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Original title: ” two kinds of marriage guess ” big ending, mediate not to persuade to leave, mother-in-law Li Zhenggong is complete theatrical work optimal On March 13 evening, teleplay ” guess two kinds of marriage ” date of official media Zhang announces message to say, stop that evening more, broadcast formally on March 14 big ending content. Early before one day, namely on March 12 evening, this teleplay had broadcasted of big ending on collect. Be based on at present gut goes in light of situation, this teleplay remains the marriage of the male feminine lead that Peng Guanying and Yang Zishan bring to take force issue only. Apparent, male advocate the company encounters the crisis, female advocate again ” help a husband ” , two people reunion of husband and wife after an enforced separation or rupture.

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Regard field of duty of a marriage as drama, this ” two kinds of marriage guess ” the largest window, it is the environment that shaped a wife and mother to live jointly, and be among this family, live even come in a small sister-in-law. 3 women, with a man, established a contemporary family jointly. In us before among domestic drama, often be more contemporary family theatrical work, allow no less than mother-in-laws and small sister-in-law more. Even among drama of a lot of wife and mother, ground of first impressions are strongest defines mother-in-law and small sister-in-law for the villain of the piece. ” two kinds of marriage guess ” interesting place depends on, turn over a definition!

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Between this teleplay work, the ligament that marriage concerns between leading role of male and female, not just oneself are built, and mother-in-law help is built. Especially the big ending phase of gut, spouse concern occurrence rift, female advocate when the view divorces, it is mother-in-law inter, mediate not to persuade to leave. This mother-in-law that the name is Li Zhenggong, can communicate directly with daughter-in-law not just, and can communicate directly with the mom of daughter-in-law, expose heart door leaf. The part of this kind of good mother-in-law, be in before among city drama work, can see rarely. Can say even, the story viewpoint of value with this whole teleplay, this mother-in-law proposes form. When Li Zhenggong is young, those who face a man is off the rails, resolutely chose resolutelyingly to divorce, bring up the child to be brought up alone. And after Li Zhenggong faces the news that former husband has died, choose to reconcile with former husband eventually, and help former husband takes care of this daughter that does not have kin with oneself, namely drama makes the small sister-in-law in the center. This kind of reconciliatory backside, it is another kind of understanding that Li Zhenggong concerns to marriage of husband and wife.

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What understands? Once with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning, say the Li Zhenggong that the divorce divorces, in confront a son ” spirit is off the rails ” problem when, begin to be examined afresh actually in those days with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning, this kind of brash divorce, good really? Bear the blame to the child? ” two kinds of marriage guess ” the trunk affection of this teleplay, also build around this kind of manner. This teleplay also is having a kind of narrative attitude that mediates not to persuade to leave. A got-up affair of this kind of appraise is spent, the partial audience that may be instantly does not like. Especially woman audience group. Everybody prefers to listen the sort of ” the divorce that holds out with bifurcation ” , ” man cannot be used to is worn ” the speech that wait a moment. Because these speech are enough vent one’s anger. ” two kinds of marriage guess ” Yue of female playwrite the Qin Dynasty, did not stand in the taletelling on the footing of enough vent one’s anger, contrary, she stands on another kind of reflection plane, to marriage of husband and wife the relation undertakes examining. Change character, what this teleplay tells is, what kind of marriage, can rescue again, do not divorce immediately.

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Want to undertake this kind thinks, it is hard of course, do not please then even. But, ” two kinds of marriage guess ” accomplished. Pass Li Zhenggong especially this grandmother figure, for the audience people told the spouse concern story with a complete very big span. Once the Li Zhenggong that with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning should divorce, when examining marriage afresh, put forward oneself to serve as another kind of view of old people. “Is spirit off the rails ” whether be excused? It is of course benevolence person see benevolence. But, among this teleplay, gave out a kind of relatively mild processing kind, our everybody together critically he (point to male advocate) , but still be basic premise in order to maintain marital position. I feel, the narrative manner dispute of this teleplay often bears the blame. In earlier movies ” be lovelorn 33 days ” in the center, I remember also one is opposite old husband and wife, had had similar view. That is right old husband and wife says, marriage more resemble the process that is patch up, where to have a problem, where to repair. Viewpoint of value of this kind of marriage, appear between contemporary city theatrical work rarely. Because, may young audience people do not like such viewpoint of value really, because of it ” insufficient bright ” . But, the teleplay that bear the blame, must want to guide an audience to undertake those who go up more dimension is spent think, cannot invite an audience only ” bright ” .

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” two kinds of marriage guess ” modelled rich and stereo and the grandmother figure of invigorative administrative levels. Li Zhenggong this part, it is the window role with this very important theatrical work. We before the mother-in-law among city drama, it is the pronoun of backward lifestyle. And this, go up personally in Li Zhenggong, we did not see backward way of life, saw the sedate move of the one old age in planting however instead. Drama is made besides, to our youth audience, whether should also build this kind to think? Marriage is the process of patch up, where to give an issue, where to solve, need not does fire of wind wind fire want to divorce? (civil / Ma Qingyun)

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