naturally the attention of the audience. But do not know the meeting favor with true God those people that have actual strength, yin Xiaotian exposes to the sun recently piece should serve as male a ginseng performs a film. Of this film show, indicating Yin Xiaotian is new not just recapture oneself male position, what take sport with his partner in this film meanwhile is big Ga, for instance Ceng Zhiwei, Liang Tian. What perhaps a lot of people are familiar with more is Ceng Zhiwei, and the National People’s Congress of familiar Liang Tian is to pass more ” I love me ” , from that later, liang Tian appears in the eye shot of the audience rarely almost, this second ginseng acts also is to was this film to add window.

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What this film basically tells about is Chinese soldier comes outside face when hostile power ill will destroys nuclear power plant, heroism heads for exotic an alien land dauntlessly to investigate the old practice of prime criminal, at present a lot of audiences are opposite the basis in light of the echo of this film, people is spent to the expectation of this film still is very tall, the actor that chooses to production team place also very satisfactory, waiting for positive to show next.

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