Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Zhou Xun yellow Lei ” middleaged chase after love ” , ” small quick home ” Guangdong is defended inspect sow Information times dispatch (reporter Guan Anqi) afterwards ” the world in April day ” ” orange became red ” later, 20 years are lain between to pull a hand again when Zhou Xun, Huang Lei, the teleplay that two people act the leading role ” small quick home ” defending in Guangdong inspect heat to sow. This drama with Liu Xiaomin (Zhou Xun is acted the role of) , Chen Zhuo (Huang Lei is acted the role of) love spreads out, tell about two blamable the middleaged person that defeats marriage, the heavy worry of straight face family, guard each other as before, obtain family to approbate and blend in the story that each other live. 20220313120308 622ddd7cb5fb4 20 years are lain between to cooperate again when Zhou Xun, Huang Lei. The TV station offers plan play in, the son brings up the Liu Xiaomin that authority is snatched by wave of former husband gold, left native place Jiangxi, hit to Beijing alone go all out, become nurse of head of a department of gynaecology and obstetrics. Of one mind should take an examination of the son of Tsinghua, beijing answer will read before the university entrance exam, live in small quick home. Jin Bo is avoid a creditor, arrive in order to accompany son the university entrance exam for origin small quick home, her flat life is broken at this point… the pressure that faces the environment, liu Xiaomin stands fast this heart, never abandon going after ego. Encounter the Chen Zhuo that has experienced unsuccessful marriage likewise when her, two people are faced hand in hand meet with the person’s eye, ongoing on the way that seeks happiness. ” small quick home ” around ” marriage, close affection, middleaged crisis ” wait for a topic, elaborate the ego of hero heavy model, management family, course that seeks happiness. This one process points to the compromise of ego, the compromise of ego and other, before the dot cherishs an eye in clear marriage relation person, hand in hand the intendment of harships, the difference that discusses a few acting people to go up in idea of love, marriage with Thespian means. It is reported, ” small quick home ” yesterday (on March 12) case daily 19: 30 defend in Guangdong inspect ” vigor theater ” broadcast. 20220313120308 622ddd7cd9151 Sow a placard. The TV station offers a plan

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