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Original title: At be being passed with Wei another justice big play is raided, the battle array is luxurious to be no good, see Qing Dynasty daughter advocate I am stupefied! ! 2021, ” arousal time ” be born, greeted big burst, recover from an illness in height of historical play and as special as the character likeness in picking part, got a lot of approbate. The hero in drama won numerous vermicelli made from bean starch at depending on excellent performance and interesting seal with Wei, thereby behead obtains Bai Yulan optimal actor, become Xin Jin to inspect the Supreme Being.

20220313120323 622ddd8ba7236

But his success is not accomplished in one move, after going out with Wei, also go out acted ” the bureau in the bureau ” , ” glorious years ” , ” take one vehicle gives another the right of way ” wait for classical teleplay, laid a foundation for his success later. And Yu Hewei tried various play ways, of the main actor ” below one station, take leave of ” , ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” , ” gumshoe header ” wait for drama to also suffer fully reputably.

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The big play that fokelore depends on having justice again with Wei now ” I am gumshoe ” will raid. This drama has killed blueness, cast is really luxurious be no good. Can you make big burst gold again?

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Content is plump promote energy, greeting people police ” I am gumshoe ” year Qin Chuan (Yu Hewei) with two good friends together from alarm school graduate, 3 people are full of a hero to dream to return home town to become a policeman. Although differ with ideal very far, dan Qinchuan did not forgo the pursuit to the dream. Of unexpected is, qin Chuan is bare-handed the suspect that subdued production explosion case, become gumshoe, cut a figure in crack a criminal case. As the elapse of time, of advanced generation guide below, qin Chuan understood his responsibility more, more personal formed gumshoe team, realized oneself dream.

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Teleplay is a focus with growing experience of Qin Chuan, depict his lifetime from the police, also be an old man advocate drama. Among them, male advocate the disaster that faces arise suddenly also does not forget a mission, be worth to develop the drive that contributes for people. Drama square intended also with small the figure that sees old way shows a police, whole drama is drama energy, and the large case that a few alarmingly dangerous also can involve to stimulate in drama, having stronger considerable sex, enough the interest that arouses an audience.

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And the director Hui Jiedong of this drama also is hold had guided ” edge of hair on the temples is not a Chinese flowering crabapple red ” , ” Yan Xi strategy ” the mark on fabaceous valve is quite considerable, important is these two big play during heat is sowed, also be to explode greatly, enough proves Hui Jiedong can essence of life is captured definitely explode dot, most propbably this also can will ” I am gumshoe ” hold guide appropriate.

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Playwrite Xu bud also is old brand playwrite, its weave ” cure person benevolence heart ” , ” memorial city ” the beautiful performance that enjoys 8 minutes of above, to gut controlling standard also is to comparative reach the designated position, also be powerful powerful combination with Hui Jiedong.

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Solid muscularity Ga gathers, but female advocate suffer doubt however ” I am gumshoe ” actually the most conspicuous is male in this drama advocate Yu Hewei, inspect the Supreme Being as Xin Jin, professional level of Yu Hewei has safeguard, and he is in ” arousal time ” medium performance also is can weighs a special skill. The Chen Duxiu of its personate, exhibit bookman temperament without more than, when on the stage generosity makes a speech, always be full of in the eyes sturdy, conversation casts the ground is phonic, give a person strong shock sense, blended in oneself completely the part in, acting can calls schoolbook level.

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Be in ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” in what act at going out with Wei is an upright not the inquisitor of A, the adversary show performance that is born in hospital day station and Han Tong is superior, showed with the despair after exquisite acting will hear a news come out, expression somewhat hyperbole, but appear more true again, erupt force is extremely powerful.

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The net passes male Yong Dai matching man also is connections not small, light was 2021 fourth Yong Dai is joined acted ” exploit ” , ” break out of an encirclement ” two big play, though amid is costar, dan Gaoguang hour is quite much, and fourth Yong Dai also because be in ” had crossed duck green river ” medium excellent performance behead won Hua Ding award.

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And in the cast in fabaceous valve male it is Hu Ming second, he also is an experience quite the old actor of abundant, ginseng acted ” let bullet fly ” , ” trade of old clear salt ” waiting for work of movie and TV also is to give everybody to leave deep impression.

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And he is in popular big play ” hill sea affection ” in appear went out relatively the acting with colourful Jing, although face Ni of piece of fine beneficial, Yan,waiting for actor of play bone stage also is none give the impression of weakness. It may be said of a few actors is level superexcellent, such battle array is play bone violent wind simply occasion of play most propbably can comparative shock, but see Qing Dynasty daughter advocate it is Li Chunai when, I am stupefied however, the netizen is in the comment area blast opened boiler more, right female advocate the dissatisfaction that pick part.

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Actually Li Chunai’s appearance is Ming Yan atmospheric, have belle atmosphere very much, because her acting is a little green,everybody resents somewhat to her still basically is acerbity. Act the leading role in Yan Ni for example ” dear pa Mom ” in, what Li Chunai acts is an innocent daughter, face stepmother manner bad, but the schoolgirl that regards family of a culture as one’s previous experience, however show local ruffian breath, shake all over, eye everywhere mill, belong to solid it is some those who act is ham, let an audience minute minutes give play.

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Act to Li Chunai so female advocate of everybody or some suspicion, after all her ability is deficient in somewhat, if want,still had better want to learn good acting to enter the court again to play with Yu Hewei.

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Altogether, ” I am gumshoe ” basically be on content with energy is given priority to, have different case again cinch of audience line of sight, impose personally attend to garrison duty of high grade ordinary members of theatrical troupe, gut or blame often are worth to pay close attention to. Male advocate Yu Hewei also is ” vivid fascia ” , and have actor of a lot of actual strength join in the battle array is doughty, female advocate Li Chunai also should be met answer with best condition, everybody also does not make conclusions first, still expect this drama to be able to broadcast as soon as possible finally.

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