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Original title: Paradigmatic son-in-law Shi Xiaogong: When red when breath shadow takes care of deaf-mute farther-in-law mother-in-law, do 50 years old become father eventually?

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Millennium the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, a teleplay ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” was born.

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The ancient costume God that regards that time as rare is comedic, broadcast got immediately of the audience chase after hold in both hands.

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Depend on this drama, a lot of actors are very popular also, include Shi Xiaogong path of this 29 annual expenditure, all the time not lukewarm not middleaged uncle of fire. In drama, the tender feelings of general of a strong determined person got be showinged adequately.

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After this, no matter the Eight Route Army, police, businessman, still be a doctor, had seen Shi Xiaogong. Shi Xiaogong, great minds mature slowly, should be to develop all the way come over. However, in I am 49 years old, career career when, I chose to take care of break acute hearing grandpa mother-in-law. Touch greatly with the actor’s wife, be delivered of for him when the idea that abandoned Ding Ke is 50 years old one child, round father’s dream. Shi Xiaogong just come back 54 years old, still acted the leading role in vain ” old artillery piece ” .

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1962, shi Xiaogong is born in Shaanxi

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I as a child very piquant, swarm digs bird egg, go to school tussle chicken. Send irremediable, he lets parents headache, he must send Shi Xiaogong to join the army finally. When growing the body just about, shi Xiaogong arrived very quickly with respect to change the face with a meter of 85 handsome hale and hearty also shows itself in numerous comrade-in-arms. 1983, ” army medium Shi Xiaogong ” by play staff pitch on. After two years, he gives the first work in performing life ” abundant of Liu Baicheng bloody battle ” , ” of personate ” Liu Baicheng one horn. As a result of his martial experience, shi Xiaogong is performed very fluently.

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This drama is the beginning that explains Shi Xiaogong, also be the high starting point that acts a great person. This also entered recreational group to lay a foundation in the future for Shi Xiaogong. After leaving army, shi Xiaogong comes to Xi’an theater, become an autograph to arrange an actor. 1991, shi Xiaogong ginseng performed domestic ethics theatrical work ” love is in monsoon ” .

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Was used to the Shi Xiaogong of military identity, also be a female businessman, brought new move to the audience. From now on, shi Xiaogong is the iron lifeblood unyielding man of family of a profession not only. Still be the doctor of heal the wounded and rescue the dying, can not afford the businessman of breakfast, of experienced and astute two-faced.

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He acted each part racily. No matter be leading role or costar, shi Xiaogong was full of devoir to content of characters in a play. Span> explains the character’s figure to the utmost extent to the audience. Depend on the excellent performance that encircles in recreation, approbate and acting invites him of directors to take sport for many times gradually, also adore at the same time by the person of the same trade inside the circle. 29 years old of ability give the Shi Xiaogong of the path to answer to the audience card: Good meal is not afraid of late truth. While career progress gets like a raging fire, also brought sweet amour for him.

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1999, the Xie Lan of already little famous energy of life should direct Jiang Shen to invite, will to the play staff film ” loess land blue land ” .

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When hurrying to a play staff, xie Lan asks a director: “Who is the man student that takes sport with me? ” the director says: “It is Shi Xiaogong. ” hear this name, xie Lan is interrogative very: “Shi Xiaogong? Is this the schoolgirl’s name? ” this word, bring so that the director bursts out laughing. Between doubt, shi Xiaogong lifted door curtain to go, handsome face rushed into Xie Lan’s heart at a draught. The director also hastens introduce to these two. Then, this top is worn handsome the first person that after the person that the face has a Nancy name however became Xie Lan afterwards to direct, remembers in the play staff. In drama, daxielan Shi Xiaogong of 9 years old, the elder brother of personate Xie Lan.

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Because two people make fun of portion across, often discuss gut together, mere also nevertheless go no further hereat. Say beauty of Changjiang Delta woman is picturesque, xie Lan is more such. Between the frown and smile, let Shi Xiaogong can’t help fawn chaos bumps.

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Thank Lan Ye to have good opinion quite to elder brother of this big eldest brother, just bury a bottom of the heart greatly all the time. After teleplay broadcasts, xie Lan’s parents ever told Xie Lan than delimiting: “They like lofty and brilliant Shi Xiaogong very much. “They like lofty and brilliant Shi Xiaogong very much..

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Wear soon be about to be faced with urge the Xie Lan of marriage, lie to parents say: “This person had married. ” after parents let, although have some of small disappointment, but also be forced give u. Because of the actor’s characteristic, of all over the country of classics regular meeting run so Xie Lan did not seek the plan of male friend inside the circle. Make her very self-abased all the time plus Xie Lan’s family circumstances.

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Parents is a deaf-mute, oneself still have a little brother, the heavy burden in the home is pressed in the Xie Lan of thin and small to go up personally. Hit small Xie Lan to suffer all kinds of the ways of the world hot and cold, more saw through favor changes in temperature. So Xie Lan does not wish to be close to with the person, dare not open heart door easily more, produced the opinion that does not marry for a time even. In the process that take sport, shi Xiaogong makes an appointment with Xie Lan to go out to have a meal, was rejected by her gentle words. This day, because successional a few days of difference in temperature are too big, xie Lan caught a cold. Heard of the Shi Xiaogong of this thing, hasten go out to buy drug to her.

