Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Times youth group is displayed sing ” fine elegant collect ” , deep feeling explains affection of fine elegant brother “Jing grand one side, if life is like only see first. ” song respects bright write words by Guo, times teenager round vigor is displayed sing. Be in ” fine elegant collect ” in MV, times youth group passes vigour full voice, ” demon sex ” very country wind dancing, for ” fine elegant collect ” real name should aid. The teenager helps strength, lead year old of end the climax.

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“The hand grasps yin and yang, demons and monsters of behead Chi evil spirit. Behead is ceaseless the seven emotional factors 6 desire love hate is crazy mad. ” the place in song of no less than is sung, fine of division of yin and yang bright although supernatural power excel in, but the person that also is a vivid. Main actor Zhao Youting ever plainted: “The director is ” fine bright ” this part was done achieve a gender to adapt formerly, let him be in omniscient and omnipotent while, weigh affection again justice. Be in so fine bright in the world, affection is very rich. ” ” body cloak snow bids farewell, the hand grasps the agreement with elegant fine. ” when learned and fine bright acquaintance, the friendship of consign of a paragraph of life and death also spreads out subsequently. Deng Lun ever unscrambled: “Learned and fine bright relation, belong to warm up gradually. Two people from at first extreme misery nots allow, develop gradually for best friend of life and death, process already labyrinthian touching. ” the film ” fine elegant collect ” announce formally now, the whole nation is opened to booking and nod ahead of schedule mirror synchronous open. This, times youth group and film ” fine elegant collect ” phonate hand in hand, the story of its backside provides source quite.

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Just meet ” fine elegant collect ” show near at hand, times teenager round collectivity directs dozen of Call for Guo Jingming. They use a warm blood ” fine elegant collect ” , lead an audience to walk into the inner world of division of yin and yang. Be apart from show inadequacy a month, movie temperature upsurges continuously, relevant topic ascends gregarious platform to heat up search frequently, premonitory, titbits also by filmgoer people beautiful type is unscrambled.

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Film told about fine of division of yin and yang bright, in seeking day capital to blame elephantine procedure, be acquainted with night of Long of cavalier learned, rabbi, 3 people develop the old practice of investigation together. Fine bright wait for a person to be aware of, princess and crane defend the crucial person that the month is mystery bureau, however have not expect, a bigger crisis comes sadly. In pinch, everybody loves to guard the place in the heart, risk one’s life one battle. . . . . .

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