Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Male friend carries memorial meeting of Tangmo of Thailand female star marriage give up attends longing deceased lover weeps for many times

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According to Thailand media coverage, on March 11, the mourn over a person’s death of Tangmo of Thailand female star turns around day, outside the circle of Tangmo male friendly Brid from decorate field to begin whole journey company is attendant, the mood is low. During the memorial meeting, brid longs for deceased lover, weep for many times. The spot has a reporter to patted Brid to prepare ring for Tangmo. The good friend of Tangmo discloses, this ring is the marriage give up that Brid prepares for Tangmo. Tangmo ever wanted to marry with Brid before one’s death, brid specially goes custom-built this ring, the memorial meeting just was received that day.

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