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Buy the drug with good curative effect to give her, risking cold wind to run several streets. The Shi Xiaogong that taking medicine to come back was not considered on rest, run to the front of Xie Lan’s door. “Dong Dong ” , shi Xiaogong knocks at the door of goddess noisy. After Xie Lan opens the door, shi Xiaogong cited the drug in the hand immediately rise. Originally since can let oneself go in sit, did not think of Xie Lan just said lightly: “Be put in the doorway. ” have one’s heart filled with the Shi Xiaogong that expects goddess shows appreciation for sb, touched the ash of full nose. Right now Shi Xiaogong does not know, the gentle and graceful fair maiden before has so miserable one’s lot unexpectedly.

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Consider the setback that him kink is rejected only, more pay no attention to Jie Xielan why to be opposite oneself are frosty. After the family financial situation that knew Xie Lan till Shi Xiaogong, the misunderstanding before felt relieved, still begin to feel distressed remove Xie Lan to come. But as teleplay kill blueness, two people also do not have what be mixed again. Shi Xiaogong’s good friend looks for him to play later, was worth a good friend to buy new car good friend to offer to let Shi Xiaogong open new car to send his, let a driver open old car to follow row. Come loose together incidentally beguilement, play. Go up in the road that heads for Changchun as a result, the driver gave traffic accident.

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Follow in the car at the back of Shi Xiaogong originally, rushed suddenly in front bump to big bridge at a draught, taking a driver to ride bridge post. The car discards as useless on the spot, favour person does not have place to hinder greatly. Have a meal toward the restaurant before surviving everybody drink, have a meal the thing fear after the event that just produces still is in road.

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At this moment Shi Xiaogong thinks of in case it is oneself had an accident much more afflictive ah, more than 30 had not married son’s wife. Below the in the good friend encouragement after the meal, shi Xiaogong was borrowing wine interest to propose to Xie Lan.

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Without sweet love, begin to propose directly, shi Xiaogong’s operation lets Xie Lan be no good muddledly.

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Give oneself answer immediately without Rangxielan, drink much Shi Xiaogong to grow the ahead that receive block to breathe out directly breathe out to sleep greatly. Passed a few days, 2 people met. Wear the Shi Xiaogong of the suit, awaiting Xie Lan’s arrival anxiously. After Xie Lan came, talk in whispers in a low voice ” you know my family financial situation certainly, I had planned this all one’s life did not marry. I had planned this all one’s life did not marry..

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After the twittering that hears Xie Lan, shi Xiaogong resembled be being irrigated for an instant one salver cold water is same, dodder along ground returned abode. But be rejected the more, do not put the more. 2000, be informed thank Lan Jin group to film ” had taken severe winter ” after the message, shi Xiaogong performed a minor minor role accordingly.

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Although show share is not much, shi Xiaogong is busy still ceaseless, resembled going up clockwork spring is same. Take care of Xie Lan’s basic necessities of life in perfect orderly, still be Xie Lan to cook with one’s own hands. Be born in the Shi Xiaogong of Shaanxi, special competence made come out. Bubble steamed bun, cool skin, flesh places steamed bun, foul smell child face, belt face, oil spills a face, always make go up of the name, do Xie Lan to eat. Be stupefied is the Changjiang Delta stomach of a Xie Lan, had Shaanxi stomach, the female work in the same placing that is the same as a play staff is envied unceasingly.

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Want to say to want to grip a man, be about to capture his stomach, so want to hold a woman, also be to manage together. Face Shi Xiaogong so of meticulously take care of, xie Lan shook. See have progress, shi Xiaogong also is to clutch make known one’s position: “Are you willing all one’s life to eat the meal that I do? ” hear Shi Xiaogong again confess, xie Lan was immersed in contemplative. Say to him again: “I am not together with you, because you are not quite good,not be, however because of me, I am solved from beginning to end not happy medium knot. ” at this moment, shi Xiaogong take everything into one’s own hands lives Xie Lan’s hand ” the family financial situation that you do not need to fear I can mind you, your family is my family, I can am opposite all one’s life you, good to your family. I can am opposite all one’s life you, good to your family..

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The Xie Lan that touchs lachrymal face to be full of is embraced into the bosom by Shi Xiaogong, in this sweet hug, two people were together eventually. After 2 people are together, still cooperated two teleplay ” deadly game ” , ” Wang Yuyang is checked case ” .

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“Gong Lan ” affection the strong feeling sweet meaning of the predestined relationship, scatter to the audience through screen. Get Shi Xiaogong when Xie Lan when coming home, parents looks is that chunk head be informed the thing that the daughter says to he marries at that time again cheat him, the instant is filled with joy.

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2000 the end of the year, 2 people entered marital hall below parental blessing.


After marriage, 2 people did not resemble common husband and wife same, step-by-step parturient, raise child. Thanking Lan Xin is a career, plus before the shade that brings because of the family, with Shi Xiaogong the agreement should do man to overcome a family very much.


