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Original title: Only then at Yan Zhi, also within an inch of defeats Yu Yan to be worth ” beautiful language is endowed with ” , public praise leaves high low go, the reason wheres The SARS that just sees 34 market ancient costume is sweet bestow favor on drama ” beautiful language is endowed with ” , it is a kind leave high low the feeling that go. But gut fortunately, all a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting, be centered finally mostly arrive two collect. Saying this is a blame typical ancient costume is sweet bestow favor on, but think carefully, among them, all bridges paragraph, also not unfamiliar.

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The daughter that Qiu Jiashu gives, also be this drama is female advocate, qiu Yan (act Zhe Qiaoxin) , having the heart that not reconciled to is ordered about by the destiny, she resembles a stubborn small grass, in the most difficult unfavorable situation, find lease of life of a gleam of for oneself hard.

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And male advocate, liang Yi (Xu Zhengxi of the person that act) , handle palm door as notorious Pi bavin, appearance looks be like callous, abdomen black, actually cherish cardinal principles of righteousness. Two people, in how before New Year, undesigned, ever had had be mixed. Teenager Liang Yi ever also gave a girl Qiu Yan a few proposals and encourage.

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It is under good luck coincidence, two people encounter again. Below the case that did not identify each other, two people each other does not like. Qiu Yan finds the outlet of a future to give his, climbed distant relatives cousin — Qin Xuan. Unluckily oneself little sister, qiu Min, also liked to go up in the dark Qin Xuan. And Liang Yi, to reach the goal that form an alliance, the decision is begged marry Qiu Min, maintaining Qiu Yan is to climb add influential officials, worker worker the woman at calculation.

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The political opponent before Liang Yi is old, yuan Lang, he finds an opportunity eventually, with the accusation of fabricated, copied autumn home, the intent broke what Liang Yi forms an alliance with autumn home to read aloud want. Liang Yi knows autumn home is innocent, and it is the reason because of oneself, he is protecting autumn home the womenfolk of a family in the dark. And refuse to obey the Qiu Yan of life, not reconciled to, also use oneself means, try to be injustice of autumn home wash.

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Pare in reel off raw silk from cocoons in the chrysalis, course that seeks the truth, qiu Yan abandoned the feeling to Qin Xuan slowly. And Liang Yi, also be moved by stubborn and intelligent Qiu Yan slowly. Two people, whether can keep clear of finally all obstacles, be together satisfactorily? Here, not drama was appeared. Sweet to this bestow favor on drama, I feel worth while to everybody is chased after, have the following hotspots: One is the inference of details of a case of thrust deep into the enemy forces, let gut do not have so drab, also had certain width and ply to this drama; 2 it is female advocate emotional line, did not go other sweet the slick way that bestows favor on drama, not was opposite at the beginning male advocate admire, liked to go up however male 2. It is the development as gut only, female advocate feeling slowly move moves, although feel helpless, but also be understandable.

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The gut before whole department theatrical work is not bad, although deliberate of unable to bear of a lot of detail, but also calculate cheat roughly. Have tragic plot, also have comedic joy. But final this two part, it seems that for the turn turn, for anxious anxious, make a person a little disappointed indeed. And this drama, most make a person impressive, the actor colour cost that is complete theatrical work is very high, especially main minor role people, mem and women, laolao young, do not have one exception almost, yan Zhi takes on. Male girder of prep let alone assist, leng Jun is beautiful male, but Xian Ketian. There is much stomach in front black, there is many to bestow favor on be addicted to from the back.

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But this drama unluckily only then at Yan Zhi, also defeat Yu Yan to be worth almost, what circumstance is Liang Yi’s last model? The beautiful male king of original when everything is all right as form of a address for an official or rich man, finally unexpectedly the modelling with a kind of come to nothing, let still calculate reasonable final result originally, look so not cheerful. , finally this ending, be the actor adds fertilizer to be added additionally later pat? Be still later period is made forgot essence of life is repaired?

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To this drama, are you how look?

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