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Original title: Drama of rich and powerful family emerges in endlessly, false plute goes out brush credit card, true plute still must look ” princess little younger sister “ Play of homebred now idol emerges in endlessly, but the gut of Li Su of a lot of Ma too too similar, this kind of the plot of a play that the daughter Tan Lian of rich rich and powerful people and poor other people loves is the bridge that playwrite and director like to play very much inside ten years when go even in last few years paragraph, but according to condition of play staff funds, although just act plute inside teleplay, but the person still can letting feel to calculate when presenting an audience is to be inside teleplay, existence difference also is between plute and plute, tell those who tell 8 years to broadcast to everybody today ” princess little younger sister ” , false plute goes out brush credit card, true plute lives true villa.

20220313120457 622ddde99d76a

This drama is in 2007 when in in inspect broadcast, be defended to inspect by Hunan from the back 2008 when introduce, the fact proves, hunan is defended inspect made very right decision, inspect portion in order to close highest 8.5% obtained Hunan to defend look year optimal clear away, small making up also is the Zhang Shaohan that began to like personate wheat from this drama, actually him Zhang Shaohan temperament sense also is mixed wheat is about the same, have the sort of tough temper, emulative.

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Speak of this theatrical work, although broadcast,time has been 8 years when, but although be put to now, again drama of that rich and powerful family can accomplish play staff of little like the princess really younger sister such heroic spirit is towering, put a person of extraordinary powers of lineup home play staff to everybody curtilage the gate glances, this is novel exaggerated probably say security personnel and clean aunt to talk about love to be different ground to love, the house is honest too big.

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Say a car besides, every grandchildren has a surname home car of oneself a person of extraordinary powers, although small making up is not very know a car, but put a graph to look to know this configuration to everybody, put to now estimation also agrees to spend so big price to still energy is put on these prop without a few play staffs, so very much now play staff the money to save prop, use figure of dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed directly, perhaps use specially good effect directly, but present the result that come out too poor really, can say a holiday.

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Say a surname home again eat, the table can say desk head and desk end were lost sight of quickly, each it is delicacies of every kind, but it is other people of rich and powerful family after all, custom of expenditure of food and clothing is very much.

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Want to speak of theatrical work of rich and powerful family, small making up what think first most to be returned is this ministry ” princess little younger sister ” , small make up believing to oneself should have been imagined when a lot of girls see play in one’s childhood is wheaten, the Bai Ma that can become Jin Fenghuang to still can find his very quickly not only is princely, who does not hope who has a surname grandfather of a such a person of extraordinary powers.

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