Original very the Shi Xiaogong that wants the child, see this scene also gave up thought, respect the desire of the wife completely. Depending on marital support, of Xie Lan act art the career greeted a climax immediately. 2001, xie Lan suffers invite ginseng perform teleplay ” big gate of an old-style big house ” .


In drama personate slaves girl ” popular show ” one horn, although show share is not much but ” popular show ” nifty, forceful is deduced so that resemble by Xie Lan ” vivid ” same. That cost uses up idea to also want to mount ” fourth lord ” of the bed ” popular show ” , was written down to be in the heart by the audience.


Second year, xie Lan the person such as Tang Guojiang of partner big wrist acted the leading role ” snow-white blood red ” .


Of a few teleplay have one’s moment, the name that Rangxielan encircles in recreation begins bigger and bigger. Subsequently and come still have the give public notice that does not receive and film contract. And the deaf-mute parents in the home, also gradually old, the life begins to cannot provide for oneself, always need a person to take care of. When in a dilemma of proper Xie Lan, shi Xiaogong again force holds out a wife. He tells a wife: “You set your mind at to work, everything has me in the home, be at ease go. ” then, shi Xiaogong is in career red when, decide breath shadow returns to a family to become the backup force of wife adamancy, let a wife hit there is trouble back at home when spelling a career.


Because farther-in-law mother-in-law is a deaf-mute, to can be communicated normally with them, shi Xiaogong bought a lot of books to learn sign language. The Shi Xiaogong of skill good meal that do still takes on had large kitchen, bought a lot of cookbook, changing of pattern cook for two old people. Be afraid that two old people are frowsty usually dull in the home, shi Xiaogong often is taking them to go out to play ramble the close son that the passerby when the park thinks Shi Xiaogong is two old people by accident.


And go up in expenditure expenditure, shi Xiaogong is to make allowances for a wife more outer hit those who go all out is not easy. Treating his is to be able to save a province, the dress a few years ago wants to still can be worn only do not buy new treatment family experts very however, often buy nourishment to farther-in-law mother-in-law not only, celebrate a festival the new clothes of change garments according to the season is more little not.


Xie Lan is for many times in the program complimentary husband: “It is a good man that visits the home. “It is a good man that visits the home..



Look at the husband to be his, what pay for the family is all, xie Lan feels very compunctious. At the same time Xie Lan also knows to do not have the regret that the child is the husband all the time. Then, the decision breaks Ding Ke’s agreement, want a child as soon as possible, satisfied man wishs the child’s wish.


2011, xie Lan begins absorption equipment pregnant, this also is 2 people the 11st year when marry. Eventually, 2012, xie Lan of 41 years old produces next son for Shi Xiaogong. She right now already was senile lying-in woman.


Often come child Shi Xiaogong if wish,became father eventually. Two people face the son’s arrival, very glad, what caressing a son cautiously is grown. Unyielding man of this iron lifeblood also had Shi Xiaogong tender feelings when.


Plan to give birth to the Xie Lan that reappears after the child originally, when holding the softness in the bosom in the arms, again also give up did not fall. Returned to a family directly then, by get together so to turn less to leave more to get together from how little. Xie Lan ever also had said: “Outer hit when spelling a career, oneself resemble a hobo. Oneself resemble a hobo..



“After experiencing these, the person always should have attributive. The person always should have attributive..


The son is Xie Lan’s most successful work now. After the wife returns to a family, shi Xiaogong the armor of reincarnate wife, return to duty field afresh, replace a wife to make money raise the home. 2016, breath shadow Shi Xiaogong of 5 years reappeared eventually. Because of the friendship with Guan Hu, 0 remuneration ginseng performed Shi Xiaogong ” old artillery piece ” this film. Of the same age, shi Xiaogong and the son that thank orchid belt to wear 4 years old show body audience at the moment.


In the program, shi Xiaogong persistently speak highly of a wife: “Wife can in the career peak period chooses to return to domestic fact to belong to god-given. “Wife can in the career peak period chooses to return to domestic fact to belong to god-given..




Return the hardship of special understanding wife.


Right now Shi Xiaogong forgot probably, oneself also are become in the career red when chose breath picture, recursive family. Nevertheless, these for him to extremely responsible feeling, the likelihood is not worth mention. 2 people of husband and wife can see the other side pay, and each other side helps each other, let what the son is loving as a child irrigate next is brought up.


And their son, face so much audience also a bit not stage fright, still display for mom sing. It is tiger father does not have a dog really child.



2 people of husband and wife had taken 21 year hand in hand now, guarding this family with love jointly.


Choose breath picture when red period, let a wife hit spell a career to let farther-in-law mother-in-law how enjoy old age without trouble back at home, shi Xiaogong just is true ” old man ” . Nowadays already Shi Xiaogong of 59 years old, now and then gues-star gues-star a part, side friend friendship goes performing more time is company wife and child, happy extremely.



Be full of manful Shi Xiaogong to use his clement arm, maintained the enclosing wall of a love for the wife. In enclosure, the love of two people is provoking envy; Outside enclosure, two people carry wind storm rain together. Wanted to pay sincerity only, absolutely won’t by disappoint.

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